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May 9

(1848) The Sisters of Mercy completes the original building for Mercy Hospital, the first "Mercy" in the world.
(1921) The Pirates beat the Tecumsehs in London, Ontario, with the city awarding the club a silver trophy as Babe Adams and George Gibson play the 1st.
(1932) Dr. King of the University of Pittsburgh is the 1st to successfully isolate and identify Vitamin C.
(1939) The old Mellon Institute building is transferred to the University of Pittsburgh.
(1956) Koppers announces plans for a multimillion-dollar research center in suburban Monroeville.
(1959) Pirates star Bob Skinner hits 2 homers.
(1964) The International Conference of the Methodist Church concludes at the Civic Arena after two weeks of international media attention for meeting to desegregate the church. [786]
(1979) The Pirates win at Atlanta 17-9 as 5 are ejected. [787]
(1986) After 2 weeks on the air in the 9 county metro, Root Sports, one of the first all-sports local stations in the world and the city's 10th local station, expands to cable systems throughout West Virginia, all of western and central Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio. [788] In the decades to follow the channel will be picked up all the way from New Jersey to Kentucky, from Virginia to New York State.
(2004) Amber Brkich wins Survivor: All-Stars in front of a global audience.

May 10

(1813) The Pittsburgh Humane Society is founded.
(1882) The Pirates, then known as the Alleghenies, complete their first road trip (a week long) and return to play their very first home game and the city's first professional ball game, a 9–5 victory over St. Louis.
(1944) Eleanor Roosevelt makes her second visit to the city for the year.
(1956) Rodef Shalom celebrates its 100th anniversary in the city with the opening of its new temple.
(1968) LTV Steel announces its purchase of 63% of J&L Steel, long based in downtown for $428.5 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .4285. 3 billion today).
(1971) Pittsburgh Penguins are sold to a group headed by Peter Burchfield of the Joseph Horne Company and Elmore Keener of Rockwell International.[789] for $7 million ($41.9 million today).
(1985) Arson is suspected as three simultaneous small fires break out one in City Hall and one in the County Building across Ross Street.

May 11

(1875) The P&LE RR is founded.
(1905) ALLEGHENY LUDLUM is founded.[790]
(1922) The Liberty Tunnels borings are complete, opening to traffic 20 months later.
(1931) Pittsburgh Police switch to radio-car patrols.
(1953) Lothrop Hall, then a nurses' residence, is dedicated on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth with the presentation of a brick from her home.
(1956) Pirates slugger Danny Kravitz hits a walk off grand slam.
(1962) First rock concert at Civic Arena [791]
(1962) Andy Warhol is featured in Time.Campbell's Soup Cans
(1966) In a case that makes international headlines and is later made into both a movie and country music song, 17 year old Peggy Ann Bradnick is kidnapped by an ex-convict on her way home from school in rural Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania, east of the city. After killing an FBI agent and seriously wounding a Trooper, a manhunt of over 1,000 local, state and federal officers is launched and recovers Peggy Ann eight days later after officers fatally shoot her kidnapper.
(1983) The United Steelworkers union files suit against U.S. Steel for importing foreign steel.
(1985) The Concorde makes its inagrual landing at Pittsburgh International.[792]
(1991) The Penguins capture their first ever Prince of Wales Trophy defeating Boston in six games while earning the right to play in their first Stanley Cup Championship.
(2003) City native and resident Jenna Morasca is announced to a global audience as the winner of Survivor: The Amazon
(2007) President Bush visits to deliver the commencement address at suburban St. Vincent College.[793]
(2008) Spaghetti Warehouse builds the World's Largest Lasagna weighing 8,800 pounds and serving 9,600 people. All proceeds from the sale of the World's Largest Lasagna are donated to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
(2011) Rock Airport two students fail to take off and crash at the end of the runway.

May 12

(1909) 26 workers drown in the Ohio after working overtime and crowding a boa built only for 20. [794]
(1910) "Hail to Pitt" debuts at the University of Pittsburgh during the "Cap and Gown Club" play Here and There at the Carnegie Music Hall.
(1935) A gift of the Mellon family, the $4 million ($69.5 million today) East Liberty Presbyterian Church opens as 6,000 attend.
(1938) Homeopathic Hospital renames itself UPMC Shadyside.
(1939) The first non-stop air mall drop delivery in the world is received at suburban Arnold Palmer Airport [795]
(1952) The first day of argument begins at the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark Youngstown Tube v. Sawyer.
(1976) Police respond to protesters outside Rockwell International's headquarters.
(1986) Gen. Ridgway receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
(1987) MARC is founded at Station Square.[796]
(1989) In its 100th year, Pittsburgh company Braun Bakery closes its "Town-Talk" Bakery after being bought by the makers of Wonder Bread.
(1999) 78 year old WESCO goes public selling on the NYSE for the first time, raising $175 million ($249.5 million today) .
(2001) The world and city mourn as news that native Perry Como has died at 88; he had over 50 "Top 10" hits and three long-running television shows to his credit.
(2006) Pittsburgh International announces it will begin valet parking services for its travelers. [797]
(2011) Pirates send letter [798][799]

May 13

(1919) H.J. Heinz passes away, before the end of the year Frick and Carnegie will pass as well.[800]
(1925) Allegheny County commissioners fail to pass a bill constructing a new $3.5 million ($47.5 million today) county office skyscraper on Ross Street.
(1952) The final day of argument concludes in the landmark Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer.
(1953) Gillispe Park is dedicated [801]
(1965) VP Humphrey visits the Foster Memorial.
(1977) Congress amends the Mine Healthy and Safety Act consolidating collections into the National Mine Map Repository in the city. [802]
(1985) British Airways inagurates non-stop trans-Atlantic London flights 2 days after the Concorde lands at Pittsburgh International to promote the route.[803]
(1994) The Andy Warhol Museum opens its doors as the world's largest single artist museum, on the city's Northshore.[804]
(2003) Tommy Chong arrives at the Federal Courthouse to answer his indictment.[805]
(2003) The Heinz Endowments announce grants to fund the new Mr. Rogers Center and library at suburban Saint Vincent College.
(2007) Mylan purchases Merck Generics for $6.6 million.[806]
(2005) PNC Financial Services announces it will enter the Washington, D.C. market with the purchase of Riggs Bank.

May 14

(1801) Albert Gallatin becomes Treasury Secretary.
(1910) The "Vice President's Special" is the 1st train to cross the "New Ohio River Bridge" at Beaver as VP Sherman visits. [807]
(1915) The FOP is founded by 2 Pittsburgh Police officers as well as founding its 1st lodge, Fort Pitt Lodge #1.
(1919) H.J. Heinz, founder of the H. J. Heinz Company dies at 75 at his Penn Avenue mansion.
(1927) Heidleberg Soccer wins the world championship 3-0 [808]
(1932) City Hall is in crisis as Mayor Kline and his deputy are both found guilty by a jury on corruption charges.
(1949) Pitt dedicates the Italian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1950) Pirates star Johnny Hopp goes 6-6 with 2 homers.
(1960) Fox Chapel native Gen.Ridgway retires as Mellon Institute chairman.
(1968) J&L Steel agrees to sell 63% to LTV for $428.5 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .4285. 3 billion today).
(1975) Andre Previn becomes Symphony director.
(1980) The 70 year old Sewickley Bridge closes.
(1996) goes live. [809]
(2002) The Concorde lands at Pittsburgh International. [810]
(2010) Yippy buys Clusty for $6.01 million.[811]

May 15

(1837) All Pittsburgh banks follow the national trend of closing their "gold windows" due to a spike in inflation and a deep recession.
(1892) 800 show to see off Frank Lenz on his trip around the world from the Smithfield Street Bridge. [812]
(1916) The 11th Annual National Convention of the American Association of Natural Gas opens at Expo Hall, with over 1,000 attendees it is the largest gathering in the organizations history.[813]
(1948) The University of Pittsburgh dedicates the Norwegian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1950) Bulldozers start up for the formation of 36 acre Point State Park, 110 Penn Avenue, at 103 years old is the first to go.
(1955) Suburban Zelienople Airport is dedicated. [814]
(1962) A PANG F-84 crashes into a house near Pittsburgh International with the pilot safely ejecting. [815]
(1967) For only the 87th time in NL history a player hits three homers in a single game as Pirates star Roberto Clemente accomplishes the feat. [816]
(1967) A major controversy erupts after referee Peter Rhodes admits he called fouls to create "television time outs" for CBS in a Pittsburgh-Toronto match of the new NPSL. [817]
(1970) Penguins rookie sensation Michel Briere is fatally injured in an auto accident only weeks after leading the team to its first playoff berth and playoff series victory. His is one of only two retired by the team to this day, and his name refers to the franchise's annual rookie award.
(1973) For the first and only time in City Hall politics, both parties nominate the same man for mayor, Pete Flaherty.
(1992) President Bush visits the city for a major speech at Duquesne University's "Union Building". [818]
(2006) The Pirates play in the 60th Hall of Fame Game against the rival Reds.[819]
(2007) The University of Pittsburgh announces an ambitious $1 billion ($1.15 billion today) campus-wide construction plan.
(2008) After eight days of competition at the Convention Center the U.S. Chess Federation crowns its new champion.

May 16

(1775) Area frontiersman meet at Ft. Pitt, forming the areas 1st police as a "committee of safety" and resolve the "indispensable duty of every American" to resist tyranny to support the Revolution.
(1850) The Hempfield Railroad is incorporated. [820]
(1851) Claimed as the world's 1st "suburb", Evergreen is founded by several industrialist families.
(1905) The world's 1st mainline electric locomotive is demonstrated at E. Pittsburgh.
(1943) Pitt dedicates the Romanian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1962) EDMC is founded. [821]
(1977) CMHSA passes, consolidating collections into the NMMR. [822]
(1981) Atom bomb study New York Times [823]
(1989) Mayor Masloff defeats Tom Murphy in the primary.
(1990) Drug "Czar" Bill Bennett makes world headlines [824] when he scolds local homeless in a shelter "You guys aren't watching The Simpsons are you, that's not going to help you any."
(1992) For the 1st time in _ years H.H. Robertson (Robertson Ceco) is no longer headquartered in the city. [825]
(1995) After a generation in elected office both Pete Flaherty and Tom Foerster lose in the primary.
(2000) CMU based Lycos is bought by Terra Neworks for $12.5 billion ($17.4 billion today). [826]
(2002) Kid Bandits in Pittsburgh Yahoo News
(2011) For the 2nd time in 15 years a sitting governor visits for surgery as Tom Corbett completes procedures at Allegheny General.

May 17

(1938) Allegheny Steel and Ludlum Steel merge to form what will become the Fortune 500 Allegheny Technologies.
(1943) The USO opens the Variety Club at Penn Station; 1700 servicemen are guests on opening day.
(1963) Native Bruno Sammartino wins the WWE Championship and will reign for as champion for another 18 years.
(1967) The same bank robber strikes the same exact PNC Bank in Bloomfield as he did the week before, and is dubbed the "commuter bandit".
(1977) Thomas Foerster wins the Democratic primary for mayor, however Richard Caliguiri remains in the race, switching to "independent" status in his bid to continue running City Hall.
(1978) After long primary battles, both victors are announced today for the governors seat, and both will be Pittsburghers, former Mayor Flaherty and U.S. Attorney Dick Thornburgh.
(2000) One of the nation's largest ad agencies, hometown-based MARC USA, grows even larger with the purchase of the St. George Group Agency.
(2001) 8 routes bike racks total 75 [828]
(2011) A sign outside Pittsburgh’s Stroll Inn reads, "If the Pirates lose, you win,". Beer 5cents off every loss.
(2012) Biden visits Washington. [829][830]

May 18

(1872) Area refineries report processing 10,000 barrels (1,600 m3) of crude daily from the Allegheny fields.
(1918) An explosion at Etna Chemical kills 114 on the Northside[831].
(1942) The National Convention of Building Officials starts at the Hotel Schenley.[832]
(1950) Mayor Lawrence brakes ground for J&L Steel's $60 million ($586.1 million today) open-hearth plant at SouthSide Works.
(1957) Pitt's Irish Nationality Room opens at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1965) President Park becomes the 15th foreign leader to visit.
(1968) Pirates star Bill Mazeroski starts his NL record breaking 392nd straight game.
(1970) CMU becomes the 1st to bestow PhDs in Drama.
(1979) The body of Deborah Gentile is found at the motel at Pittsburgh International shot 3 times & stabbed 68 times.[833]
(1981) Striking miners block entrances to Consol Energy headquarters in Upper St. Clair.
(1986) Don Sulkowski and Alan Danko parachute off the US Steel Tower's roof and land safely at the Igloo where Police arrest them.
(1987) The Today Show visits with Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumble broadcasting interviews with Mayor Caliguri and the Pirate Parrot.[834]
(1992) Teamsters strike the Press. [835]
(2001) Patti Burns weds at the courthouse.
(2008) The Igloo crowd cheers as the Penguins beat the Flyers 6-0 to advance to their first Stanley Cup finals in 15 seasons, in only their 2nd playoff appearance since 2001.
(2012) Joan Melvin recuses herself to fight criminal charges. [836]
(2012) VP Biden departs Pittsburgh International after a 2 day visit. [837]

May 19

(1794) George Robinson and Josiah Tannehill were chosen Chief Burgesses (Co-Mayors) in the first election in Pittsburgh.
(1798) The President Adams is launched in suburban Elizabeth after being built in the city. It joined the Pittsburgh built Senator Ross for armed service against Spanish incursions on the lower Mississippi. The President Adams included the first glass blown west of the Atlantic Seaboard as well.
(1880) The Dispatch is founded. [838]
(1921) The world's 1st broadcast of "market" reports are on the air at KDKA.
(1925) Pitt announces the fund drive for the Cathedral of Learning has reached $5.6 million ($75.9 million today), double what any philanthropic cause has raised in the city's history.
(1949) Crucible Steel opens their $18 million ($174.1 million today) Midland mill.
(1981) Pirates star Jim Bibby gives up a lead-off single to Terry Harper and then retires the next 27 batters, beating the Braves 5-0 at Three Rivers.
(1981) City Hall passes new fire codes, requiring all previously grandfathered residences to install smoke alarms.
(1991) The Benedum Center hosts the 1st Gene Kelly Awards. [839]
(1995) Pitt baseball wins its 1st Big East Tournament.
(1998) Voters approve County Home Rule.
(1999) At the courthouse assistant chief Earl Woodyard is detained by county deputies after being found in contempt after drug defendants are released after a chain of evidence error.[840]
(2000) Pirates star Jason Kendall helps beat St. Louis 13-1 by hitting for the cycle at Three Rivers.
(2003) Weirton Steel files bankruptcy.
(2006) Anheuser-Busch buys Rolling Rock for $82 million ($98 million today).
(2011) VP Biden visits Shadyside. [841]
(2012) Pittsburgh outpolls Philadelphia, Harrisburg and all other cities in a opinion survey. [842]

May 20

(1785) The Land Act of '85 is passed, making the area a boomtown for expansion down the Ohio and leading to the Public Land Survey.
(1818) A U.S. District Court is formally established in the city.
(1818) A stagecoach turnpike to Harrisburg is opened to traffic.
(1876) Pittsburg, Kansas is founded, it is one of the 47 worldwide Pittsburghs, Pittsburgs, or Pitsburgs places honoring the Steel City by name.
(1877) The Duquesne Incline starts operations on Mt. Washington.
(1943) Police cite 403 for violating war time gas rationing in a two day sting ending today.
(1961) In an international match in the city the Pittsburgh Indians lose to Stuttgart in soccer. [843]
(1962) "Hot Dogs" as the Civic Arena air conditioning fails during the annual Western Pennsylvania Kennel Club.
(1962) Robert Webster, the 1959 defector to the Soviet Union arrives at Pittsburgh International to live with his father in suburban Zelienople.
(1969) Councilman Flaherty shocks the Democratic machine by winning its nomination for mayor.
(1977) Brenda Lee Ritter, 18, is found murdered in suburban Washington, she is the fourth victim in the last 6 months.
(1988) Pirates legends Willie Stargell and Chuck Tanner are both booed at Three Rivers as they are now 3rd base coach and manager of the Braves, the Pirates win 10-3.
(1995) The Iceoplex opens. [844]
(1996) Lorin Maazel conducts his 41st concert as his 23 year tenure as director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra comes to a close.
(1999) Mayor Murphy and a dozen other cyclists begin a five day journey from Point State Park to Washington to promote Rails to Trails.
(2011) John Cigna passes away.

May 21

(1937) Gov. Earle signs into law plans for the $65 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .065. 1.09 billion today) "all-weather" expressway from the city to Harrisburg. What will become the Pennsylvania Turnpike three years later is the first intercity expressway "interstate" in the Americas.
(1949) In the 1st annual "Welcome Week" Regatta 200,000 came out for a steamboat race between sternwheelers sponsored by J&L Steel and Carnegie Illinois as well as speedboat events. The annual event will be renamed the Three Rivers Regatta decades later.
(1950) Pittsburgh Harmarville loses the National Amateur Cup Final to Fall River 1-4. [845]
(1950) Ronald Reagan visits Syria Mosque. [846]
(1951) The Hornets lose the Calder Cup finals in the decisive seventh game to Cleveland. It is the team's third of seven trips to the finals.
(1968) Mayor Lindsay visits. NYT
(1990) Mayer DeRoy, a 30-year veteran Pittsburgh Police officer, becomes the new police chief at City Hall.
(2008) Mark Madden gets global attention commenting that: "I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated. And I wonder if he will receive a get well card from the Kopechne family."
(2009) Penguins hall of famer Evgeni Malkin scores a hat trick v Carolina at the Igloo.
(2011) After almost a year off the airways legendary station WAMO-FM, home of Porky Chedwick's groundbreaking tradition, comes back on the air at 100.1. [847]
(2012) Boar's Head Deli at 2,620 sq. feet opens at Pittsburgh International [848]

May 22

(1845) Mary Cassatt is born on the Northside.
(1861) Grafton WV pittsburgh militia sent [849]
(1923) Ketchum is founded. [850]
(1924) 7 police inspectors and 3 fire captains are demoted in the biggest City Hall shake-up in a generation.
(1937) U.S. Steel brakes ground for the $63 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .063. 1.06 billion today), 4,000 worker Irvin mill in suburban West Mifflin.
(1942) The United Steelworkers are founded.
(1955) Pittsburgh-Heildelberg beats Chicago in game 1 of the National Final [851]
(1968) For only the 90th time in NL history a player hits 3 homers in a game as Pirates star Willie Stargell gets his 2nd. [852]
(1968) The William Penn Hotel is sold to city investors.
(1971) Bob Barker crowns Michele McDonald as Miss USA, the youngest ever and the 1st redhead. [853].
(1977) Dave Parker hits a grand slam, one of two homers as Omar Moreno and Al Oliver also go yard defeating the Dodgers at Three Rivers.[854]
(1980) PennDOT announces the $8 million ($25.6 million today) reconstruction of (I-376).
(1987) The $542 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .542. 1.15 billion today) subway-light rail project is completed to the south suburbs.[855]
(1988) 123 year old First Presbyterian Church on the Northside is destroyed by fire.
(1994) The Carnegie Library approves plans to move from the Steel Plaza Station to a Point Park University Wood Street building.[856]
(2000) The building housing the Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic (WPIC) is officially dedicated as Thomas Detre Hall in honor of Detre, a former WPIC director and university Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences.
(2007) The Mary Cassatt garden is started on the Northside.[857]

May 23

(1609) James II grants a charter to Robert Cecil, putting the city in the colony of Virginia. (L)
(1754) Contrecœur, operating under orders that forbade attacks by his force unless they were provoked, sends Jumonville with 35 men to see if Washington had entered French territory, and with a summons to order Washington's troops to leave, prelude to Battle of Great Meadows.
(1872) The City Hall at Smithfield & Oliver opens.
(1876) S. Pittsburg, Tennessee is founded as one of the 47 worldwide honoring the Steel City by name.
(1909) The East Liberty YMCA lays its cornerstone.
(1947) The PRR begins dismantling its passenger train shed.
(1966) Fallingwater becomes a National Landmark.
(1977) K.L. Irvis is elected the 1st African American Speaker of the House in the U.S.[858]
(1978) The top Birmingham Bridge beams collide trapping a welders leg as police and fire hoist a doctor to amputate.
(1984) The FBI interviews Dale Berra at his North Hills apartment, as the Pirates call the bureau about the month-long investigation concerning a West Virginia bar supplying players with cocaine results in the Pittsburgh drug trials. [859]
(1988) Penn Station reopens as condos.
(1992) The Penguins defeat the Bruins in 4 games for the 2nd straight year to win the Wales.
(1996) ISMETT plans are presented to the Italian government.
(2005) The Senior PGA Championship opens at Laurel Valley Golf Club.
(2008) The Cultural Trust delays the $500 million ($560.4 million today) RiverParc on the Allegheny.
(2011) PNC Plaza is announced.
(2012) The 4th "Welcome Center" opens at the Duquesne Incline. [860]

May 24

(1755) Fort Duquesne is announced completed by the French commandant.
(1884) The Pirates' 1st batter is hit by a pitch before the next 27 go down in succession, ruining a no-hitter at the rival Phillies. The Bucs manage to score a run losing 1-10.
(1943) War time gas rationing reduces the regions supply by 40%, five bus routes are eliminated nine more are cut in half and taxis are suspended.
(1988) Rockwell International moves its headquarters out of the U.S. Steel Tower in downtown to El Segundo, California. [861]
(1990) Flaherty holds a news conference to complain about the "Hunky Steelworker" statue.[862]
(1993) University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University alumnus and Pittsburgh native, Samuel Hazo is named Pennsylvania's first official poet laureate.
(2003) A "missing person" from Texas drives a United Airlines Van onto restricted runways at Pittsburgh International, then boards an American Airlines jet. [863]
(2004) Mariss Jansons conducts his last concert as director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
(2011) Steelers MVP, Hines Ward is crowned champion--as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars.
(2012) Oxford Development announces the 772,000 sq. foot 33 floor $238 million ($245.9 million today) 350 Fifth Avenue [864].

May 25

(1921) Madame Curie visits for a major lecture and public speech at the University of Pittsburgh, the guest of a suburban Sewickley family.
(1935) Babe Ruth hits the last three homers of his career as his Braves lose to the Pirates at Forbes Field, 11–7, his last being the first to clear the 100-foot-high right field grand stand.[865]
(1951) 79-year-old Mt. Oliver Incline announces it will ask the state for permission to end service and close.
(1960) Safety Director Lou Rosenberg orders a halt to all bingo games, even those on church property.
(1966) WPGH-TV is founded.
(1975) The graduation ceremony for University of Pittsburgh Medical School announces its first African American female, Elaine Morris.
(1983) Post-Gazette's cartoonist for 70 years, Cyrus Hungerford, dies at 95, four days after his wife's death.
(1986) The Pirate Parrot joins in as thousands in the city complete Hands Across America.
(1988) Rockwell International, headquartered at the U.S. Steel Tower, announces it will relocate its corporate headquarters to California by the end of the year. [866]
(1991) The Penguins win the 1991 Stanley Cup with an 8–0 game six, their first NHL championship and the city's seventh pro hockey championship. Jim Paek is the first Asian to score a Stanley Cup goal, and Denise DeBartolo York the first female owner of a championship team[867]; both are "firsts" to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup.
(2011) With the soaring prices of raw metals, the city announces that several dozen metal trash cans have been stolen. [868]
(2012) Former President Bush visits nearby Bedford. [869]
(2012) The Penguins get sued over five text messages/day. [870]

May 26

(1836) The first "grading" of "the Hump" along Grant Street downtown, is approved, Fifth Avenue and Grant will be cut 10 feet.
(1858) The United Presbyterian Church is created at the Old City Hall by the merger two Presby associations.
(1908) Prohibitionist crusader Carry Nation visits for a major speech.
(1911) Governor John K. Tener signs the new charter to replace the Select and Common Councils with a single council.
(1921) Madame Curie is awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws by the University of Pittsburgh.
(1943) The nation's first "War Rations" violators night court is created in the Fulton Building.
(1948) Gulf Oil announces a $250 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .250. 2.6 billion today) expansion plan at its annual meeting.
(1958) President Eisenhower visits the city en route to dedicate the world's first atomic plant at suburban Shippingport, in its sixth month of operation after three years of construction.
(1959) Harvey Haddix--suffering with a flu and sore throat--hurls a 12 inning perfect game for the Pirates but loses in the 13th inning 0-1 on a Don Hoak fielding error to the Braves as lightning storms threaten the end of the game. [871]
(1970) [872]
(1986) Mario Lemieux wins the Pearson MVP Trophy.
(1991) 20,000 fans greet the Stanley Cup champion Penguins as they arrive home at Pittsburgh International and for a rally at Three Rivers.[873]
(1995) Teresa Heinz marries John Kerry.
(1997) Both Sammy Sosa hits an inside-the-park homer as Pirates star Tony Womack hits an inside-the-park home run.
(2004) Pirates star Daryle Ward helps beat St. Louis 11-8 by hitting for the cycle.
(2008) Mark Madden is suspended 5 days after saying on air: "I'm very disappointed to hear Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated. And I wonder if he will receive a get well card from the Kopechne family."

May 27

(1751) [874]
(1754) Washington informed by Christopher Gist Battle_of_Jumonville_Glen[875]
(1785) Thomas Hutchins newly appointed Geographer of the United States, heads to the city in preparation for his work on the Public Land Survey in the Seven Ranges.
(1870) The Pittsburgh Coal Exchange begins trading. [876]
(1874) The city's first telephone company is founded, the Central District and Printing Telegraph Co.
(1939) Suburban McKees Rocks begins construction on a 310 family housing project, the first of Allegheny County's $20 million ($330.2 million today) public housing projects authorized by President Roosevelt.
(1943) President Barclay and President-Elect Tubman of Liberia become the seventh and eighth foreign leaders to visit.
(1947) The Pennsylvania RR agrees to pollution controls, promising to convert to 47 diesels before the end of the year.
(1980) U.S. Steel lays off its third and last furnace at the Edgar Thomson Works in suburban Braddock.
(1986) Mayor Caliguiri and Penguins VP Paul Martha announce a $11.4 million ($24.6 million today) renovation of the Igloo, assuring fans the team won't relocate.
(1997) Five years after Judy Penzer completes a 15 story mural of Roberto Clemente, Bill Mazeroski, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene and Mario Lemieux in downtown, the 95 year old Farmers Bank Skyscraper is imploded to make way for a Fifth Avenue department store. [877]
(2008) Six days after making controversial statements the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that ESPN has fired Mark Madden.

May 28

(1751) [878]
(1752) Virginia agents led by Joshua Fry, and Christopher Gist of the Ohio Company arrive in Logstown to meet Chief Shannopin on a treaty to build Ft. Prince George at the Forks.
(1754) Battle_of_Jumonville_Glen
(1796) The 1st prospectus listing a complete catalog of courses for the Pittsburgh Academy, forerunner of the University of Pittsburgh, is issued in the Gazette by Rev. Robert Andrews.
(1870) The Monongahela Incline opens to commuters.
(1954) Six months into a Department Store strike District Attorney James Malone warns against "paint bombings" after 8 homes are hit by the vandalism.
(1956) Pirates star Dale Long gets a 5 minute standing ovation at Forbes Field after hitting his eighth homer in as many games, it is the 1st curtain call in baseball history.
(1958) The United Presbyterian Church is formed by merger at a conference held at 5th and Bigelow.
(1972) Sen. McCarthy visits for 10 days at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.[879]
(1981) A Lawrenceville industrial building fire forces the closing of the 62nd St. Bridge.
(1998) A national study announces that Pittsburgh Police have the highest percentage of women officers among the largest 100 departments.
(2010) The Penguins and NHL announce Heinz Field as host to the 2011 NHL Winter Classic.

May 29

(1860) A tornado rips through Kittaning down the Allegheny valley.[880]
(1894) The region suffers its latest recorded "killing frost".
(1895) The first artificial-ice arena in the world and home to the Keystones, the Schenley Park Casino, opens its doors.
(1909) President Taft becomes the twelfth national leader to visit, enjoying a Pirates vs. Cubs game at Forbes Field and dedicates a memorial fountain at Arsenal Park.
(1949) Morgan-Strasser beats Philadelphia in the city 4–2 to win the U.S. Open Cup Final. [881]
(1955) Pittsburgh Hieldberg earns the city back-to-back titles in soccer, beating Chicago 5–0 to take the crown. [882]
(1985) The national landmark Gulf Tower is sold by Chevron after a long bitter hostile takeover for Gulf Oil by T. Boone Pickens fails and Chevron emerges. AGV Enterprises is the winning bidder.
(2000) Chip Ganassi wins the Indy 500 with Juan Montoya.
(2002) Consol Park opens.
(2004) Josie Carey, host of the WQED show that would become Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, dies at 73.
(2005) The Senior PGA Championship concludes at suburban Laurel Valley.

May 30

(1825) Lafayette arrives at Mansion House for a 2-week visit. A ball at Col. Ramsay's Hotel at Wood & Third is held in his honor.
(1871) Gen. Meade and Gov. Geary visit the dedication of Soldiers Monument on Monument Hill in the Northside.
(1925) The Pirates set an all time MLB record with most triples in the modern game (post 1900) with 8 vs. St. Louis at Forbes Field.
(1927) Forbes Field witnesses only the 6th Unassisted Triple Play in MLB history as the Cubs complete it against the Pirates in the 4th.
(1928) 14 Hot air balloons tour the city but run into lightning storms in the south hills killing one and severely injuring another [884]
(1931) President Hoover delivers a statement to the National General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church being held in the city. [885]
(1937) The PGA Championship is crowned at the Field Club.
(1944) 25,000 witness LST-750 launch at Dravo Corporation's shipyard on suburban Neville Island. The craft was funded by Allegheny County citizens with $20 million ($268.6 million today) in War Bonds.
(1974) With the 181st pick of the NHL Draft the Penguins chose immediately before and pass on the most legendary pick of any sports draft: Taro Tsujimoto.
(1984) Air crash in Wharton [886]
(1986) Storms and flooding cause $20 million ($43.2 million today) in damages.
(2000) West Penn Airstrip becomes Rock Airport with major expansions announced.
(2003) Pirates star Kenny Lofton homers extending his 26 game hit streak.
(2006) Micheal Hayden is appointed CIA Director.
(2007) City Hall approves the Rivers Casino.

May 31

(1811) The Vigilant Fire Company is organized.
(1889) Penn Station sorts tons of relief supplies arriving from several states and nations by barge and rail to Johnstown as 2,300 die in the Johnstown Flood.
(1893) Errorless game but Pirates lose [887]
(1918) Czechoslovakia is founded downtown as the Pittsburgh Agreement is signed.
(1928) 150,000 at Bettis Field watch the National Balloon Races; one balloon crashes killing two.
(1948) Five stations respond to a chemical fire at the Pitt's Engineering Labs in Oakland.
(1949) Police arrest two outside Forbes Field for betting on the Pirates–Cubs game.[888]
(1950) Stronger county smoke and pollution controls take effect.
(1952) Over 100,000 attend the dedication of the $33 million ($295.5 million today), 1600-acre Pittsburgh International.
(1964) The Three Rivers Arts Festival goes from 8 to 10 days. [889]
(1980) The 46-floor, $282 million (2013 dollars) Oxford Centre.
(1984) Penguins and 49ers owner Ed DeBartolo buys the Union Trust Bldg.
(1985) Severe storms rush through the region, leaving 65 dead and 1,000 homes destroyed, with Wheatland hit by the only F-5 in state history.[890]
(2002) A microburst strikes from Lawrenceville to Kennywood where a ride collapses with a death and 54 injuries. [891]
(2003) Pirates star Kenny Lofton's 26 game hit streak ends.
(2007) Police and troopers close the Ft. Pitt, Squirrel Hill and Liberty Tunnels after a rush hour bomb threat.
(2007) Penguins star Sidney Crosby is named the youngest team captain in NHL history. [892]
(2012) PNC Financial buys the Mellon Building. [893]
(2012) Post-Gazette editor Shribman bans the use of Jagoff. [894]

June 1

(1777) Ft. Pitt transfers to the U.S. as Gen. Hand takes command from Capt. Neville.
(1796) Former burgess John Wilkins is appointed the seventh U.S. Quartermaster General.
(1864) The Northside holds a "Sanitary Fair" to fund Civil War Vets [895]
(1881) The first "weekend" in the world is created when George Westinghouse allows for half-day Saturdays.[896]
(1945) The military decommissions 5 year old Joe Hardy Airport in Connellsville, opening it for civilian use.
(1946) The CLO opens its first ever performance as Edgar Kaufmann is awarded for 75 years of service. [897]
(1959) City Hall passes the second ever ordinance in U.S. history banning housing discrimination.
(1962) Westinghouse agrees to complete system programing and market for Univac, selling digital and on-line computers.[898][899]
(1978) The Carnegie Library's downtown branch starts free 2 week long "Computer Systems classes".[900]
(1990) "Hunky" is sandblasted off the Steelworker statue on the first day of the Three Rivers Arts Festival.[901]
(1992) The Penguins win their 2nd Stanley Cup, the city's 8th pro hockey title, the last team etched on the collar of the Cup in the first NHL June game.
(1997) Longtime fire chief and 44-year veteran Thomas Kennelly dies at 87.
(2008) Pitt dedicates the Welsh Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(2012) Sarris Candies reopens after four months of recovering from a fire.[902]

June 2

(1937) Pitt dedicates the Stephen Foster Memorial at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1952) Pittsburgh International sets a daily schedule of 228 commercial flights.
(1952) 100,000 attend the fourth annual "Welcome Week" Regatta to see steamboats sponsored by J&L Steel and U.S. Steel race on the Monongahela to the Smithfield Street Bridge and one of the largest speed boat races in the world that year.
(1952) Youngstown Steel v. Sawyer is decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.
(1980) The Duquesne Club votes to admit women for the first time. [903]
(1993) Billy Graham begins his third Pittsburgh crusade, with 24,000 filling Three Rivers. [904]
(1998) Six F-1 tornadoes strike the area in the early evening with Mt. Washington, Shadyside and Squirrel Hill reporting blackouts and damage as 16 are injured.[905]
(2003) PNC agrees to settle fraud charges. [906]
(2008) Native Army Spclst. Ross McGinnis, 19, is awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for heroics in Iraq.
(2010) President Obama arrives at Pittsburgh International and motorcades to visit CMU.

June 3

(1754) Ft. Necessity is completed by 150 Virginians and George Washington en route to the Forks.
(1763) The siege of Ft. Pitt continues as homes at the Forks are torched by the Indians.
(1861) 100 miles south on the Mon Union forces cut off advancing confederates at Philippi. [907]
(1922) $7 million residences ($97.2 million today) to form a "galaxy of the finest and most modern metropolitan structures" are announced to be built next to the Hotel Schenley in Oakland.
(1927) Carrick is annexed.
(1931) The Buhl Foundation announces the 45-acre Chatham Village on Mt. Washington, the first low-rent community housing project in the nation.
(1935) After contentious months with Council, Mayor McNair builds a bed inside his barricaded City Hall office in response to the Legislature voting on abolishing his job.
(1937) Grays star Josh Gibson hits a homer 580 feet, 2 feet shy of clearing Yankee Stadium, the longest recorded home run in baseball.
(1943) Mayor Scully's drivers license is revoked for violating wartime gas rations in a 350-mile "secret" trip to West Virginia.
(1946) The CLO opens its first eight-week summer season for 5,000 at Pitt Stadium.
(1948) Pitt announces $20 million ($193.5 million today) for a medical school, nursing school, and library.
(1951) The world's first live network show is broadcast from the Syria Mosque. [908]
(1952) Pittsburgh International lands its first passengers, Capital 871 from New Orleans at 1:15 AM. [909]
(1958) The $9.5 million Glenwood Bridge over the Mon, and the $5 million viaduct in E. Pittsburgh ($76.5 million and $40.3 million today) start construction.
(1968) Valerie Solanas shoots Andy Warhol.
(1970) Gen. Mellon patriarch of the Mellon family dies at 70.
(1975) J&L Steel laysoff another 1,000 at Southside, a total of 2,600.
(1991) Giant Eagle resolves a 6 week strike.
(2000) The 1st annual Wings Over Pittsburgh starts.
(2005) The Senior Olympics open at the Pete.
(2008) Delta takes off for Paris from Pittsburgh International 4 years after the last transatlantic. [910]
(2012) The Pirates win 6-5 in Milwaukee with 7 homers hit in 4 innings, for a winning record.[911]

June 4

(1883) West Penn Medical College is chartered.
(1890) Children's Hospital opens.
(1892) A Hungarian boarding house explodes in Braddock killing 2 and injuring 3.[912]
(1921) Andrew Carnegie's estate gifts $22 million ($286.7 million today) to CMU.
(1925) Pirates star Kiki Cuyler beats Philadelphia at Forbes Field by HftC.
(1937) The Cathedral of Learning's cornerstone is laid by Chancellor Bowman at 4PM.
(1940) The Pirates play the 1st night game in sports history, at Forbes Field a 14-2 Braves loss.
(1947) The ACCD announces subway plans from downtown to Oakland and Pitt.
(1951) Pirates star Gus Bell helps beat Philadelphia by HftC.
(1953) After 7 straight NL Home Run Crowns (a record that still stands), Pirates star Ralph Kiner is traded to the Cubs.
(1957) The East Dock is Pittsburgh International's 1st expansion.
(1959) $60 million ($478.4 million today) in Hill District construction is postponed never to materialize.
(1963) Rachel Carson testifies for the 1st time before the U.S. Senate, introduced by Sen. Ribicoff as "You are the lady who started all this".[913]
(1975) City Hall and Mayor Flaherty finalize the path of I-279 thru Deutschtown.
(1981) Penguins stars Randy Carlyle and Rick Kehoe win the Norris and Lady Byng.
(1982) The 1st annual Three Rivers Film Festival opens with Knightriders. [914]
(2000) The 1st annual WoP closes.
(2008) In their 3rd finals, the Penguins lose the 6th game to Detroit 2-3 at the Igloo.
(2008) The Western Hemisphere Skychefs HQ opens at Pittsburgh International[915]

June 5

(1861) 10 "Pittsburgh cannon" are tested at Tarentum. [916]
(1879) A brickyard explosion kills 4 and injures another in Freedom[917]
(1912) The Rebels win the pennant.
(1914) 10,000 strike at Westinghouse.
(1922) At "Keller's Grove" in Ohio Township 500 are arrested for cock fighting.
(1923) The Cancer Foundation clinic opens at 1901 Fifth Avenue.
(1947) The Parking Authority is created.
(1953) A ribbon cutting ceremony opens the $18 million Squirrel Hill Tunnel ($156.4 million today), the most valuable PennDOT project completing 8 miles of the $34 million ($295.3 million today) "Parkway East" from downtown.[918]
(1953) A day after trading Ralph Kiner, the commissioner telegrams Pirates GM Branch Rickey not to tear down Greenburg Gardens at Forbes Field. [919]
(1959) Mayor O'Dwyer of New York visits the city.
(1976) Pirates star Bill Robertson hits three homers at Three Rivers. [920]
(1985) Bob Prince, legendary Pirates broadcaster and Hall of Famer passes away.
(1994) The Phantoms play and win their first game (against New England). [921]
(1996) UPMC and Shadyside Hospital merge.
(2000) The Mellon Arena hosts a globally televised 10 round Etienne v Brewster heavyweight fight.
(2010) The city hosts World Environment Day culminating 6 weeks of U.N. celebrations. [922]

June 6

(1884) Republicans nominate native James G. Blaine for president.
(1885) A couple drowns in the Ohio as another survive with injuries after colliding with a barge. [923]
(1894) The Pirates score 21 in the 3rd and 4th at the Braves, setting an all time record, along with 4 homers in a single inning (with Jake Stenzel hitting 2) [924] winning 27-11.
(1923) Gov. Pinchot creates a Metro Study Commission.
(1932) The Bonus Army vets seeking their pensions march through the city en route to D.C..
(1935) Oakmont opens as host for it's 2nd U.S. Open with the first Japanese player to PGA qualify.
(1949) CMU completes it's nuclear sciences lab at Saxonburg.
(1963) Rachel Carson closes her Senate testimony.[925]
(1967) The NHL announces the Penguins as an original expansion team.[926].
(1972) Sen. McCarthy closes his 10 day visit at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.[927]
(1993) The 5 day Billy Graham crusade closes at Three Rivers, the city's 3rd.[928]
(2005) The 2005 Senior Olympics opens for 10,000+ in 18 sports for the next 2 weeks.
(2010) 1,800 Canoers & Kayakers break the World Record at Point State Park. [929]
(2012) [[Donald Trump] announces he'll sue Sheena Monnin for disparaging Miss USA on transgender.[930]

June 7

(1892) Native James G. Blaine gets 400 votes on the 1st ballot at the Republican Convention despite his not running.
(1936) Pittsburgh Stock Exchange head Paul Leitch dies suddenly at 36 from a heart attack.[931]
(1937) After a week-long celebration of its 150th year, Pitt opens the Cathedral of Learning as the tallest academic skyscraper in the world.
(1965) Preceding Pitt's commencement, ground breaks for Salk Hall.
(1987) Native August Wilson and his Hill District-based play Fences wins 4 Tonys.
(1989) Mario Lemieux wins his 2nd consecutive Ross Trophy.
(1990) 23 Fire Companies respond to a massive fire in the Strip District.
(1996) The First Lady visits to speak at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and in the Strip District.
(2008) UPMC starts the 2 day process of adding its signage to the 64th foor of the U.S. Steel Tower.
(2013) After a 4 year $9.6 million rehabilitation the 39 year old fountain at Point State Park is turned on once more at the opening of the Three Rivers Arts Festival.[932]

June 8

(1775) Gov. Dunmore retreats to a Man-of-war offshore Williamsburg, as news of the tax money he spent attempting to win the Forks is revealed. P 70
(1861) The Gazette reports Fayette and Greene county calvary have cleared the road to Grafton of all rebels. [933]
(1894) The Pirates play the Braves, hitting a team-record 7 homers.[934]
(1896) A "Filtration Commission" is formed to address typhoid epidemics.
(1932) Gen. MacArthur's visit is met with protests as the Pitt commencement speaker.
(1932) The $8 million ($136.3 million today) Federal building starts construction.
(1935) The U.S. Open closes its second match at Oakmont with the first player to break 300.
(1942) The city has its first full blackout drill.
(1947) The Pirates win No. 5,000 with Rip Sewell and a Preacher Roe save at Philadelphia as Ralph Kiner homers and Hank Greenberg triples.
(1958) Churchill Valley crowns the LPGA Champion.
(1959) Almost $1 million in federal loans ($8 million today) are announced for Three Rivers.
(1982) Colt will sell its Midland steel mill to Universal-Cyclops.
(1988) Mario Lemieux wins the Ross and Hart Trophies, both personal and Penguins firsts.
(1995) Sony announces expansion of its 18-year-old New Stanton factory with a glass fabrication facility.
(1999) MTV airs Road Rules: Semester at Sea, spotlighting Pitt's innovative program.
(2008) UPMC completes its signage at the U.S. Steel Tower.
(2012) Donald Trump sues Sheena Monnin.[935]
(2012) The Power win the first AFL forfeit.

June 9

(1754) The rest of the Virginia Regiment arrives in support of Washington at Great Meadows.
(1903) City Hall receives plans for a new Pennsylvania Railroad passenger station at East Liberty.
(1909) Pitt begins its transition from the North Side to Oakland, laying the cornerstone for Thaw Hall.
(1914) Pirates star Honus Wagner hits his 3,000th in the 9th in Philadelphia, the only to hit his 3,000th off a 20 game winner and the 1st with 3,000 documented hits, Cap Anson's being unverified during 1897.
(1951) Several are injured and 1 dies in a Washington Blvd. flash flood. [937]
(1961) Pitt dedicates Amos Hall [938]
(1974) Pirates star Richie Zisk helps beat San Francisco by hitting for the cycle.
(1975) Police brass make news, sending home cops for uncut hair.
(1984) The Penguins pick Mario Lemieux first overall, leading to 16 playoff berths and three Stanley Cups.
(1993) Pittsburgh International announces it will close the old terminal.[939]
(1996) Pitt's Austrian Nationality Room is dedicated at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1997) A Tennessee judge denies James Earl Ray's request for travel to UPMC for a liver transplant.[940]
(2012) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin wins the Kharlamov Trophy.[941]
(2012) At a Grays-Monarchs tribute game at PNC Park between the Pirates and Royals, KC star [942]

June 10

(1899) Pirates star Jimmy Williams sets a rookie MLB record 26 game hitting streak ends. [943]
(1911) Pirates star Bobby Byrne steals 2nd, 3rd and home in the __.
(1957) Churchill Valley Country Club crowns the LPGA Championship winner.
(1966) Harry Keller is appointed Pittsburgh Fire Bureau chief, replacing Steven Adley at City Hall.
(1981) Three Rivers hosts a 100th Pirates season win over San Diego, just before the league disbands for 2 months as players strike.
(1993) The AP runs Pittsburgh International's lack of terminal clocks.[944]
(2002) Men's Health and Good Morning America announce they will follow and air the "challenge" to citizens of Large in a nationwide fitness program. [945]
(2009) International headlines announce the city as "most livable" in the United States and 29th most livable worldwide in a survey of experts by The Economist.
(2011) Allegheny General announces it will open the city's second Medical School, a branch campus of Temple University.

June 11

(1918) The Pirates use a bases loaded squeeze play to win 3-2 in 16 innings.
(1921) Pittsburgh Police Chief Carroll sends a "large force" of vice squad into Forbes Field after a Pirates game to arrest suspected gamblers. [947]
(1956) Hilton announces a $15 million ($128.2 million today) skyscraper hotel facing Point State Park as part of the Gateway Center complex.
(1958) The famed Delta Queen, reconstructed at Neville Island a decade before, docks in the city for passengers for the first time, carrying 160 from 17 states. [948]
(1967) Pittsburgh International unveils a $200 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .200. 1.39 billion today) "master plan" for terminal and cargo expansion to accommodate 12 million within 35 years.
(1972) Longtime Fire Chief Harry Keller dies at 60.[949]
(2009) After 148 years in Lawrenceville, Iron City announces it will move production to the Latrobe brewery that was headquarters for Rolling Rock from 1893 until it was bought out on July 31, 2006.

June 12

(1906) Allegheny is annexed by a vote of 19,943, but is fought all the way to the Supreme Court (Hunter v. Pittsburgh) as some move their influence to suburban Sewickley.
(1912) Pittsburgh Leader owner Alex Moore marries vaudeville star Lillian Russell, who resides in the posh Hotel Schenley until her 1922 death as Moore becomes ambassador to Spain and Peru.
(1936) KDKA is the 1st U.S. station to broadcast on a "blowtorch" of 50,000 watts. [951]
(1939) Pirates star Honus Wagner is inducted into the inaugural class of the Hall of Fame receiving the 2nd most votes.
(1952) UNITED STATES STEEL HOMES is founded.[952]
(1953) Oakmont opens as host for its record 3rd U.S. Open
(1970) Dock Ellis, high on LSD, pitches the 4th no-hitter in Pirates history, a 2 solo homer game won by Willie Stargell 2-0 at San Diego.
(1977) UN Secretary General Waldheim visits. NYT
(1980) Pirates star Mike Easler helps beat Cincinnati by hitting for the cycle.
(1984) 53 lights $25,000 mayor caliguri flips switch on smithfield street bridge.[953]
(1985) A device developed by UPMC surgeons Drs. Griffith, Hardesty and Trento is revealed after a heart-lung transplant.
(1990) Bob Johnson and Scotty Bowman are hired by the Penguins.
(1992) Bill Clinton visits for speeches.
(1998) Teenie Harris, famed Courier photographer, dies at 89.
(2005) The Senior Olympics conclude after 2 weeks.
(2006) 5 months after the 1st Super Bowl title in a generation, national media descend on UPMC Mercy as Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger is unconscious after being thrown from his motorcycle during a collision with an oncoming car making a Pittsburgh Left southbound onto the 10th St. Bridge.
(2009) In their 2nd straight trip to the finals, the Penguins win the 2009 Stanley Cup, their 3rd NHL Title.
(2010) The $775,000 7:11AM 11.20.1979 79°55'W 40°27'N is dedicated.

June 13

(1752) [954]
(1870) The city's first paid fire department is organized.
(1926) The Roberto Clemente Bridge is opened to traffic.
(1940) Industry leaders meet with officials to plan regional resources for America's $5 million ($82.9 million today) defense.
(1953) Oakmont crowns the champion for its record 3rd U.S. Open
(1955) Gen. Ridgway becomes Mellon Institute chairman.
(1972) The 5 year old Condors are disbanded by the ABA.[955]
(1974) The Gulf Tower suffers $1 million ($4.7 million today) in damage in a Weather Underground explosion protesting Gulf's actions of the Angolan War.
(1975) The Penguins file bankruptcy as the IRS padlocks the Igloo doors.
(1995) Heinz lights a 30 foot tall neon "ketchup bottle" sign at its North Shore plant.
(2008) The State bans smoking in workplaces, public places and restaurants.
(2009) The Carnegie Science Center opens the new permanent exhibit "Roboworld".

June 14

(1863) Civic leaders meet at the Monongahela House to plan defenses for the city against the Confederate cavalry forces of J.E.B. Stuart.
(1927) Oakmont opens for it's 1st U.S. Open.
(1931) Ziegfeld Follies opens its 23rd season at the Nixon Theater featuring two natives, Zecil Silvonia and Mony Lange in the chorus.
(1936) Mayor McNair arrested as Judge puts Sherriff Mollar in charge of Pittsburgh Police as Safety Director Dunn is furloughed by McNair but refuses to quit. [956]
(1949) Pirates slugger Wally Westlake helps defeat the Braves at Forbes Field by hitting for the cycle.
(1950) The Pittsburgh Stars lose to Jönköping 3-7 in the city. [957]
(1953) The U.S. Open closes at Oakmont.
(1962) Oakmont opens as host for its record 4th U.S. Open
(1962) An $84 million ($645.4 million today) downtown renewal is announced.
(1973) Oakmont opens as host for its record 5th U.S. Open
(1982) The 1st annual Jazz Festival kicks off with week long concerts at Point State Park, the Benedum, Heinz Hall and Syria Mosque.[958]
(1984) The city mourns longtime Duquesne Club manager and Opera president Gordon Flagg's death at 83.
(1993) Gov. Casey, months after his Presidential bid, receives a successful heart-liver transplant at UPMC.
(1994) Native Henry Mancini, winner of 2 Oscars, 20 Grammys with more than 80 albums, dies at 70.
(2007) Sidney Crosby becomes the youngest in history to win the Hart and Pearson as Evgeni Malkin wins the Penguins 3rd Calder. [959]
(2007) Oakmont opens for its record 8th U.S. Open.
(2010) Allegheny Tech debuts 425 Titanium at the Eurosatory in Paris for the Mars Lander.

June 15

(1749) Jesuit Father Bonnecamp, who accompanied the expedition of Captain Louis de Celeron. c

Celeron de Bienville lay lead plates in the city declaring it for the French Empire.[960]
(1850) Treasury Secretary and native Walter Forward takes the post of Ambassador to Denmark.
(1863) A safety committee meets with Generals Brooks and Bernard to plan forts at Mt. Washington and Herron and Davis Hills with Pennsylvania Railroad, J&L Steel and Soho Ironworks labor.[961]
(1880) Richard Drum is the 4th native appointed the Adjutant General of the Army.
(1910) Pitt dedicates Thaw Hall.[962]
(1949) In his 2nd MLB game Pirates rookie Dino Restelli hits 2 homers against the Braves in an 8-7 Forbes Field.
(1958) With a chance to win 3 titles in 5 seasons Pittsburgh Beadling falls to St. Louis 1-2. [963]
(1976) The Allegheny Foundation grants $5 million ($20.4 million today) to rehab the P&LE Station creating Station Square on the South Shore.
(1984) A year long T. Boone Pickens takeover bid forces Gulf Oil to merge with Chevron for $13.3 billion ($31 billion today), the largest merger in history. [964]
(1988) Pitt and CMU announce the Pittsburgh Technology Center.
(1990) The first non-stop Frankfurt flight takes off from Pittsburgh International.[965]
(2000) Pete has its groundbreaking.[966]
(2001) Heinz pays $57 million ($74.8 million today) over 20 years to name Heinz Field.
(2006) The annual AnthroCon chooses the convention center as it's permanent home, after record attendance.
(2008) The Carnegie Museum opens "T.rex vs. T.rex", the finale of its $36 million ($38.9 million today) Hall of Dinosaurs renovation.
(2009) Over 375,000 Penguins fans flood downtown along Grant Street and the Blvd. of the Allies for the Stanley Cup parade.

June 16

(1754) Washington leads 300 Virginians out of Great Meadows to widen the road to an advanced position at Ft. Redstone.
(1863) 2,000 men dig rifle lines in defense with news of confederates approaching.[967]
(1864) Allegheny City's "Sanitary Fair" closes after raising $363,570 ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .36357. 5.4 million today) in 16 days to benefit Civil War vets. With $200,000 ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .2. 3 million today) unused funds granted to West Penn Hospital.
(1876) Native James G. Blaine's frontrunner status for the Presidency is dashed in a backroom deal on the last day of the Republican Convention.
(1927) Oakmont closes as host for its 1st of a record 8 U.S. Opens.
(1982) Ground is broken for the "Parkway North" I-279's extension into the Northside to I-79, with the Fort Duquesne Bridge to the Veterans Bridge (I-579) adjacent to PNC Park and Heinz Field already open to traffic for a decade.
(1983) Oakmont opens for its record 6th U.S. Open.
(1987) The ABCUSA opens at the convention center. [968]
(1994) With international media broadcasting live, the U.S. Open begins at Oakmont.
(2001) The Ft. Pitt Museum in Point State Park opens a new $2.1 million ($2.8 million today) addition.
(2012) The Power get the 1st successful 2 point drop kick in the AFL in 15 seasons.
(2012) President Yudhoyono and First Lady visit Allegheny General and Pittsburgh International. [969]

June 17

(1901) Newly formed U.S. Steel's board of directors secretly adopt a union busting resolution.
(1912) Pirates star Chief Wilson starts his MLB record breaking 5 game triples streak.
(1926) The Warhol Bridge opens.
(1926) Two Pennsylvania Railroad passenger trains collide in Blairsville killing over a dozen and leaving more injured. [970]
(1927) Oakmont closes as host for its 1st U.S. Open
(1936) The Commonwealth Building hosts the 1st Steelworkers convention.
(1951) Pittsburgh Harmarville loses the Cup Final to New York 2-6. [971]
(1952) Pittsburgh Harmarville beats Philadelphia 4-1 for the U.S. Open Cup. [972]
(1958) The Mellons gift 3650 acres at 6 sites valued at $3 million ($24.2 million today) for county parks.
(1962) In a legendary round, Jack Nicklaus defeats native Arnold Palmer at the U.S. Open at Oakmont.
(1964) The Rolling Stones play Danceland at $1.50 ($11.24 today) a ticket.[973]
(1973) Oakmont closes as host for its record 5th U.S. Open, as Johnny Miller is the world's 1st to shoot a 63 in a men's championship.
(1988) Corporate Raider lead Beazer completes it's hostile takeover of downtown based Koppers for $1.81 billion ($3.7 billion today).
(1990) 1st Niagara opens with an overflow crowd for Billy Joel who announces a 2nd night for the impressive turnout.
(1991) 250,000 fill downtown for a parade honoring Desert Storm vets.
(1993) Mario Lemieux wins the Hart, Ross, Masterton, and Pearson.
(1996) The MacArthur Foundation grants $300,000 ($444,558 today) to the Manchester Guild.
(1999) UPMC's Thomas Detre founds the ISBD at a city conference. [974]
(2007) Oakmont closes its record 8th U.S. Open.

June 18

(1754) Tanacharison tells Washington other chiefs will not ally against deVilliers as the Virginians widen the Ft. Redstone road.
(1945) Al Wilson receives the Medal of Honor.
(1949) Mesta and Westinghouse receive a $149 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .149. 1.5 billion today) order to rebuild a steel mill in post-war France.
(1961) Sunday liquor sells as Blue Laws are repealed.
(1961) Pirates star Don Leppert hits a homer on his 1st career at bat, a 5-3 win v. St. Louis at Forbes Field.
(1967) A 5 alarm fire burns Trinity Church, causing $200,000 ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .2. 1.4 million today) in damage. [975]
(1982) City Hall proposes $11 million ($26.5 million today) in new taxes to renovate Three Rivers in response to Pirates owner John Galbreath seeking a buyer after nearly 40 years of ownership.
(1989) After a Pirates 10 run 1st, including a Barry Bonds 3 run homer, Jim Rooker boasts: "If we lose this game, I'll walk home." The Phillies rally with multiple homers, one from Steve Jeltz (1 of only 5 career homers), tying in the 8th on a Bucs wild pitch and winning 15-11, as the Pirates become the 1st 10-run-inning team to lose. Rooker charity walks 300 miles after the season.
(1994) The 2 week old Phantoms play and win their 1st game at the Civic Arena, vs. Atlanta. [976]
(1999) 3,000 attend the $262 million ($365.5 million today) Heinz Field groundbreaking.

June 19

(1843) Mayor Irwin takes his post as Ambassador to Denmark.
(1881) A fire destroys the 21 year old Coraopolis Steel Bridge.
(1905) The world's 1st movie theater opens at 433-35 Smithfield.
(1907) The Schenley Park oval opens.
(1935) The Consolidation bill is killed in the Senate.
(1946) Billy Conn is KO'd in the 8th at Yankee Stadium, his 2nd attempt to win the title from Joe Louis.
(1959) I-376 expands as the Ft. Pitt Bridge, the world's 1st computer-designed Tied-arch bridge opens.
(1960) PennDOT approves $99 million ($777.7 million today) for I-279 along the North Shore.
(1969) A Gateway Tech student climbs the mast of the Andy Warhol Bridge and fires rounds for over an hour before shooting himself.[977]
(1975) The 76 year old "Pavillion", Kennywood's 1st structure and host to Ozzie Nelson, Benny Goodman and Lawrence Welk, burns down in a 3 hour, 4 alarm, inferno. [978]
(1978) Mayor Caliguiri, speaking at the Conference of Mayors, endorses annexing suburbs.
(1980) John Anderson visits.
(1984) Mario Lemieux signs his 1st Penguins contract.
(1984) Copperweld v. Independence Tube is decided.
(1986) The 4 year old Jazz Festival kicks off on Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park with Mellon as the sponsor.
(1987) The Gladiators play the city's 1st AFL game at the Civic Arena as 12,177 fan watch them win 48-47.
(2000) Vivisimo launches at CMU.[979]
(2007) Dollar Bank becomes one of the world's 1st text message bank.
(2010) The Pirates fire a Perogi in Cleveland.[980]

June 20

(1754) The 1st death of a European occurs, Toussaint Bientourne in his early 20's passes away at Fort Duquesne.[981]
(1771)[982] church
(1827) Speaker Clay visits.
(1884) The Press begins publication.
(1890) Dunbar Mine explosion [983]
(1912) Pirates star Chief Wilson triples in his 5th straight game, setting the current MLB record.
(1925) Max Carey helps the Pirates beat the Dodgers at Forbes Field by hitting for the cycle.
(1934) Heinz Chapel purchases it's Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ Opus 922 with 4,295 pipes and 89 stops.
(1941) President Roosevelt visits with Mayor Scully [984]
(1944) The A.J. Cassatt is laid down.
(1955) The RIDC is created.
(1983) Oakmont crowns the U.S. Open champ for a record 6th time.
(1987) American Baptist Convention closes at the convention center [985]
(1994) For a record 7th time the U.S. Open crowns it's champ at Oakmont as Arnold Palmer plays his last Open.
(1996) Penguins star Mario Lemieux wins his 3rd Hart Trophy.
(2002) President Bush names Lynn Swann chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
(2005) Pitt's Cancer Institute and UPMC's Cancer Centers receive $20 million ($23.8 million today) from the Hillman Foundation.
(2005) William Block publisher of the Post-Gazette passes away at the UPMC.[986]
(2012) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin wins the Hart, Ross and Lindsay awards.[987]

June 21

(1890) Edwin Ruud files his patent for the 1st water heater[988].
(1902) DAR win the court case to prevent removal of the historic Ft. Pitt Blockhouse from its original site at the Forks.
(1936) The 1st Press airshow takes off at Allegheny Airport.[989]
(1957) Pitt announces an engineering grad program in all phases of air pollution control.
(1961) The Pirates name Gene Baker the 1st African American manager in baseball history. [990]
(1973) Press v Commission on Human Relations is decided.
(1979) Independent truckers launch a nationwide shutdown as gunfire erupts on the highways.
(1982) Westinghouse launches SNC.
(1983) Damaging flash floods hit Johnstown.
(1985) Pitt professor Ralph Z. Roskies plans a new supercomputer, making the city the computing center of America.
(1997) The Penguins host the NHL Draft at the Igloo.
(2000) Vivisimo is founded. [991]
(2005) Heinz acquires HP Foods including Lea & Perrins for $855 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .855. 1.1 billion today).
(2012) The URA receives a $15 million grant ($15.5 million today) for East Liberty redevelopment. [992]

June 22

(1763) The Siege begins with Simon Ecuyer in command of defenses.
(1766) King George orders Cmdr. Alexander Mackey at Ft. Redstone to remove settlers "by force and confiscate their goods".
(1882) Jane Swisshelm passes away.
(1895) Eye & Ear Hospital is chartered.
(1925) The Pirates tie a MLB record for most grand slams with 2 from George Grantham and Pie Traynor, 3 others homer in a win over St. Louis.
(1936) The $310 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .310. 5.19 billion today) Flood Control Act passes funding the Kinzua Dam.
(1939) The Highland Park Bridge opens.
(1941) Post-Gazette publisher Block dies at 63.
(1949) In his 9th MLB game Pirates rookie Dino Restelli hits his 2nd two homer game in a 12-3 Forbes Field win over Philadelphia.
(1969) The regions efforts combating pollution are contrasted as the Cuyahoga fire rages prompting Time to report the river as "oozes rather than flows" and in which a person "does not drown but decays."Cuyahoga River Fire#cite note-13
(1977) Highmark registers as an insurer. [993]
(1993) The $2.5 million ($4 million today) Pittsburgh Zoo entrance plaza opens.
(1999) The Petersens donate $10 to Pitt in its largest gift up to that time.[994]
(2005) Land of the Dead internationally premieres at the Byham.
(2008) The Wyndham opens the 4 day ACI Marketing and Communication Conference.[995]
(2012) The NHL Draft opens at CONSOL.

June 23

(1867) Ft. Hays is founded in honor of Gen. Hays.
(1884) The Press hits newsstands.
(1919) Harry Greb beats Mike Gibbons at Forbes Field in 10.
(1930) Pirates ace Heinie Meine sets a MLB record for most consecutive hits allowed against the Dodgers. [997]
(1944) Tornadoes 1944_Appalachians_tornado_outbreak.
(1949) In only his 10th MLB game Pirates star Dino Restelli hits his 6th homer in a Forbes Field loss to the Phillies.
(1967) A Northside grocer, William Zeiler is arrested as Pittsburgh Police allege that he is the "Commuter Bandit," for over a dozen robberies totaling more than $200,000 ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .2. 1.4 million today)
(1970) The School Board votes to abandon plans for a "Great High School".
(1995) Dr. Salk dies at 80.
(1999) John Peterson and wife make the largest individual gift at the time. The gift will be used for the new convocation center, the Peterson Events Center.
(1999) The 2nd annual ITGC opens.
(2000) The J&L Steel bridge is reopened to cars as the Hot Metal Bridge.
(2010) The 1st earthquake in 75 years shakes the area.[998]
(2012) Fireworks tent explodes. [999]
(2012) The 2 day NHL Entry Draft concludes at CONSOL.
(2012) Buhl Park opens.

June 24

(1763) Capt. Simeon Ecuyer gifts the Delawares two blankets and a handkerchief from the small pox ward "out of regard to them" after the tribe pledges to renew their friendship. While the exact meaning of his phrase is unclear, a later invoice appears to establish the purpose was transmittal of small pox, the world's first use of bio weapons.
(1811) The city's 1st Masonic Hall is dedicated.
(1842) Crawford County is the 1st in the U.S. to convene election primary meetings for nominations. [1,000]
(1921) After a decade as Ambassador to Portugal, native Cyrus Woods is reassigned as Ambassador to Spain.[1,001]
(1933) Pirates star Arky Vaughn helps the team beat Brooklyn by hitting for the cycle.
(1938) A 500 ton meteor lands in Chicora.
(1960) Four Gateway Center opens.[1,002]
(1965) For only the 82nd time in NL history a player hits three homers in a single game as Pirates star Willie Stargell accomplishes the feat. [1,003]
(1972) Waters flood at 35.82' as Agnes hits. [1,004]
(1983) The UCC 5 day national convention opens at the convention center. [1,005]
(1991) The Penguins visit the White House to meet President Bush
(1999) As Jaromir Jagr receives the Hart Trophy as MVP, Mario Lemieux's plan to save the Penguins from bankruptcy is approved at the Federal Courthouse, becoming the 1st player-owner in NHL history.
(1999) Gov. Bush and Gov. Ridge visit as bomb scare at hotel. [1,006]
(2002) The Hard Rock Cafe opens in Station Square.
(2011) President Obama visits CMU.

June 25

(1863) News that Confederate general Jeb Stuart's forces took McConnellsburg and are racing west have 2,107 man Davis Hill, 2,535 man Birmingham, 800 man M’Keever’s Hill, 1,461 man Squirrel Hill, 3,013 man Herron’s Hill, and 1,083 man Cemetery Hill. Tavern keeper James Dunn donates a $1.25 whiskey barrel for the 488 men at Turtle Creek. [1,007]
(1906) First playboy Harry Thaw.
(1927) Frick Park opens.
(1929) The Metropolitan Charter fails to pass ⅔rds in each municipality.
(1931) Mayor Kline and Director Bertram Succop are indicted on 49 counts of corruption.
(1945) 100,000 fill downtown to welcome home 64 World War heros.
(1949) In only his 12th MLB game Pirate rookie Dino Restelli hits homer #7 in a Forbes Field Dodgers win.
(1950) Ralph Kiner, in his 5th straight year as home run champ, blasts 2 homers and hits for the cycle as the Pirates beat the Dodgers.
(1962) Western Pen Water Tower protest [1,008]
(1971) Pirates star Willie Stargell hits the longest homer in Vet Stadium. [1,009]
(1973) Elvis packs the Civic Arena for the 1st time.
(1975) David Roderick becomes U.S. Steel CEO.
(1975) Black Box is founded.[1,010]
(1976) U.S. Steel reduces pollution at Clairton.
(1976) Vince McMahon rushes back an injured Bruno Sammartino when poor gate for the Ali v. Anoki undercard almost bankrupts the WWE. The Match of the Year pits Stan Hansen against him in a rematch months after he broke Sammartino's neck. A count-out win when Hansen runs away draws a large ratings almost beating Ali numbers.
(2008) The Hilton closes the 4 day ACI Conference.[1,011]
(2012) 11 Light Rail stations close. [1,012]

June 26

(1863) Fearing Confederate raiders nearly 12,000 are reported working on 32 fortifications around the city.
(1925) DQE dedicates its $3.5 million ($47.7 million today) 6th Ave. building as it announces $100 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .100. 1.3 billion today) in expansion.
(1928) The county votes for a $44 million ($595.5 million today) bond with $6 million for a "town hall", $2.5 million for a "county building", and $11 million for roads, ($81.2 million, $33.8 million, and ($148.9 million today).
(1946) The Pentagon reports that Allegheny County had 3,982 out of the states 26,554 in World War II casualties.
(1959) The LPGA Championship tees off at Churchill Valley Country Club.
(1980) Oliver Tyrone announces a 20-floor Stanwix skyscraper.
(1987) Ground is broken for the new $503 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .503. 1 billion today) Pittsburgh International "midfield" terminal.
(2001) Proving that you can steal 1st, Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon is ejected from a Brewers game at PNC Park after arguing a close out at 1st in the 7th, picking up the base and walking off the field with it. [1,013]
(2008) Barack Obama visits. [1,014]
(2010) The 50-year-old Mellon Arena hosts its last event (roughly a month after the Penguins last game in the playoffs)--a James Taylor/Carole King concert.
(2012) The Penguins and UPMC announce the state of the art Cranberry facility. [1,015]

June 27

(1863) The Gazette reports 50 are defending Fort Zug from Confederate raiders.[1,016]
(1909) Mayor Magee settles a 2 day strike of 3,000 trolley operators.
(1916) ASCE opens its national convention at the William Penn Hotel with Mayor Armstrong and John Brashear speaking. [1,017]
(1925) The Keystone Athletic Club announces the purchase of the St. Charles Hotel and plans for a 20-story building at $3 million ($39.8 million today).
(1926) Pittsburgh-Heidelberg loses the National Cup by 1 goal, though they win 2 of the next 3 cups.[1,018]
(1936) Allegheny General is dedicated.
(1951) Mayor Lawrence, Controller Ed Frey, and 9 others are indicted by a Grand Jury.
(1959) The LPGA Championship crowns Patty Berg at Churchill Valley, making world news as the 1st USGA female to score a hole in one.
(1967) The Odd Couple films the Pirates game at the Mets as Roberto Clemente refuses to hit into a double play for the film, replaced by Bill Mazeroski. [1,019]
(1980) The Port Authority announces a downtown transit center at the old B&O depot.
(1997) The Penguins open the NHL Draft at the Igloo.
(2012) Last Isaly's closes.[1,020]

June 28

(1754) 700 French and Indians led by de Villiers, leaves Ft. Duquesne for Ft. Neccessity as Washington orders a withdrawal.
(1926) A $7 million ($91.9 million today) campaign is launched for Pitt Medical School buildings.
(1926) The world's "largest and most modern" power plant is announced for Shippingport. The $40 million ($525.1 million today) plans lead to the world's 1statomic power plant 30 years later.
(1934) The county gets $25 million ($434.3 million today) in federal loans for work programs for 12,000 unemployed.
(1940) The Zoo, completely modernized, is reopened.
(1941) Pitt opens the Syria-Lebanon Nationality Room in the Cathedral of Learning.
(1954) Pitt breaks ground for the $15 million ($129.8 million today) Parran Hall.
(1963) U.S. Steel lays off 1,000 workers.
(1968) The World Champion Pipers are sold by Gabe Rubin to Bill Erickson who announces a move to Minnesota.[1,021]
(1970) A doubleheader of Pirates wins over Chicago closes 61 year old Forbes Field.
(1983) The UCC national conference closes at the convention center[1,022]
(1987) The $500 million ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .5. 1 billion today) Robinson Town Centre is announced.
(2005) Steelers announcer Myron Cope wins the Rozelle Award.
(2009) The ISBD national conference begins at the convention center.
(2011) Richard Poplawski gets the death penalty at the courthouse.
(2012) A 52 year old contractor is killed by machinery at the General Electric factory.[1,023]

June 29

(1759) Gen. Monckton arrives at Ft. Pitt to muster men for the acquired Ft. Detroit and Mackinac.
(1763) Col. Bouquet gets Gov. Amherst's letter "to send the smallpox among the disaffected tribes of Indians; use every stratagem in our power to reduce them." during the Siege.
(1909) Expo Park's last game:Pirates 8, Cubs 1.
(1916) The ASCE closes its national convention at the Penn Hotel. [1,024]
(1953) Pitt Medical starts expansion.
(1964) Ralph Barnett becomes the city's 1st Minority Inspector.
(1967) The U.S. Attorney charges the "Commuter Bandit" with 5 bank robberies.
(1973) 11 year old Doug Brendel gets an honorary contract for keeping a Pirates rally alive by catching a Bob Robertson hit from a jumping Expo.[1,025]
(1982) The union concedes $12 million ($28.9 million today) to Allegheny to keep W. Leechburg open.
(1987) The area is hit by 3 tornadoes.
(1987) Joseph Longo returns after 2 months as an Angolan prisoner.
(1988) Mayor Koch responds to the Pirates "Where is Pittsburgh?" [1,026]
(1996) NASA and CMU open NREC.
(2000) The Hyatt at Pittsburgh International opens.
(2004) Phipps Conservatory starts $37 million ($45.5 million today) in expansion.
(2007) Max Butler pleads guilty in U.S. Court.
(2012) The Mid Atlantic derecho hits.
(2012) The Pirates hit 3 homers in the 6th in a 14-5 win at St. Louis.

June 30

(1755) Gen. Braddock crosses the Yough at near Connellsville entering French territory.
(1864) Train service starts to Erie.
(1868) The Hill District, Strip, Oakland, Hazelwood, Lawrenceville and Squirrel Hill are annexed.
(1892) Frick fires all 4,000 striking workers at Homestead.
(1906) The Pure Food Act is signed into law, with Heinz the lone company in support.
(1909) Forbes Field, the nation's finest and largest stadium, opens to a Pirates 2-3 loss to Chicago and a World Heavyweight Title match between Jack Johnson and Tony Ross.
(1916) Oakmont hosts the ASCE national convention. [1,027]
(1931) The week long NAACP national convention opens. [1,028]
(1951) Steelers star Jerry Nuzum is acquitted of murder. [1,029]
(1960) At Forbes Field, Pirates star Dick Stuart hits the 69th NL 3 homer game. [1,030]
(1966) The "Commuter bandit" hits his 14th PNC branch in Oakland for $9,554 ($70,459 today).
(1969) Pitt wins a $5.6 million grant ($35.5 million today) for it's LRDC.[1,031]
(1970) Mayor Flaherty places the world's 1st "webcam"/"video phone" call at 9:40 AM from City Hall to the CEO of Alcoa.[1,032][1,033]
(1978) Pirates MVP Dave Parker gets a fractured jaw and cheekbone colliding at home with a Met, leading to the first hockey/football/baseball mask in history.[1,034]
(1980) Area unemployment hits 7.8%.
(1986) Pitt receives a $4.6 million ($9.8 million today) federal grant for an AIDS drugs testing lab.
(1988) Mayor Masloff gives a map to a KDKA reporter to deliver to New York's Mayor Koch after his dismissive, "Where's Pittsburgh?" response to the Pirates promotions for their Mets series: "Another thing to hate about New York".
(1995) All-USA lineman and SMU death penalty whistleblower Sean Stopperich passes away.
(1999) The Mellon Building on Smithfield is sold to May's Lord & Taylor.
(2006) JetBlue starts service to Pittsburgh International.
(2010) Levi's launches national Braddock ads. [1,035]
(2012) Pirates star Pedro Alvarez hits a full count, 2 out grand slam at St. Louis

July 1

(1754) The Virginians reach Ft. Necessity after abandoning their supplies to stay ahead of the French.
(1805) The cornerstone is laid for the Old Round Church of St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Congregation.
(1831) The city's 1st steam ferry begins at Penn Ave. on the Monongahela.
(1831) The Grays militia is organized.
(1900) Bigelow Blvd. opens.
(1906) PRR's elevated Ft. Duquesne Blvd. line opens as the 55 year old tracks on Liberty Ave. are removed.
(1911) The coal strike is resolved.
(1916) Pirates star Honus Wagner is the oldest to hit an inside-the-park homer. [1,036]
(1936) The Torso Killer is suspected as 3 headless bodies are found in a McKees Rocks boxcar.
(1954) Pitt's $21.6 million (2013 dollars) Clapp Hall breaks ground.[1,037]
(1960) King Bhumibol is the 12th foreign leader to visit.
(1962) Fleming Bridge opens.
(1973) The 3rd USS Pittsburgh is struck after 30 years and 2 wars.
(1983) Firefighters rescue an Oxford Centre window washer hanging by a safety belt after his coworker falls 34 floors to his death.
(1986) The state and investors grant CMU $84.8 million (2013 dollars) for the SEI.
(1987) Pitt trustees vote to divest South Africa.
(1987) Judge Bork is nominated for the Supreme Court.
(1988) Pitt surgeons perform the 1st U.S. liver-pancreas transplant.
(1997) The HYP and Pittsburgh clubs merge.
(2002) Allegheny General opens a $38.8 million (2013 dollars), 5 floor, 100,000 sq ft (9,300 m2) cancer center.
(2007) Mellon merges into BNY Mellon.
(2012) The Senior Championship closes at Fox Chapel Country Club.[1,038]

July 2

(1789) The Gazette reports that 2 settlers "who had gone out to fish . . . were killed by the savages about 2 miles from Ft. Pitt."
(1789) Capt. Hutchins, geographer of the United States, dies at John Ormsby's.
(1863) Morgan begins his raid to the north [1,039]
(1904) Gould's Wabash Line operates its 1st train out of the city after 3 years of fighting for rights, a special to the World's Fair in St. Louis.
(1921) The world's 1st broadcast of a World Heavyweight bout is on the air via KDKA from Jersey City.
(1951) The 52 year old Winter Garden, home to the Keystones, Yellowjackets and the city's 1st NHL team the Pirates as well as the last game by hockey legend Hobey Baker, is demolished.
(1956) Beano Cook starts as Pitt SID.[1,040]
(1997) Jimmy Stewart dies at 89.
(2002) Ray Brown passes away at 75.
(2003) E-Moonlighter purchases moving it to Oakland.[1,041]
(2008) The USW merges with U.K. and Irish unions forming Workers Uniting.
(2012) UPMC East opens. [1,042]

July 3

(1754) French arrive at Ft. Necessity and battle for 9 hours into the night.
(1866) Peoples Savings is chartered.
(1910) Pirates star Chief Wilson helps the team win by hitting for the cycle at Cincinnati.[1,043]
(1928) Fire destroys the Cameo Theater at 347 Fifth Avenue.
(1942) Pitt Stadium hosts the Army War Show.
(1950) motto restored to seal by council.[1,044][1,045]
(1955) Guadalajara completes their 3 match U.S. tour with Castle Shannon scoring a 2-2 tie in the city. [1,046]
(1961) Westinghouse buys Thermo-King for $32.5 million
(1975) Duquense's Administration building top floors are destroyed by fire.
(1985) After $194 million (In 2013 dollars) in construction, the 1st subway train runs.
(1989) Allegheny Co. v ACLU is decided.
(2009) McKees Rocks hosts Billy Mays funeral.
(2009) Nic Walenda world record [1,047]
(2012) Tadas Petrauskas "Dr. Smurf" pleads guilty to hacking at the Federal Courthouse. [1,048]

July 4

(1754) Col. Washington abandons Ft. Necessity to the French.
(1826) Stephen Foster is born at 3600 Penn Avenue.
(1833) Daniel Webster visits.
(1861) 3,300 "home guard" march in parade from Camp Wright on the Allegheny. [1,049]
(1863) Fortification work halts on news of Gettysburg.
(1899) Schenley Park hosts it's 1st auto races.
(1899) Dippy is discovered by a Carnegie Museum team. [1,050]
(1902) President Roosevelt visits Schenley Park as 100,000 attend.
(1951) Pirates star Ralph Kiner hits a grand slam against Cincinnati. [1,051]
(1962) Carol Burnett opens the Civic Arena's roof for the 1st time. [1,052]
(1968) Flag Plaza is dedicated, raising an authentic 1776 flag. [1,053]
(1969) The "Fireworks Derecho" hits.
(1970) The Pirates host "Clemente Night" at Three Rivers, flying several Puerto Rican fans, complete with flags and banners, to present a card signed by 300,000 honoring him for charity work.
(1976) Fireworks launch from the U.S. Steel Tower roof.
(1976) The 2nd MLB and 1st NL Grand Slam Single is hit at Three Rivers as the Pirates pitch it to the Phillies.
(2004) VP Cheney visits on a bus tour. [1,054]
(2011) The Mennonite national conference opens at the convention center.
(2012) The Gulf Tower unveils new lighting.

July 5

(1886) Pirates star Fred Carroll sets a MLB record with 9 hits in 1 day (against the Orioles) at Recreation Park.
(1896) Ross' Evergreen Hotel suffers a gas explosion, injuring 6, 4 fatally. [1,055]
(1903) Over 75 die as flooding hits Greensburg, Jeannette and Wilmerding. [1,056]
(1931) The week long NAACP National Convention closes. [1,057]
(1948) The 31st NL 3 homer game is hit by Pirates star Ralph Kiner, his 3rd time.[1,058]
(1951) Raymond Harvey receives the Medal of Honor.
(1953) The Wabash Station is announced for demolition to develop Gateway Center.
(1978) Pittsburgh Symphony's 1st cellist Nathan Rosen wins the Tchaikovsky Gold Medal.
(1982) The Pirates hit back to back homers to start the game against Houston's Joe Niekro.

July 6

(1892) The Homestead Strike leads to battle as 16 die at the mills between workers and 300 Pinkertons.
(1892) The Pittsburgh YWCA incorporates.
(1916) A $4.27 million (in 2013 dollars) fire destroys everything from 2nd and 3rd to Market and Ferry.
(1945) The Pirates hit back-to-back homers to start the game against the Braves.
(1949) Perle Mesta is appointed Ambassador to Luxembourg. [1,059]
(1953) The Pirates are shut out by Al Worthington, his first MLB game.
(1966) The symphony is granted $17.9 million (in 2013 dollars) by the Ford Foundation.
(1978) PPG Place is announced.
(1980) The longest Pirates game since 1918 goes 20 innings, beating the Cubs 5-4 at Three Rivers. [1,060]
(1995) Penguins star Ron Francis wins the Selke and Byng trophies.
(2004) World media converge at Pittsburgh International as candidate John Kerry announces his ticket of Kerry-Edwards for the 1st time, before visiting the city to campaign.
(2012) President Obama visits CMU.

July 7

(1759) The Virginia regiment and 7 companies march out of Ft. Pitt to reinforce Presque Isle. (L)
(1923) Pirates star Pie Traynor helps beat the Phillies 18-5 by hitting for the cycle.
(1946) Sgt. Durkin saves Howard Hughes' life in Beverly Hills.
(1950) Motto restored by the mayors office after passing council.[1,061]
(1959) The Pirates host their 2nd All-Star game at Forbes Field, VP Nixon visits to throw out the 1st pitch.
(1976) The Freedom Train visits Penn Station.
(1985) The last streetcars go offline with the Subway operating Downtown Pittsburgh for the 5th day.
(1990) Ed Ryan donates the Wood Street Bank Center to Point Park.
(1998) The National Veterans Wheelchair Games opens for 600 athletes.
(1999) Dippy is unveiled outside Carnegie Library. [1,062]
(2000) U.S. News ranks the UPMC among the top 15 best U.S. hospitals.
(2001) The History Center announces expansion plans for exhibit space and programs.
(2004) Sen. Kerry a day after announcing his ticket launches his campaign from Fox Chapel. [1,063]

July 8

(1755) The French & Indians offer Washington a negotiated Ft. Duquesne withdrawal if Gen. Braddock halts, he refuses.
(1794) The city assumes 10 year old Market Square.
(1872) Allegheny Observatory's Fitz-Clark refractor is stolen for ransom.
(1876) The Chamber of Commerce is chartered.
(1919) Voters pass $308 million (2013 dollars) in bonds, $51.9 million (2013 dollars) for a subway.
(1925) The Law & Finance Tower is announced.
(1933) The Steelers are founded.
(1938) Pitt dedicates the 1st Cathedral of Learning Nationality Rooms.
(1941) Pirates star Arky Vaughan is the 1st in All-Star history to hit multiple homers.
(1946) Mellon becomes a $1 billion bank.
(1950) Pirates ace Jack Phillips hits a walk-off grand slam at Forbes Field over St. Louis. [1,064]
(1955) The PUC votes to remove PRR's last downtown elevated along Ft. Duquesne Blvd.
(1970) Pittsburgh International breaks ground on it's "International Wing".
(1986) U.S. Steel becomes USX.[1,065]
(1986) City Hall holds a contentious meeting on consolidating the 9 police precincts into 5 zones.[1,066]
(1988) At the US Courthouse Judge insists on using Mrs.[1,067]
(1990) Mr. Belvedere airs it's finale after 6 seasons.
(1991) The Great Lakes Derecho hits.
(1994) The Pirates unveil the Clemente statue. [1,068]
(2004) John Rigas is convicted of looting Adelphia.

July 9

(1755) The Battle of the Monongahela takes place at Braddock. A British force under Gen. Braddock and Col. Washington, moving to take Fort Duquesne, is defeated by French troops with Native American allies as captured prisoners are burned at the steak by the French.
(1816) Ebenezer Denny becomes the 1st mayor, James Ross as 1st select council president and William Wilkins as 1st common council president.
(1930) J&L Steel announces $278 million (2013 dollars) in expansion for regional mills.
(1962) Andy Warhol premiers Campbell's Soup Cans.[1,069]
(1976) J&L Steel announces electric blast furnace installations to increase capacity and reduce pollution and 700 jobs.
(2002) Mr. Rogers is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House.[1,070]
(2003) Pirates star Randall Simon is arrested and fined $545.8 (in 2013 dollars) for batting the Brewers Sausage to the ground. [1,071] [1,072]
(2006) PNC Park hosts the "Legends & Celebrity Softball Game".
(2011) On national TV Mila Kunis accepts Marine Sgt. Scott Moore's postedYoutube video date invite to the Marine Corps Ball.[1,073][1,074]

July 10

(1909) The Pressed Steel strike starts as the company fails to explain short pay.
(1911) Westmoreland County Coal Strike of 1910–1911
(1930) City Hall recommends a ban on Downtown curb parking.
(1931) The 2nd USS Pittsburgh is decommissioned after nearly 30 years of service including World War I battles and the world's 1st flight deck landing.
(1969) PAT adopts Skybus provoking controversy, both for the decision and the secretive manner.
(1984) Dr. Joe C. Maroon and 3 other doctors perform a pioneer brain surgery at Allegheny General.
(1994) Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Michael Eisner and others walk the red carpet into Three Rivers for the world premier of Angels in the Outfield. [1,075][1,076]
(1997) The Duchess of York visits the Northside for a community baseball game with Mayor Murphy. [1,077]
(1999) A 1.5 ton fiberglass replica of Diplodocus Carnegii, named in honor of Andrew Carnegie, is dedicated on the grounds of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of dinosaurs.
(2000) Heinz sells the world's 1st green ketchup.
(2008) The 1st Northshore connector tube under the Allegheny is completed.

July 11

(1753) [1,078]
(1755) Col. Washington and Gen. Braddock's defeated men reach Camp Dunbar where Capt. Dunbar takes command of the retreat.
(1759) Cpt. Mercer musters 3 Pennsylvania regiment companies to march from Ft. Pitt to reinforce Presque Isle. (L)
(1908) Western University is rechartered as the University of Pittsburgh.
(1930) The B&O applies for federal permits to build a river-rail terminal on the Monongahela.
(1944) The Pirates host their 1st all-star game at Forbes Field.
(1954) Design contracts are awarded for the $216 million (in 2013 dollars) Ft. Pitt Tunnel.
(1958) U.S. Steel announces 1500 Thomson Works layoffs.
(1966) The Stadium Authority requests redesigns of original "open ended" Three Rivers because Ohio and skyline views prove too costly.
(1971) JCS's 1st "authorized" U.S. production opens at the Civic Arena.
(1973) Pirates star Willie Stargell hits his 303rd homer for the club record.
(1975) Al Savill buys the Penguins. [1,079]
(1977) Steelers coach Chuck Noll and staff arrive in U.S. Court as the "Criminal Element" trial begins vs. Oakland. [1,080]
(1985) Steelers star Jack Lambert retires. [1,081]
(1988) Madoff and DePasquale over May drunk driving.[1,082]
(1996) Three Rivers opens the Promise Keepers national convention.[1,083]
(1999) The LTV Steel smokestacks are dynamited for the new Southside Works.
(1999) Mayor Murphy forms the RTF, co-chaired by Paul O'Neill and Post-Gazette editor, John Craig.
(2002) The Homestead Bridge is renamed to honor the Grays.
(2006) The Pirates host their 5th all-star game, the 1st for PNC Park, becoming only the 2nd team to host 5, 1st in the NL.

July 12

(1897) Beaver native and Pirates and Panthers great Tom McCreery sets the all time MLB single game record with 3 inside the park homers.
(1918) The city is named 3rd best in per capita war stamps sales.
(1928) Pittsburgh Symphony Sunday concerts are legalized as the "Sabbath Association" declares it will appeal and asks City Hall to enforce the original 1794 Blue Laws.
(1929) Allegheny Airport construction contracts are signed.
(1979) World press visit Carnegie as President Carter arrives for a 2 hour round-table. [1,084]
(1994) The Pirates host their 4th all-star game and Three River's 2nd.
(1997) The 1st combined extra inning no-hitter in MLB history is recorded as Francisco Cordova pitches a 9 inning no-hitter, while Ricardo Rincon pitches a no-hit 10th against Houston at Three Rivers, the Pirates 6th no-hitter.
(1999) LTV begins demolition at Hazelwood, the city's last steel mill.
(2004) VP Cheney visits Coraopolis and downtown. [1,085]
(2012) Stefan Lessard and Adam Gardner visit the Homewood community garden. [1,086]

July 13

(1755) Gen. Braddock dies and is buried at Wharton.
(1763) Col. Bouquet writes back to Amherst: "I will try to inoculate the bastards with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and take care not to get the disease myself."
(1787) The NW Ordinance passes, spurring expansion down the Ohio Valley.
(1847) The Mercantile Library is founded, 19 years later constructing their main branch.
(1892) The Guard is ordered to Homestead days after strikers and Frick's Pinkertons clash in gunfire deaths.
(1900) The Pirates lose to the Phillies 8-23. [1,087]
(1901) strike
(1909) The Pressed Steel strike starts.
(1921) The body of the 1st U.S. soldier killed in WWI, Tom Enright, returns home as E. Liberty names a theater in his honor.
(1931) McKeesport homing pigeons race a tri-motor plane from Washington to Bettis Field. [1,088]
(1944) The 19 county area surpasses it's $462 million )2013 dollars) "War Loan" goal by selling over $528 million (in 2013 dollars).
(1947) The Pirates win #5,000 (regular season) 6-3 at the Giants as Ralph Kiner homers, and Hank Greenberg hits a sacrifice RBI.
(1950) An Ohio private plane on approach to Pittsburgh International kills 2 and injures another crashing at Montour Country Club. [1,089]
(1956) The Penn Incline is demolished. [1,090]
(1976) E. Pittsburgh strikes against Westinghouse.
(1976) The Port Authority is inundated with ticket requests after they offer a "suburbs fare" of only $1.25 ($5.11 today) to the Steelers upcoming College All-Star Game, when the game has always been played in Chicago.[1,091]
(1994) The world's 1st pro hockey game to play 2 opposing females as Phantoms goalie Erin Whitten faces off against New Jersey's Manon Rheaume who hands the Phantoms their 1st loss 7-10.[1,092]
(2010) The Turnpike Bridge is imploded.

July 14

(1901) Workers strike U.S. Steel for the first time in a decade.
(1902) Union Savings Bank opens.
(1929) Ben Bernie hosts a concert at the Willows in Oakmont. [1,093]
(1945) Pirates star Bob Elliott helps defeat the Dodgers by hitting for the cycle at Forbes Field.
(1953) The city's 2nd station, WPGH signs on.
(1955) The county delays enacting its smoke-control laws for 2-4 years.
(1979) Amid the Oil Embargo only 11% of regional stations are opened and supplied.
(1988) The Volkswagen complex in New Stanton closes down after 10 years as the 1st foreign factory in U.S. history. Sony will take over.
(1988) At the US Courthouse Judge apologizes for insisting on using Ms. [1,094]
(1988) An extensive study for the new 550 million dollar 17,600 job Pittsburgh International is presented to City Council.[1,095]
(1995) Just past midnight the Right Turn Derecho hits with gale force damaging winds.
(1997) LTV Steel announces the closure of its Hazelwood plant, the last mill in the city.
(2005) Pittsburgh Mills opens as the nation's 21st largest mall.

July 15

(1803) Merriweather Lewis arrives at Ft. Fayette. [1,096]
(1908) Pirates star Fred Clarke wins it in the 10th after being hit by a pitch with the bases loaded.
(1909) Rioting Pressed Car workers in McKees Rocks clash with guards as State Police are called in with "shoot to kill" orders if attacked.
(1936) Mayor McNair fires Safety Director Tom Dunn, the third-straight firing with no replacement. [1,097]
(1943) Pittsburgh International is born, with the Air Base activating its first flights.
(1959) John Kane declines re-election as county commissioner.
(1959) The steel union launch the longest post-war strike, lasting nearly four months and opening the domestic market to imported steel for the first time. [1,098]
(1968) Dr. Safar institutes the world's first paramedic ambulance services.[1,099]
(1986) The merger of the Buhl Center with Carnegie Museums is approved.
(1994) Air Force One lands at Arnold Palmer Airport as President Clinton visits Greensburg on health reform.[1,100]
(2011) Heinz Field hosts 12,000 auditioning for American Idol.

July 16

(1763) Amherst replys to Bouquet: "You will do well to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race."
(1794) John Neville shoots a Whiskey Rebel as his Woodville plantation is surrounded by a mob demanding to tar and feather the Tax Collector.
(1816) Albert Gallatin becomes the Ambassador to France.
(1928) The 1st talkie, Tenderloin, plays at the Stanley.
(1956) End of an era as the world's last "Big-Top" circus canvas tent show of Ringling Bros is at Heidelberg.
(1958) WQEX makes the city the world's 1st with 2 non-profit stations.[1,101]
(1961) J&L Steel announces a $250 million expansion.
(1970) The Pirates lose to the Reds by 1 to open Three Rivers.
(1978) Dave Parker returns hockey mask [1,102]
(1981) The Hilton and Stanley host the 58th annual IBM national convention. [1,103]
(1987) President Reagan awards All-American City status.
(1988) Record high of 103 ties 1881, the 13th straight day of the 90+ highs.
(2001) VP Cheney visits CCAC. [1,104]
(2006) All-Star fanfest kicks off at the convention center.
(2012) The final section of the Mon-Fay opens from Jefferson to West Virginia.[1,105]

July 17

(1794) The culmination of the Battle of Bower Hill during the Whiskey Rebellion leads to burning of tax collector General John Neville's home, located ten miles south of Pittsburgh, and at least three deaths.
(1840) William Robinson is inaugurated as 1st mayor of Allegheny City.
(1890) Allegheny City's Golden Jubilee is celebrated in the commons.
(1893) International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees #3 helps found the national union. [1,106]
(1914) The Pirates lose to the Giants in 21 innings at Forbes Field, the 2nd longest game in franchise history. [1,107]
(1928) McArdle Roadway opens with a mile-long parade and day-long celebration.
(1936) Carl Hubbell beats the Pirates 6-0 for the 1st of his record 24 straight wins.[1,108]
(1942) The USW convenes at the Penn Hotel to accept a 44¢/day ($
{Inflation} - Amount must not have "." prefix: .44. 6.26 today) raise granted by the War Board.
(1957) Police respond to a runaway steer on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield.[1,109]
(1972) A courthouse ruling forces Mayor Flaherty to sign over parcels of the Wabash Tunnel for Skybus.
(1979) Pirates star Dave Parker wins the ASG MVP.
(1982) A 150,000 lbs. drill press falls off an I-376 truck, leveling a Scott home.
(1997) President Clinton visits the 88th NAACP national conference at the convention center.[1,110]
(2001) Mellon sells retail branches to Citizens for $2.1 billion ($2.8 billion today) .
(2004) PNC buys Riggs for $779 million ($958.5 million today).
(2012) The Byham hosts the premier of The Dark Knight Rises.[1,111]

July 18

(1863) Gen. Morgan's forces arrive at Buffington Island, downriver on the Ohio, putting city leaders in a panic with growing fears of a targeted confederate advance. [1,112]
(1905) Pirates star Otis Clymer is hit by a bottle from a Giants fan while chasing down a single, as umpire Johnstone stops the game.[1,113]
(1930) The 1st night game for the city has the Grays take on Kansas City with lights shipped in from Cleveland.
(1946) The $10 million ($119.2 million today) Pittsburgh International "extension" breaks ground. [1,114]
(1951) Forbes Field hosts the world heavyweight title as Ezzard Charles ko's Joe Walcott in the seventh round, while the Pirates play an away game with Ralph Kiner getting his 4th 3-homer game the 41st in NL history.[1,115]
(1956) 700 Syria Mosque seats are damaged by teens at a Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers concert. [1,116]
(1980) PPG agrees to provide Market Square merchants new locations to PPG Place.
(1981) The 58th annual IBoM convention closes at the Hilton with its last show at the Benedum Center [1,117]
(1987) Protestors rally at the Bloomfield Bridge on the 1st anniversary of shipments of nuclear waste from Three Mile Island.
(1998) Fifth & Craig is rededicated as Billy Conn Blvd in honor of Duquesne Gardens.
(2006) Tom Hanks, Dennis Miller and Ron Howard visit PNC Park as the Pirates lose to Colorado.[1,118][1,119]
(2007) Rev. Zubik is named head of the city's Diocese.
(2008) The Squirrel Hill Theatre and the former Poli's Restaurant are announced to be demolished for a $50 million ($54 million today) retail, condo and hotel complex.

July 19

(1842) Crawford County announces the 1st U.S. "primary election" meeting to be later in the month. [1,120]
(1855) Dollar Bank opens.
(1863) Gen. Morgan's forces engage Union defenders at Buffington Island. The Union wins but Morgan's Raiders escape towards the city in the only Civil War battle with both naval and land forces, in Ohio, and with 2 future Presidents leading men. [1,121]
(1877) Strikers protest reduced national wages and PRR layoffs.
(1901) Frank Phillips receives his medal of honor. [1,122]
(1911) The postmaster general and Sen. Oliver restore the city's "h", with machinery changed months later.
(1934) Elliott Roosevelt visits, Mayor McNair meets him at the Allegheny Airport but makes world news refusing to shake hands. [1,123]
(1938) Sweden's Prince Bertil visits with the King and Queen, touring CMU and the Homestead Mills. [1,124]
(1939) Pirates star Arky Vaughn helps beat New York by hitting for the cycle.
(1942) Paul Waner gets his 3,000th hit off his former teammate Rip Sewell, the 1st NLer since Pirate great Honus Wagner all in the rookie of the next player to reach 3,000, Stan Musial.[1,125]
(1949) The U.S. Ryder Cup team is announced from the city after qualifying rounds at local courses. [1,126]
(1982) A 21 year old Ohio woman falls 35' to her death during the 3rd of a Pirates 5-4 win at the Reds. [1,127][1,128]
(2006) Tom Hanks, Dennis Miller and Ron Howard visit Fallingwater a day after watching a Pirates game at PNC Park.[1,129][1,130]
(2011) A flash flood kills 4 on Washington Blvd. after 2" of rain hits in under an hour. [1,131]
(2012) WesBanco buys Fidelity BancCorp for $70.8 million [1,132]

July 20

(1877) Strikers block PRR trains at 28th Street.
(1917) Draft lists are published calling up the 28th and 80th divisions.
(1943) Col. Mellon is named state draft director.
(1948) U.S. Steel hikes prices an average of $90.35/ton (2013 dollars).
(1964) School chief Sid Marland is the guest of honor at the White House. [1,133]
(1965) Pirates star Bob Bailey hits a grand slam at the Reds.[1,134]
(1977) The Hilton begins as 3 day host for the Legionnaires a year after the disease broke out at their Philadelphia conference. [1,135]
(1980) Pirates star Dave Parker, a year after signing the 1st million/year ($3.2 million in 2013 dollars) contract in history is pelted by batteries at Three Rivers while playing the Dodgers. [1,136]
(1983) Copperweld closes Glassport, laying off 200.
(1988) John Galbreath dies at 90, as the Pirates beat San Diego at Three Rivers.
(1990) The Port Authority approves improvements for Steel Plaza for the $500 million City Center project. [1,137]
(1991) Zelienople's restored 1805 Buhl House reopens.
(1992) The Penguins 1st Russian and 6th round pick, Artem Kopot dies in a Chelyabinsk car crash.[1,138]
(1994) After 2 months of programming CMU launches Lycos. [1,139]
(2010) Pirates star Pedro Alvarez hits 2 homers(1 a Grand Slam) v. the Brewers.
(2012) Amb. Kirk visits Pittsburgh International.[1,140]

July 21

(1877) Philadelphia militia kill 26 strikers in the "Battle of 28th Street".
(1878) The Pittsburgh Oil Exchange's 180 members begin trading.
(1923) Cyrus Woods takes his post as Ambassador to Japan. [1,141]
(1959) Steelworkers strike, slowing construction of the Civic Arena.
(1965) A fire destroys much of Belle Vernon's year old Lynn Plaza Hotel injuring 2.[1,142]
(1969) Ed O'Neill is cut at Steelers training camp at St. Vincent's joining others at a local pub as Neil Armstrong lands on the moon he remarks "At least someone is having a good day."[1,143][1,144]
(1972) The 17 year old Honus Wagner statue is moved to the North Shore.
(1980) Vandals hit post offices on the 1st day of draft registration.
(1982) City Council approves the takeover Three Rivers.
(1982) At Cincinnati Pirates star Willie Stargell hits his 475th--and last--homer, a game winner.
(1986) Police reorganize 9 precincts into 5 zones.[1,145]
(1990) Jaromir Jagr joins the Penguins, arriving at Pittsburgh International.[1,146]
(1997) Fred Rogers wins the TCA Achievement Award.
(1999) A drought emergency is declared in 55 counties.

July 22

(1774) Capt. St. Clair writes Commander in Philadelphia. P 69
(1877) The Gazette reports: "Riot Law Triumphant-The Reign of Anarchy in the Smoky City" as Penn Station is burned down with PRR property destroyed as far as 33rd Street, $5 million in damage.
(1911) Sen. Oliver and the Postmaster announce in the Gazette that the city's "H" has been restored.
(1948) The city hires Herbert Dunsmore, Michigan expert in food and milk sanitation, as its 1st public health engineer.
(1964) Pirates star Willie Stargell helps beat St. Louis by hitting for the cycle.
(1978) The 1st annual Three Rivers Regatta opens.
(1982) Colt refuses to sell its Midland plant to Cyclops.[1,147]
(1983) Pittsburgh International's power failures delay flights up to 12 hours.
(1987) The Pittsburgh Symphony announces Gideon Toeplitz as the managing director to take over in October.
(2005) The Penguins win the lottery, selecting Sidney Crosby 1st overall.
(2008) Katie Spotz starts 325 allegheny at raymond.
(2010) An explosion at Horsehead Zinc in Monaca kills 2 and injures others.[1,148]

July 23

(1866) Henry Stanbery becomes U.S. Attorney General.
(1892) Henry Frick is shot by an assassin in his downtown office.
(1903) Pirates star Fred Clarke helps beat the Reds by hitting for the cycle at Expo Park.[1,149]
(1931) A fire at Little Sisters of the Poor Home at Penn and S. Aiken kills 42 and injures 157. [1,150]
(1973) Fallingwater is added to the NRHP.
(1974) The Pirates host a record 3rd ASG, the 1st at Three Rivers.
(1976) The last College ASG is a 24-0 Steelers win, the 1st time in over a decade an NFL team plays it back to back.
(1977) The Hilton closes the 3 day Legionnaires convention, one year after the disease. [1,151]
(1982) KDKA airs the world's 1st AM stereo.
(1987) Innovation Works approves a $6.9 million ($14.1 million today) grant to a university sponsored center in Pittsburgh that funds jobs-creation efforts in the fields of robotics, computers and advanced medical technology.
(1992) The Penguins are notified that 6th round pick, and their 1st Russian, Artem Kopot died 3 days ago in a Chelyabinsk car crash.[1,152]
(2003) The Port Authority breaks ground on the $21.6 million ($27.3 million today), 7 floor, 2,200 space South Hills Village. [1,153]
(2011) Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger weds in Ohio Twp. as police escort the party to the Convention Center for a 400 person reception.[1,154]

July 24

(1895) The PRC runs its 1st streetcar.
(1901) The Pirates score in every inning.
(1926) David Fall entertains crowds at Rock Bottom Pool. [1,155]
(1952) At the White House, President Truman, flanked by Philip Murray and Ben Fairless announce settlement of the 53-day steel strike.
(1958) Alan Scaife dies at 58.
(1967) Pirates star Lloyd Waner joins Paul Waner in the Hall of Fame, becoming the 1st brothers inducted into any major sport hall of fame.
(1973) A federal grand jury opens an investigation into the District Attorney business activities of Robert Duggan.
(1973) Led Zeppelin films their Three Rivers concert for The Song Remains the Same.
(1980) Commonwealth Court rules against school desegregation, with busing the only alternative.
(1983) After 10 years hosting KDKA overnight John Cigna takes over the morning show. [1,156]
(1992) Sony begins TV production at the renovated VW complex.
(2002) The Steelers hire the 1st female athletic trainer for any non-NBA team, Ariko Iso.
(2002) Quecreek Mine in Lincoln traps 9 miners 240" underground.
(2004) Theresa Heinz Kerry is captured by world media telling a Tribune Review reporter to "Shove It". [1,157]

July 25

(1775) Dr. Connolly leaves for Virginia relinquishing all southern claims as Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of congress urge a "mutual forbearance" of the Forks during the Revolution.
(1786) Geographer of the U.S. Hutchins arrives to continue the Public Land Survey in the Seven Ranges.
(1863) Capt. Morgan surrenders just 45 miles [1,158] from the city. [1,159]
(1896) The Oil Exchange renames itself the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange.
(1905) PRR starts construction of elevated Ft. Duquesne Blvd. tracks.
(1908) Pirates star Honus Wagner goes 5 for 5 in a win at the Giants, taking over the batting lead from the Giants' flamboyant star Mike Donlin and against star pitcher Christy Mathewson. After each hit he held up another finger to the hitless Donlin and had just beaten out Wagner in a "most popular" poll.
(1917) Teddy Roosevelt visits and is so impressed by city council's suits he asks how he can buy one. [1,160]
(1956) At Forbes Field against the Cubs, Pirates star Roberto Clemente hits MLB's 1st only walk-off inside-the-park grand slam.
(1957) WTAE is licensed as the city's 7th station.
(1959) Pittsburgh International's 1st jet is scheduled by TWA.
(1979) Council approves the $320 million (2013 dollars) PPG Place.
(1995) A Red Train collision injures 95.
(1999) Pitt dedicates the Japanese Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(2000) Steelers owner Dan Rooney joins his father in the Hall of Fame.
(2005) Apple choses CMU for its eastern research center. [1,161]
(2005) VP Cheney visits the Convention Center hotel. [1,162]
(2012) Hal Sparks throws out the 1st pitch for the Pirates at PNC Park.

July 26

(1874) The "Butcher's Run Flood" kills 124 on the Northside and along Saw Mill Run.[1,163]
(1892) Justice Shiras is appointed to the Supreme Court.
(1940) The Cathedral of Learning receives a war sabotage bomb threat. [1,164]
(1959) The Westinghouse Labs open.
(1982) Westinghouse and the union agree to a last minute settlement adverting a 30,000 strong nationwide strike, 15,000 in the city.
(1992) Three Rivers hosts the Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour.
(1993) Gen. Ridgway dies at his Fox Chapel home.
(1997) Mike Webster is the 14th Steeler inducted into the Hall of Fame.
(2003) President Bush visits the Urban League national conference at the convention center.
(2003) The 4th annual Rolling Rock Town Fair moves from Greensburg into Heinz Field. [1,165]
(2004) The "Who snubbed who?" between Bruno Sammartino and Ric Flair occurs at Mellon Arena.
(2006) Rolling Rock closes Latrobe.[1,166]
(2007) Respironics announces a $35.9 million (2013 dollars) 575 strong Upper Burrell center.
(2011) The 4th longest Pirates game gets under way in Atlanta.[1,167]
(2012) Pirates star Starling Marte hits a home run on the 1st pitch of his 1st career at bat.[1,168]

July 27

(1791) Ft. Redstone hosts the 1st meeting of the Whiskey Rebellion.
(1911) D.A. Blakeley boards RMS Olympic for England to search for 2 witnesses on Andrew Mellon's divorce. [1,169]
(1944) The A.J. Cassatt is launched.
(1946) The 1st CLO season ends at Pitt Stadium after annual attendance of nearly 300,000.
(1956) The month long steel strike is resolved after shuttering 90% of U.S. capacity.
(1960) U.S. Steel announces construction of the world's largest blast furnace at Duquesne--the 28' hearth, 850,000 tons/year producing Dorothy 6--at a cost of $236 million.
(1965) Pitt's Chancellor Litchfield resigns.
(1977) The School Board rejects the union's plan for corporal punishment.
(1980) UPMC announces $705 million (2013 dollars) in expansion for it's headquarters hospital.
(1986) A year after Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince passes, the voice of the Steelers for 32 years, Joseph G. Tucker dies at 76.
(1994) The Korean War Memorial in Clemente Park is dedicated.
(1997) The Steelers play Ireland's 1st American Bowl.
(2001) Wesley Posvar dies.
(2002) As world media watches for the 3rd day, the 1st Quecreek rescue shaft reaches all 9 miners.
(2008) Randy Pausch dies.
(2011) The 4th longest Pirates game ends in a 2 AM loss in the 19th after the worst call in sports history as Umpire Meals calls a Brave safe at home.[1,170]

July 28

(1754) Robert Stobo and Jacob Van Braam are taken hostage at Ft. Duquesne after the battle at Ft. Necessity, sending out letters and a sketch of the fort to Gov. Dinwiddie.[1,171]
(1860) "Aeronaut" Professor Wilson ascends in his balloon, "Great Western" from the Northside to Rimersburg. [1,172][1,173]
(1868) An Album Oil refinery explosion kills 3. [1,174]
(1954) The Commonwealth completes negotiations with Equitable to buy a $8.65 million (2013 dollars) Gateway Center site for construction of a $69.2 million (2013 dollars) state office building.
(1954) Allegheny General brakes ground for a 2 floor addition for its "cobalt bomb".
(1962) The PRR "baseball special" derails in Steelton en route to a Pirates-Phillies game.[1,175]
(1965) South Hills Village opens.
(1968) Pirates ace Al McBean hits a grand slam in a 7-1 win over St. Louis. [1,176]
(1971) Closed for a year, Forbes Field meets the wrecking ball with only home plate and the left field wall saved.
(2001) Pirates star Brian Giles hits a walk off grand slam.
(2002) As world media celebrate all 9 Quecreek miners are rescued in the early morning.
(2005) Kaufmann's announces it will convert to the Macy's brand.
(2009) George Sodini is questioned by police after bringing an inert grenade onto a PAT Bus.
(2011) An Army/Lockheed Martin "HAL-D" airship from Wright Patterson crash lands from 32,000' at 8:30 AM between New Freeport and Gilmore as residents flood 911 and news stations for hours reporting the "UFO's" descent. [1,177]

July 29

(1774) P 69
(1786) The first newspaper in frontier America (beyond the East Coast), the Gazette begins publication, as the settlement is reported to have "36 log houses, one stone house, one frame house, and five small stores" extended along Chancery Lane and Market Street.
(1856) The PFw&C RR (a subsidary of the Pennsylvania Railroad) was incorporated and its line was opened through to Chicago from it's terminal in the North Side neighborhood.
(1891) While erecting new iron works at the Pittsburgh Oil Supply mill along Frankstown Road, a collapse in the mill kills four laborers and severely injures 3 others.[1,178]
(1915) Honus Wagner becomes the oldest player to hit a grand slam, a record that will stand for 70 years. [1,179]
(1917) Pitt organizes a hospital unit to go overseas.
(1931) Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, renowned round-the-world fliers, are given an enthusiastic welcome in the city.
(1955) Greyhound announces plans for a terminal covering close to 3 acres bounded by 11th and 12th Streets, Penn Avenue, and Liberty Avenue.
(1982) Colt Steel begins closing its Crucible Steel Plant laying off 400.
(1987) The Carnegie restores the "Noble Quartet" statues in the front of the museum and music ball.
(2000) Pirates star Brian Giles goes 5 for 5 with a double and triple to beat San Diego at Three Rivers.[1,180]
(2003) Live Phish 07.29.03 is recorded at P-G Pavilion.
(2005) The 1st (and only) northern Bassmaster Classic kicks off at Point State Park.

July 30

(1833) The 50 year old Gazette becomes a daily paper.
(1851) Regular passenger service starts from the North Side along the Ohio to New Brighton, as construction continues on the PFw&C line to Chicago.
(1948) Pirates star Wally Westlake helps beat Brooklyn by hitting for the cycle.
(1959) Michael Benedum dies at 90.
(1975) The Pirates host babushka night at Three Rivers [1,181]
(1983) The Steelers beat the Saints in the Hall of Fame Game.
(2004) Pirates GM Dave Littlefield demands more than "just" Ryan Howard from Philadelphia for Kris Benson and in frustration trades Benson to the Mets.[1,182]
(2005) The Penguins select the #1 overall pick Sidney Crosby. [1,183]
(2009) The Forrest Wood Cup kicks off with a weigh in at Mellon Arena.
(2010) The Pittsburgh Portal goes live.

July 31

(1841) A strike causes riots at 6 Allegheny cotton factories.
(1888) The world's 1st commercially available aluminum concern, Alcoa, is founded at 272 Shady Ave.
(1978) 140 year old Dunlap's Creek Bridge--the 1st cast iron bridge in the U.S.--is added to the NRHP.
(1981) The Pirates announce play in 10 days, after a 50-day-old MLB strike settles.
(1989) Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. dies at 79.
(1993) Steelers coach Chuck Noll is inducted by the Hall of Fame.
(1996) Kurt Angle wins Olympic Gold.
(1998) D.A. Stephen Zappala closes the Jonny Gammage case choosing not to appeal a dismissal ruling.
(1999) ISMETT performs the 1st liver transplant in Sicily.
(2004) President Bush visits the convention center, as John Kerry campaigns in Greensburg. [1,184]
(2005) The Bassmaster Classic crowns its champion at Mellon Arena, receiving a record 12 hours of global coverage over 3 days on ESPN and ESPN2.
(2012) Pirates star Neil Walker hits a grand slam in the 1st as A.J. Burnett pitches his first no hitter in 6 years but misses the no-hitter with 2 outs in the 8th, in a 5-0 win at the Cubs.[1,185]

August 1

(1763) The Delaware break the Siege to intercept Col. Bouquet's forces.
(1794) Farmers march from Braddock's Field to support the Whiskey Rebellion.
(1868) PNC's predecessor Riggs cashes the check for the Russian government, closing the sale of Alaska.[1,186]
(1915) Area mills run 24 hours for World War I.
(1918) The Pirates beat the Braves 2-0 in 21 innings, their 2nd longest. [1,187]
(1948) Porky Chedwick 1st goes on the air at WAMO.
(1957) CMU purchases 8 acres on Forbes Ave.
(1962) Northway Mall opens.
(1963) Alcoa announces it's 2,300 acre Upper Burrell center with construction of the 205,800 sq. ft. 2 floor headquarters.[1,188]
(1970) Pirates star Willie Stargell goes 5-5 with 2 homers and 3 doubles beating the Braves 20-10.
(1975) The Steelers play their 1st of back-to-back College All Star Games.
(1977) After 18 years of labor peace 14,000 steel workers strike.
(1987) The Gladiators lose ArenaBowl I at the Civic Arena, the only one "outdoors".
(1990) U.S. Steel's Dorothy 6 is demolished.[1,189]
(1990) UPMC announces their largest ever gift ($1.78 millionia from MCI CEO Bill McGowan.[1,190]
(1993) The Steelers play the 1st American Bowl in Spain.
(1995) Westinghouse buys CBS for $8.24 billion (2013 dollars).
(1996) Rosa Parks visits for the "Pathways to Freedom" school series.
(1998) The 2-tier Allegheny Park is announced.
(2005) The Ballet announces it will discontinue it's music ensamble.
(2009) Pirates star Andrew McCutchen hits a solo homer in the 1st, a 2 run homer in the 4th, and a 3 run homer in the 6th against the Nats at PNC Park.
(2012) Pittsburgh International delays a Delta flight to New York after "bees on a plane". [1,191]

August 2

(1749) George Croghan homesteads several acres after paying the Iroquois.[1,192]
(1802) The Courthouse hosts a meeting on improving the water supply. [1,193]
(1816) Farmers and Mechanics Bank is chartered.
(1860) "Aeronaut" Prof. Wilson reports to the Gazette on his "Great Western" balloon trip to Rimersburg. [1,194][1,195]
(1862) Former Mayor Barker is decapicated by a Ross train. [1,196]
(1894) The Pirates set an NL record scoring in 14 straight innings at Expo Park v. St. Louis.
(1900) A 6:40 AM train activates a chute at Carnegie station dumping 2 tons of coal on passengers, killing 1 and severely injuring dozens. [1,197]
(1927) After 140 years papers merge into the new Post-Gazette as the Sun-Telegraph goes to Hearst.
(1960) Gustave Brickner English Channel.[1,198]
(1976) Sewickley's 13 year old Terry Ford dies when a bomb addressed to his brother detonates.
(1979) An 11 year old girl and her pimp are arrested downtown for prostitution.
(1982) Mellon buys Girard for $530 million (2013 dollars).
(1985) National Steel buys Permian for $372 million (2013 dollars.
(1992) Pirates announcer Milo Hamilton receives the Frick Award at the Baseball Hall of Fame, the teams 2nd straight.
(1998) The Three Rivers Regatta expands to 4 days over 1 weekend for 1.5 million spectators. Terry Phipps exclaims it as "The Indianapolis 500 of the Waterways".
(2003) Dr. Safar dies.
(2007) St. Vincent dedicates Chuck Noll Field.
(2009) The Forrest Wood Cup crowns it's champ at Mellon Arena.

August 3

(1901) Strike
(1904) Merrill Lock No. 6 goes into service.
(1927) Charles Lindbergh visits Bettis Field and Pitt Stadium.
(1957) Danny Murtaugh is introduced at Forbes Field as Pirates manager.
(1958) The URA begins final planning for the $121 million (2013 dollars) Chateau Street-West project.
(1960) Zambelli Fireworks incorporates. [1,199]
(1961) The Pirates tie a MLB record with most runs in a night game shutout with 19 vs. St. Louis.
(1973) The week long National Scout jamboree "Growing Together" kicks off at Moraine Park.
(1977) The week long National Scout jamboree "Forward Together" kicks off at Moraine Park.
(1978) Oakmont opens the PGA Championship.
(1979) A woman jogger tells police she was attacked under the Panther Hollow Bridge near the site Pitt grad student Carol Jursik disappeared.
(1986) Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince receives the Ford Frick Award at the hall of fame.
(1989) Civic leader Bill Mellon dies.
(2002) Steelers star John Stallworth and native Jim Kelly are inducted into the Hall of Fame.
(2002) Kaufmann's headquarters closes.

August 4

(1774) Pennsylvania Council recommends to Governor Penn to settle Kittanning "for the accomodation of the traders and other inhabitants of Pittsburgh who by Capt. St. Clair's orders would need removal on account of the oppressive procedures of the Virginians". P 69
(1927) 30,000 arrive at Bettis Field to see off Charles Lindbergh. [1,200]
(1936) In one of the most dramatic 800 meters in history, Pitt freshman John Woodruff wins Olympic gold at Berlin after coming to a complete stop during the final after being boxed in.
(1941) 49 days Jeep [1,201]
(1945) Pirates star Bill Salkeld helps beat the Dodgers by hitting for the cycle.
(1946) The 13 floor, 500-room Roosevelt Hotel is sold for $21.5 million (2013 dollars).
(1959) 2,000 striking steelworkers rally at Memorial Hall.
(1983) Count Basie's final concert appearance is chosen for the Syria Mosque.
(1985) The 8th annual Three Rivers Regatta breaks attendance records with over 100,000.
(1997) Council creates an independent civilian review board to investigate any complaint against the Pittsburgh Police, one of the first large cities to do so.
(1998) DiCesare Engler is bought by Clear Channel[1,202]
(2001) Steelers star Lynn Swann is inducted into the hall of fame.
(2007) The 49th National AAAE convention opens at Station Square. [1,203]
(2009) Police respond to the Collier LA Fitness as a shooter kills 4 and wounds 11.
(2010) Chuck Greenberg buys the Rangers.[1,204]
(2010) Pittsburgh Portal, after a week of construction goes live.

August 5

(1763) With the Siege at it's height, Col. Bouquet's army engages the Indians at Bushy Run.
(1797) The recently decommissioned Ft. Pitt is sold for "scrap".
(1859) The 1st horsecar, "a single-truck vehicle, seating 14 passengers, dimly lighted at night," begins with a 6 cents fare from Butler St. to E. Liberty.
(1863) Following their Salineville surrender, 118 "Morgan's Raid" officers arrive as prisoners to West Pen.
(1884) Buffalo Bill visits.
(1901) As hospitals are crowded with 266 victims of typhoid the public and press hold rallies demanding construction of water filter systems.
(1921) The 1st broadcast of a sports event in world history is on the air via KDKA as the Pirates beat Philadelphia 8-5 at Forbes.
(1933) The relocated and widened Route 8 opens.
(1938) Police shoot a grizzly that had escaped the Pittsburgh Zoo five hours before after it terrorized the eastern neighborhoods. [1,205]
(1953) PPG gifts Oakland studios to Pitt for the headquarters of WQED.
(1969) Pirates star Willie Stargell becomes the 1st to hit a home run completely out of 10 year old Dodgers Stadium.
(1979) Pirates star John Milner hits a grand slam against Philadelphia.
(1991) Jesse Jackson, Louis Wade Sullivan and Benjamin Hooks 30th annual Progressive National Baptist Convention [1,206] opens at the convention center.
(1999) West Penn and Allegheny General merge into WPAHS.
(2000) The 1st annual Rolling Rock Town Fair attracts 35,000.
(2001) Pirates star Bill Mazeroski is inducted into the hall of fame.
(2002) President Bush visits the Greentree Fire Dept. and speaks with Quecreek survivors. He stirs national debate by signing an Anti-Abortion law at the Hilton.[1,207]
(2007) The Steelers beat the Saints in the 45th Hall of Fame Game.

August 6

(1763) With the Siege at it's height, Col. Bouquet's army continues the Battle of Bushy Run into its 2nd day.
(1774) Gov. Penn gives orders to Capt. St. Clair to found Kittaning as a refuge for Pennsylvanians in Pittburgh frm indian attack. P 69
(1859) Penn Ave. starts the city's 1st horsecar line.
(1914) Eugene (Wild Bill) Heth pilots a Wright biplane the 1st to carry a passenger, Colonel Harry C. Fry, to the city.
(1929) Stephano and Sam Monastero gunned down in front of st johns hospital by Joe "The Ghost" Pangallo's gang. [1,208]
(1937) Police respond to the scene of a triple homicide and arrest unemployed Bernard Gregor for killing his mother and 2 sisters. [1,209]
(1958) The federal government assures the city of $121 million (2013 dollars) in redevelopment of East Liberty.
(1958) PennDOT approves $80.6 million (2013 dollars) in federal aid for a new Glenwood Bridge.
(1978) Oakmont closes the PGA Championship.
(1984) Pitt star Roger Kingdom wins his 1st Gold in the 110m hurdles by upsetting record holder Greg Foster.
(1985) Police arrest 12 in the U.S. Steel lobby protesting Rockwell on the 40th anniversary of Hiroshima. [1,210]
(1988) Pirates ace Jim Gott commits 3 balks in the __.
(1989) In the longest (by time) game at Three Rivers, the Pirates beat the Cubs 5-4 on a Jeff King walk-off homer in the 18th after 5:42.
(1998) The 6th Street Bridge is renamed for Roberto Clemente.
(2005) Jennerstown Speedway hosts the 6th annual and last Rolling Rock Town Fair.[1,211]
(2009) APS holds it's national StampShow at the convention center.
(2011) The National Veterans Wheelchair Games come to a close after a week long competition.

August 7

(1749) de Blainville's 43 French and 180 Canadian and Indian soldiers float past the Forks, again claiming it for France.
(1775) Virginia convention orders Capt. John Neville to march with his troops and retake Fort Pitt. P 70
(1789) The Northwest Ordinance is perfected, opening the Ohio River valley.
(1843) The See of Pittsburgh is created with Bishop O'Connor.
(1887) Film & Stage #3 founded. [1,212]
(1888) The Pittsburgh, Knoxville and St. Clair Street Railways starts their 1st electric streetcars.
(1913) Mayor Guthrie is appointed Ambassador to Japan.
(1922) The Pirates tie a MLB record with 10 players having 2 or more hits against the Braves.
(1944) The Pentagon announces that the area was awarded just shy of $13.2 billion (2013 dollars) in war contracts since Pearl Harbor, with $4.37 billion (2013 dollars) already delivered to G.I.'s on the front.
(1946) The Courier hosts a "Night of Stars" with Maxine Sullivan, Earl Hines, Mary Williams, Billy Eckstine, Erroll Garner, Roy Eldridge and Ray Brown at the Syria Mosque. [1,213]
(1957) Gustave Brikner fails in swimming the Channel.[1,214]
(1975) The "Medic One" Super-ambulance starts service.
(1977) The county jail makes world headlines as almost 2 dozen make a daring escape.
(1978) A messenger's car crashes and litters scores of welfare checks onto I-376.
(1979) Murder victim Carol Jursik's body is found under Panther Hollow Bridge.
(1988) F1 Powerboats racing in the Three Rivers Regatta go out of control on the Ohio and crash into a crowd near Three Rivers injuring 24.
(1991) It is reported that the U.S. Justice Department has been interviewing Airport and USAir officials for months in a anti-trust investigation of USAir's demand that the old terminal be torn down.[1,215]
(2005) Panther and Central Catholic QB Dan Marino is inducted into the Hall of Fame.
(2007) Chuck Noll Field dedicated

August 8

(1868) The cornerstone is laid for the $10.5 million (2013 dollars) Smithfield Street City Hall.
(1921) The Boulevard of the Allies is dedicated.
(1922) The Pirates set the MLB record for most hits in a double header with 46 against Philadelphia.
(1928) Vladimir Zworykin and Frank Conrad perform the world's first successful transmission of television at Westinghouse's labs at E. Pittsburgh.
(1932) Local Boss John Bazzano is found stabbed to death after being lured by the syndicate to Brooklyn. [1,216]
(1939) The YDA National Convention opens with an address by FDR. [1,217]
(1946) After 47 years under the Dreyfuss family, the Pirates are sold to John Galbreath, Frank McKinney, Bing Crosby and Tom Johnson, for $26.8 million (2013 dollars)
(1952) "Smithfield Street" City Hall is sold for almost $21.9 million (2013 dollars).
(1955) More than 2200 strike at Westinghouse.
(1978) I-376 is "papered" with money for the 2nd straight day after an accident litters canceled "Series E" Savings Bonds for a mile.
(1979) President Touré becomes the 18th foreign leader to visit.
(1984) "A couple of vicious men haters" shoot their dates in Findlay.[1,218]
(1987) For the record 3rd time Art Rooney presents a Hall of Famer, John Henry Johnson who chose "The Chief" over Bill Cosby.[1,219]
(1991) Hooks makes national news calling out Clarence Thomas as not black during the Baptist National Conference at the Convention Center.[1,220]
(1991) James Irwin passes away.
(1995) The Pirates hit 4 homers against San Francisco, with Jeff King hitting 2 in the 2nd.[1,221]
(1998) The 2 Shadyside art festivals -- one on Shady Ave., the other on Ellsworth -- attract over 300,000.
(2001) Pittsburgh International becomes the world's 1st airport to have a volunteer ambassador program. [1,222]
(2007) The 49th National AAAE Conference closes at Station Square. [1,223]

August 9

(1802) Council orders 4 wells sunk on Market, the start of the water system.
(1834) Sheriff Bill Leakey establishes a "general system of common schools."
(1915) Manchester Bridge opens.
(1918) YMCA dedicated [1,224]
(1945) Ten Soviet labor leaders visit area steel mills.[1,225]
(1948) The demolition of the Hotel Henry is announced to be replaced by the 40 floor Mellon/U.S. Steel Tower. U.S. Steel will move out of its headquarters at the Koppers and Carnegie Buildings. [1,226]
(1956) After a 9 day strike, 18,000 ALCOA workers return to 12 plants.
(1959) The Pirates win their 11th straight extra inning game.
(1966) Pitt becomes a commonwealth school, receiving $142 million (2013 dollars) for in-state students to pay $3.22 thousand (2013 dollars)/semester.
(1973) The week long NSJ "Growing Together" closes at Moraine Park.
(1976) John Candelaria is the 5th Pirate to throw a no-hitter, escaping a Dodgers bases-loaded 3rd at Three Rivers for the stadium's 500th Pirates game.
(1977) The week long NSJ "Forward Together" closes at Moraine Park.
(1980) One of the most emotional feuds of Sammartino's career started on January 22, 1980, when his former student Larry Zbyszko violently turned against him during a scientific wrestling exhibition, broadcast on the World Wrestling Federation's Championship Wrestling show. Sammartino, shocked and hurt by Zbyszko's betrayal, vowed to make Zbyszko (whom Bruno described as a "Judas") pay dearly. Their feud culminated on August 9, 1980, in front of 36,295 fans at Shea Stadium. As the main event of 1980's Showdown at Shea, Sammartino defeated Zbyszko inside a steel cage. This feud is considered by many wrestling historians and journalists to be the biggest feud in the history of wrestling in the northeast.
(1989) Chuck Noll conducts the Pittsburgh Symphony at St. Vincent to honor Art Rooney.[1,227]
(1990) The Steelers play their 1st American Bowl, the 1st ever in Canada, beating the Pats in Montreal.
(2002) College Prowler is founded. [1,228]
(2007) Australian Sophie Reynolds is arrested at Pittsburgh International for blurting "Fair Dinkum" on a Delta Flight.[1,229][1,230]
(2008) The DNPP Convention is held at the convention center with Howard Dean, Deval Patrick and Janet Napolitano.
(2009) Rivers Casino opens.
(2010) Steve Slater jumps from a Jet Blue plane as it lands in JFK after flying from Pittsburgh International. [1,231]

August 10

(1758) Col. Bouquet ordered Major James Grant to build a road from Bedford to Ligonier (within striking distance of the French Fort Duquesne.
(1901) Strike
(1922) The Pirates win their 11th straight as each man in the lineup gets at least a hit.
(1934) John Kane dies at 73.
(1939) The YDA National Convention gavels in for 3 days. [1,232]
(1944) The A.J. Cassatt is acquired by the Navy.
(1951) In connection with the Parkway project, the B&O agrees to move its station out of the way and build a new one at the foot of Grant Street.
(1954) PHA director Dr. Bryn Hovde, a nationally known expert on housing, dies at the age of 58 after he was struck by a downtown streetcar.
(1981) After 2 months of the MLB strike, the Pirates finally resume play for their 100th season, losing in Montreal.[1,233]
(1982) Gulf Oil cancels its $12 billion (2013 dollars) purchase of Citgo. [1,234]
(1988) Another record hot day marks a complete month of record temperatures where the high is always 90 or above, the heat lasts almost another week.
(2001) PNC Park honors Bill Mazeroski with him being churffered in a 1960 convertible, as The Avenue of the Pirates is renamed Mazeroski Way. [1,235]

August 11

(1763) Ft. Pitt receives the news that Colonel Bouquet's army has won the Battle of Bushy Run 5 days ago, ending the Siege.
(1779) Col. Dan Brodhead leaves Ft. Pitt with 600 to destroy the Seneca villages on the Allegheny.
(1841) The original courthouse, jail and city hall at Market Square are auctioned. [1,236]
(1843) Bishop O'Connor is appointed to the new Diocese of Pittsburgh.
(1919) Andrew Carnegie dies at 84 at "Shadowbrook," after 3 days of pneumonia. His charity standing at $4.69 billion (2013 dollars). Before the end of the year Pittsburgh titans HJ Heinz and Frick will also pass away. [1,237]
(1952) After 13 years as Police leader, Chief Scott is fired for misconduct.
(1985) The largest concert in city history as 66,000 fill Three Rivers for Bruce Springsteen. [1,238]
(1991) Jesse Jackson, Louis Wade Sullivan and Benjamin Hooks 30th annual Progressive National Baptist Convention closes at the convention center. [1,239] opens at the convention center.
(1994) The Pirates beat Montreal at Three Rivers in the last game for Andy Van Slyke and Tim Wakefield as the league strikes.
(2002) U.S. Airways files bankruptcy.
(2008) The Walt Disney Company announces its 1st research lab will be at CMU to employ 10 initially and focus on "research and development on computer animation, computational cinematography, autonomous interactive characters, robotics and user interfaces." [1,240]
(2011) Antiques Roadshow films its 1st episode from inside an antique, Rankin's Carrie Furnance.[1,241]
(2012) [1,242]

August 12

(1760) Ft. Pitt commander Gen. Monckton, reaffirms Stanwix's treaty with the Indians while Allegheny's 1st white settler, James Boggs, completes his cabin.
(1858) The Bedford Springs Hotel receives the 1st Trans-Atlantic cable.
(1887) A fire rages at 10 PM on the 2nd floor "warehouse" of Masonic Hall on Fifth Ave., spreading fast it lasts another day and causes several blocks and millions of dollars of damage. [1,243]
(1927) The widening of downtown's Grant St. begins.
(1937) The Kirby School Board starts delberations on Laura Morris evolution. [1,244]
(1939) The YDA National Convention closes after 3 days, kicking off the official campaign of President Roosevelt for an unprecedented 3rd term. [1,245]
(1952) The Steelers first use the T formation in a loss to Chicago at Forbes Field as fans storm the gridiron after the game. [1,246]
(1960) Butler Farm Show Airport opens. [1,247]
(1965) The PGA Championship opens at Laurel Valley.
(1966) The Pirates and Reds set the NL record for most homers in a game, as the Bucs hit 6 for 11 total, with Clemente and Stargell both going yard. [1,248]
(1981) After the 62 day MLB strike, Three Rivers hosts a Pirates 100th season game, a loss to Montreal. [1,249]
(1992) Clinton visits as speaker for the AFT National Conference at the convention center.
(1994) Tony Grosso dies at 80 in state prison after controlling the region's gambling for nearly 50 years, employing 5,000 and grossing $47 million (2013 dollars)/year at its peak.
(1996) Kennywood's 1936 Noah's Ark reopens after a years renovation as the only remaining U.S. funhouse.

August 13

(1887) For the second straight day crews fight to contain a fire that causes millions of dollars of damage to downtown after erupting from Masonic Hall on Fifth Ave. [1,250]
(1925) 30 Pittsburgh police detectives raid Forbes Field as the Giants-Pirates series concludes on tips that gambling was taken place on the series. [1,251]
(1928) Ambridge–Aliquippa Bridge four piers are completed a month ahead of sch by dravo.
(1930) New Homestead proposes to be annexed by the city. [1,252]
(1937) Laura Morris loses her evolution appeal in Kirby. [1,253]
(1956) The Duquesne Gardens, after almost 70 years as the city's premier arena, hosting both NHL and NBA franchises as well as six Calder Cup finals, is demolished. It will be replaced by an eight-story 127-unit condo.
(1949) The URA announces the 1st public-private project of its kind in the nation—a plan to clear 30 South Side blocks of substandard housing and small business for J&L Steel's $410 million (2013 dollars) South Side expansion, improve surrounding streets, and eliminate three railroad grade crossings.
(1969) Pirates star Roberto Clemente hits 3 homers in a win at San Francisco, saving the game for the Bucco's after teammates commit 3 errors; it is the 94th such feat in NL history, and Clemente's 2nd. [1,254][1,255]
(1987) The P&LE RR is bought by Chicago West Pullman.
(1988) The area sets a record 34th day of over 90° highs, the worst drought since 1881.
(2001) PONY celebrates its 50th anniversary with week-long festivities leading to the World Series in Washington. [1,256]
(2009) President Clinton visits the Convention Center to open NetRoots, making world headlines on remarks on both health care reform and "don't ask, don't tell". [1,257]
(2012) Pirates star Clint Barmes hits a grand slam v San Diego at PNC Park.[1,258]

August 14

(1922) Oakmont opens the PGA Championship.
(1945) VJ Day has residents dancing in the streets.
(1963) pit airport electricians strike week
(1972) Oscar Levant dies at 65.
(1990) E. Liberty's Tony DiStazio dies as another worker is injured around 9:30 AM when a 70' roof section collapses during construction on Pittsburgh International's terminal B. [1,259]
(1990) Henry Kissinger visits Pitt to deliver the Heinz Lecture at the William Pitt Union.
(1991) President Bush visits the FOP national conference at the convention center. [1,260]
(1997) goes online. [1,261]]
(1997) Republican Bob Cranmer and Democrat Mike Dawida collaborate to unseat County chair Larry Dunn.
(2003) The region is an island of light (and air conditioning) after the 4:10 pm start of the 24 hour long Northeast Blackout cuts all power from Indiana and Michigan to the Atlantic. [1,262]
(2004) The city announces it will no longer hold the annual Marathon because of lack of funds, Dick's Sporting Goods eventually continues the race.
(2008) Groundbreaking is held for Consol Energy Center.

August 15

(1785) The Executive Council orders Ormsby to "take possession of Ft. Pitt on behalf of the Commonwealth" since it's U.S. Army decommissioning.
(1928) The regions 1st scheduled passenger air service starts.
(1933) Pitt breaks ground for Heinz Chapel.
(1955) The city's 1st heliport opens atop Gateway Center Garage.
(1963) Eastland Mall opens.
(1965) The PGA Champion is crowned at Laurel Valley.
(1986) Ross Park Mall opens.
(1987) A Columbus priest mistakenly lands at Pittsburgh International after raising Cumberland tower and getting a runway assigned and cleared. [1,263]
(1988) Gov. Thornburgh is sworn in as USAG.
(1996) ATI is born as Allegheny Ludlum buys Teledyne.
(2009) The city becomes the 1st in the U.S. to have its own iPhone municipal app. [1,264][1,265]

August 16

(1800) The Tree of Liberty becomes the city's 2nd newspaper with Hugh Brackenridge as editor.
(1890) Pirates ace Bill Phillips is the 1st and still only to give up 2 grand slams in a single NL game.
(1907) Pittsburg, Oklahoma is founded, as one of the 47 worldwide Pittsburghs, Pittsburgs, or Pitsburgs places honoring the Steel City by name.
(1947) Pirates star Ralph Kiner is the 29th to hit 3 homers in a single NL game with Hank Greenberg and Billy Cox both hitting 2 each, setting the MLB record for most players with multiple homers in a game during a Forbes Field win over St. Louis. [1,266]
(1952) Washington hosts the 1st PONY World Series. [1,267]
(1956) U.S. Steel announces $701 million (2013 dollars) in McKeesport expansion.
(1958) Pirates star Frank Thomas is the 65th to hit 3 homers in a single NL game. [1,268]
(2000) Penn Hills' Turner Dairy is the areas last to discontinue home delivery.
(2006) Pittsburgh International begins Valet Parking for travelers. [1,269]
(2009) World news focuses on Howard Dean and Bill Clinton as the convention center hosts Netroots where Clinton is heckled about Don't Ask, Don't Tell responding off-script why his goals on the issue failed.

August 17

(1848) The Allegheny Medical Society organizes.
(1848) Andrew Carnegie and family leave Scotland for the North Shore's Rebbecca St.
(1848) Chloroform anesthesia is first used in the region by Dr. William Wright for a tooth extraction.
(1921) Police are ordered by Chief Carroll not to drive to work in their own cars because of limited parking at precincts. [1,270]
(1945) Area industries announce 7000 layoffs as war contracts are canceled.
(1951) Steve Nelson, already on trial on sedition charges, is arrested by the FBI with 5 other area Communists.
(1957) Steelers founder Art Rooney protests segregation [1,271]
(1975) Gulf Oil responds to the Philadelphia Refinery Fire.
(1984) The Roberto Clemente stamp is issued.
(1988) Steelers founder Art Rooney suffers a stroke.[1,272]
(1992) After a Pittsburgh International construction death 3 days earlier, lawyers and inspectors meet on liability as Tom Foerster breaks the dispute by asking who will join him at the Walnut St. memorial service.[1,273]
(2001) The metro's 3rd area code, 878 is activated.
(2005) Gateway Center floods as a 36" water main breaks.
(2012) GNC runs the 1st annual Liberty Mile race.[1,274]

August 18

(1841) The original courthouse, jail and city hall transfers to private owners after being auctioned a week earlier. [1,275]
(1877) The Sees of Pittsburgh and Allegheny merge.
(1895) A fatal tornado hits downtown and the Northshore. [1,276]
(1922) The PGA Championship closes at Oakmont.
(1940) Spear & Co. lease the old 14 floor McCreery's Department Store on Wood, and plan $16.6 million (2013 dollars) in renovations.
(1966) Pirates star Jose Pagan ties the modern NL record for errors in an inning with 3.
(1980) Leland Hazard dies at 87.
(1989) For the 2nd time in 3 years the Gladiators come up short in the ArenaBowl.
(1992) Kennywood is designated a Commonwealth landmark.
(2001) Heinz Field opens with an N'Sync concert.
(2006) Pitt's Dave Dalessandro's film Snakes on a Plane premieres.
(2010) The 1st LEED-certified NHL or AFL arena, CONSOL opens with a Paul McCartney concert.
(2012) A 79 year old pilot crashes his ultralight in N. Bethlehem. [1,277]

August 19

(1852) Waters flood to 31'9".
(1864) The Quarterly Trade Circular reports the city has 58 oil refineries producing 5.2 mbd.
(1886) J&L Steel constructs 2 Southside 7-ton Bessemers.
(1931) The McKees Rocks Bridge opens.
(1937) LHw champ John Lewis defeats Hw Champ Italo Colonello in the city. [1,278]
(1943) The $26.9 million (2013 dollars) Duquesne Blvd. opens as commissioners announce the next "Moses Plan" step, the $134 million (2013 dollars) cross-town.
(1958) WMCK announces a new more powerful tower.
(1975) The Triangles beat Boston at the Civic Arena to make their 1st Bancroft Cup finals. [1,279]
(1977) Thousands of state workers "sick out" after Harrisburg budget woes cancel paychecks.
(1978) WWSW fires all but 3, switching to country. [1,280]
(1986) The FAA rates Pittsburgh International as 5th best.
(1987) I-279 opens its final section, I-79 to the Northside.
(1999) Pirates star Mike Benjamin ruins a Reds no hitter in the 8th (and steals 2nd) in Cincinnati.[1,281]
(2000) The Steelers play their 6th American Bowl in Mexico City.
(2002) Children's announces its relocation to Lawrenceville's.
(2011) A rush hour flash flood kills 4 on Washington Blvd. after 4" of rain bursts 9' diameter sewer pipes with geysers blowing off 60 lbs. manhole covers. [1,282]
(2012) The Pirates win their 4th longest game 6-3 as Pedro Alvarez homers in the 19th at St. Louis.

August 20

(1758) Col. Bouquet sends Maj. Grant, Col. Burd and 1500 to begin construction on Ft. Ligonier.
(1777) Virginia ends decade long claims based on Washington's surveys by withdrawing from Ft. Pitt .
(1945) Pirates ace Preacher Roe gives up a MLB record to Dodger Tommy Brown, 17, the youngest ever to hit a homer.[1,283]
(1969) An oil company Cessna 310 crashes 1 mile from Pittsburgh International. [1,284]
(1987) CMU and Pitt agree to construct the Technology Center on the former J&L Steel site.
(1992) Al Gore visits the USW convention.
(1999) Paul Spadafora wins the IBF lightweight title.
(2003) The Pirates hit 4 homers in an inning (Reggie Sanders hits 2) and 7 total v St. Louis.[1,285]
(2009) Pitt Girl is fired a day after launching her new blog.[1,286]
(2010) Lynn Swann announces the city's 2nd AFL franchise, the Pittsburgh Power.
(2011) Troopers respond to I-279 in Ohio Twp. as a mother gives birth.[1,287]

August 21

(1758) Ensign Rohr choses Ft. Ligonier's location.
(1888) A record 3.57" hit from the remnants of the seasons 3rd hurricane.[1,288]
(1919) Mother Jones tells a Homestead judge that her permit to speak in public was issued by Patrick Henry. [1,289]
(1930) W. Homestead citizens present a petition to be annexed.[1,290]
(1984) The oldest continuous U.S. refinery, Ashland's 105 year old Freedom site explodes as 2 die and a 3rd is injured.[1,291]
(1998) UPMC surgeons perform the world's 1st pediatric heart-double lung-liver transplant at Children's.
(2002) Seagate opens its 5 floor 200,000 sq. ft. cleanroom research HQ in the Strip District.[1,292]
(2008) Katie Spotz lands at Point State Park after swimming all 325 Allegheny River miles.
(2009) UPMC proposes a $899 million (2013 dollars) national biodefense center with 8 vaccine production facilities 8,000 strong for Hazelwood.
(2009) The National Truck Driving Championships run at the convention center.
(2012) Paul Ryan visits Carnegie.[1,293]

August 22

(1758) Col. Bouquet orders Col. Burd's men and artillery to build a 120' (37 m) storehouse and a hospital for Ft. Ligonier.
(1898) The Panhandle RR's Chartiers Tunnel collapses burying workers alive, killing 10 instantly. [1,294]
(1909) Troopers and strikers clash during "Bloody Sunday" of the Pressed Steel Car Strike in McKees Rocks, 12 die.
(1912) Pirates star Honus Wagner helps beat the Giants by hitting for the cycle at Forbes Field, the only cycle of his career.
(1917) The longest game in Pirates history is a Dodgers win in 22 at Ebbets Field. [1,295]
(1924) Police increase Chinatown patrols after Hip Sing and On Leong gangs enter a Tong War. [1,296]
(1940) Preparations start to raze old Allgheny General and 25 other buildings to make way for a Sears and parking.
(1998) The county 911 center in Point Breeze goes online.
(2004) Lauryn Williams wins Olympic Silver.
(2004) Native Gov. Vilsack visits. [1,297]
(2012) Pittsburgh becomes just the 2nd city in 3 years to take the 2030 challenge.[1,298]

August 23

(1895) A 5 AM ET Works "volcanic explosion" kills 8 and severely injures 8 more, some near death. [1,299]
(1909) Troopers and workers clash for the 2nd straight day of the Press Steel Car strike as 5 die and scores injured.
(1910) Pirates star Fred Clarke makes a record 4 outfield assists v the Phillies at Forbes Field.[1,300]
(1940) The $49.8 million (2013 dollars) "Water Street Bypass" expressway opens.
(1959) Severe storms damage 3 buildings.
(1966) Pitt becomes "state-related" as House Bill 2 is signed.
(1974) The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange trades its last day. [1,301]
(1987) The famed flying fortress Nine-O-Nine crashes at a suburban Beaver airshow.[1,302]
(1989) Eligible for free agency for the 1st time, Mario Lemieux signs a new Penguins contract.
(1998) Mark McGuire hits homer 53 at Three Rivers.
(2004) The 59-year-old Center for the Arts closes & lays off 13 due to a $1.35 million (2013 dollars) deficit.
(2007) ACI ranks Pittsburgh International #1 in "Marketing and Communications" for its 4 year old and industry 1st "Fare Alert Emails". [1,303]
(2011) A 5.8 quake centered in N. Virginia is felt in the city as schools and buildings are evacuated as a precaution. [1,304]
(2012) A Guinness record of 3,524 Pitt freshman honor Gene Kelly's 100th birthday.[1,305]

August 24

(1754) [1,306]
(1774) En route to supply Pennsylvania militia at Kittanning with 8 horses of dry goods and 2 horses of flour and salt, George Ashton is arrested and brutalized by Dr. Connolly. P 70
(1855) St. Vincents is the 1st U.S. Benedictine Abbey. [1,307]
(1896) PRC starts cable to electric conversion with 5th Ave.
(1918) Fire fighters strike for 6 hours for higher wages.
(1955) Thousands attend the dedication of Pittsburgh International's War Memorial Fountain.
(1972) Sergent Shriver visits area steelworkers.[1,308]
(1975) The Triangles return to the Civic Arena for the 2nd match of best-of-3 series after losing at San Francisco. [1,309]
(1993) Helen Stinner Ball, the mother of U.S. air mail dies.
(1993) Pirates manager Jim Leyland provokes a brawl in LA with the Dodgers.[1,310]
(2001) Irwin 8 year old Amber Mountain is killed by a pet python.[1,311]
(2004) Seagate choses the city for its $36.9 million (2013 dollars) Research headquarters. [1,312]

August 25

(1774) Capt. St. Clair writes Gov. Penn that the Delaware are "very thankful" for Pennsylvania's post at Kittanning. P 70
(1775) Patriots set fire to the tea stock of Joseph Symonds and John Campbell.
(1916) Mellon buys the B&O offices at Smithfield & 5th to construct its headquarters.[1,313]
(1943) Allegheny Airlines is founded.[1,314]
(1954) The 1st UNIVAC I (1.250 million) is installed in the city by U.S. Steel the 3rd commercial installation in the world.[1,315][1,316]
(1969) James A. Cortese escorts 1,000 civil rights protesters through downtown to U.S. Steel HQ to rally for minority hiring.[1,317]
(1975) The Triangles win their 1st Bancroft Cup in the 3rd match v San Francisco at the Civic Arena.[1,318]
(1988) Steelers founder Art Rooney dies at 87.[1,319]
(1988) Gov. Dukakis visits Brackenridge Works, U-PARC & talks to CNEG.[1,320]
(1989) Pirates star Gary Redus helps beat the Reds by hitting for the cycle.
(1994) The Igloo roof is opened for the 1st time during a pro hockey game as the Phantoms play Minnesota. [1,321]
(1995) The 1st ever CISL shutout is scored by Portland v the Stingers. [1,322]
(2001) Heinz Field hosts its 1st preseason NFL game.
(2001) Week long celebrations for PONY's 50th anniversary close with the World Series in Washington.[1,323]
(2004) Pitt celebrates the 100th anniversary of the alumni created Banana Split.[1,324]
(2006) The region's 1st Chipotle opens in Robinson.[1,325]

August 26

(1748) Conrad Weiser starts a 3 week conference with the Indians at Logstown.[1,326]
(1754) [1,327]
(1919) PRC scabs are attacked by rioting mobs downtown as several injuries are reported.
(1926) A bank robber demands $1.31 million (2013 dollars) from a "City Bank" teller and throws a bomb to the exterior of the building, killing 3, including an off duty detective. [1,328]
(1936) Andrew Mellon dies.
(1961) The CLO hosts its last concert in 2 year old Melody Tent. [1,329]
(1975) The Pirates delight the Three Rivers crowd by tying an MLB record with 8 straight hits to start a game against the Braves.
(1977) The Port Authority votes 11-1 to accept $357 million (2013 dollars) federal funds for the $422 million (2013 dollars) E. Busway.
(1984) In its 27th year WPTS moves to FM.
(1999) Campbell's hosts world press at the Warhol to unveil a 102 year old logo replacement. [1,330]
(2001) President Bush visits Braddock for lunch with steel workers. [1,331]
(2004) Carlow marks its 75th anniversary, becoming Carlow University.
(2005) The 911th becomes a regional homeland security center after BRAC votes.

August 27

(1758) Col. Burd and Rhor report a superior site to Ligonier, 9 miles (14 km) west but Gen. Forbes directs that work continue since construction had already begun.
(1912) The 2nd USS Pittsburgh is commissioned.
(1916) The city again becomes the "arsenal of democracy" on reports that the Allies have ordered "several thousand tons" of Steel for trenches. [1,332]
(1930) Common Pleas Judge Rich Kennedy swears in the state's 1st woman jurist, Sara Soffel.
(1939) The "73rd National Encampment" opens. [1,333][1,334]
(1987) U.S. Steel's National Mill McKeesport closes, with 186 final layoffs from a high of 4,600.[1,335]
(1991) UPMC starts the wrecking ball at the Syria Mosque amid protesters and preservationists.
(1993) Jim Leyland begins serving a 6 game suspension for provoking a brawl in LA earlier in the week.[1,336]
(2005) The Mingo Creek Observatory opens in Nottingham.
(2010) UPMC network officially adopts Hamot.

August 28

(1956) The 3rd USS Pittsburgh, after several battles in World War II and Korea is decommissioned.
(1957) The Ft. Pitt Tunnels of I-376 commence construction with the start of Mt. Washington drilling.
(1970) Three Rivers hosts its 1st Steelers game, 21-6 win v the Giants.
(1986) The 62 year old Wood Street YMCA closes.
(1987) Bruno Sammartino enters his last singles match, a year later he will retire for good.
(1989) Pitt dedicates the Armenian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(2010) The areas 3rd Apple Store opens at Ross Park Mall. [1,337]
(2011) Uniontown officers shoot a 350 lbs. black bear dead after it stalked the Italian Festival. [1,338]

August 29

(1855) County Republicans hold their 1st convention, adopting abolition.
(1859) The world's 1st commercial oil well hits a gusher at 69' in Cherrytree.
(1866) Police end the "All's well" night call.
(1896) Pirates star Connie Mack plays his last game, a loss at the Dodgers.
(1909) The $11.6 million (2013 dollars) Hunt Armory is announced.
(1929) The Graf Zeppelin passes above on its world tour. [1,339]
(1952) After receiving Parris Island weekend leave, 4 Panthers and a Duke pay $437.60 (2013 dollars) each for a friend to fly them to Allegheny Airport but survive crashing in Meadville after getting lost in low clouds. [1,340]
(1952) Monongahela loses the LL World Series.
(1958) J&L Steel announces $282 million (2013 dollars) expansion at Pittsburgh and Aliquippa, increasing annual projects to $749 million (2013 dollars).
(1966) St. Vincents opens its 1st Steelers camp.
(1967) As Manager Murtaugh and 2 other Pirates are ejected after a Braves grand slam, Bill Mazeroski rallies with a close RBI, only to lose on a disputed Joe Torre score beating a Roberto Clemente throw in Atlanta. [1,341]
(1973) DA Robert Duggan elopes with Mellon heiress Cordelia Scaife.
(1980) World press dateline Pittsburgh as President Carter conference calls Koppers' CEO. [1,342]
(1986) Cyclops shareholders reject selling off mills to focus only on Silo and Busy Beaver stores. [1,343]
(2004) President Bush visits Wheeling. [1,344]

August 30

(1758) The French learn that Gen. Forbes is advancing from Ligonier to take Ft. Duquesne.
(1921) Pirates star Dave Robertson helps beat the Dodgers by hitting for the cycle.
(1936) The Montgomery Locks go into service.[1,345]
(1953) At Forbes Field the Pirates and Braves set the NL record for most homers in a day with 12.[1,346]
(1955) Heinz announces construction of a $26 million (2013 dollars) research center, one of the most modern in the world.
(1968) Billy Graham opens his 2nd Pittsburgh crusade, this time at Pitt Stadium to last 8 days. [1,347]
(1974) The Point State Park fountain is turned on for the 1st time.
(1988) David Letterman jokes about the death of Art Rooney. [1,348]
(1999) The 63 year old Drake Line closes.

August 31

(1803) Meriwether Lewis and his men launch a keelboat to start the Expedition of Discovery, resting at Brunot Island he displays his "airgun" to Felix Brunot's family, before putting in at McKees Rocks for the night. [1,349][1,350]
(1914) CMU opens for its 15th year and becomes 1st in North America to offer degrees in Drama.[1,351]
(1944) President Roosevelt issues E.0. 9474, taking possession of area coal mines. [1,352]
(1953) WINP signs on as the city's 3rd station.
(1968) Dr. Bahnson at UPMC performs the state's 1st heart transplant.[1,353][1,354]
(1980) The 19 floor Carlton Hotel is imploded for Mellon Center.
(1988) David Letterman apologizes to the city. [1,355]
(1997) The Steelers take the field for the 1st time without block numbers, using futura instead in a Three Rivers loss to Dallas.
(1997) The Senior Classic opens at Quicksilver Golf Course.[1,356]
(2001) The 1999 student body's "Millennium Panther" gift is dedicated at the William Pitt Union.
(2001) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood airs its finale.
(2002) Pitt announces it has sold out the season at the 12,508 seat Pete.[1,357]

September 1

(1758) Col. Bouquet sends 100 to entrench "Grants Paradise" south of Latrobe.
(1779) Cpt. Mason survives an Indian onslaught on Ft. Henry.
(1803) Merriweather Lewis crosses the Ohio from McKees Rocks to Neville Island on the Expedition of Discovery's 2nd day. [1,358]
(1826) Albert Gallatin becomes Ambassador to Great Britain.
(1875) Andrew Carnegie at Braddock uses the 1st U.S. Bessemer Process.
(1890) The Pirates play the 1st Tripleheader in MLB history, a Dodgers sweep.
(1936) GNC incorporates. [1,359]
(1939) The 73rd National Encampment closes making national headlines as vets are asked about Gone with the Wind. [1,360][1,361]
(1952) President Truman choses the city for his 1st campaign visit. [1,362]
(1955) Oakland's Jay's Book Stall opens. [1,363]
(1957) WPXI signs on as the city's 6th station.
(1960) The Ft. Pitt Tunnels open.
(1961) A Pittsburgh International departed TWA Constellation explodes on take off from Midway, killing all 77. [1,364]
(1971) Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh fills out the 1st all-minority starting lineup in MLB history. [1,365]
(1974) Oakdale AFS shutters Defense Area ops.
(1980) VP Mondale visits Vandergrift.
(2001) The Panthers play Heinz Field's 1st game.
(2006) Mayor O'Connor dies from lymphoma.
(2007) The Dukes play their 1st tournament abroad, a 92-60 Toronto win. [1,366]
(2010) The USS LST-325 arrives for a weeklong tour.[1,367]
(2011) A suspicious package closes the Federal Building, U.S. Steel Tower and 7th and Grant. [1,368]

September 2

(1766) Gen. Gage writes to Gov. Penn incensed that pioneers are still settling and squatting west of the Alleghenies.
(1788) Geographer of the U.S. Tom Hutchins falls ill while taking the Public Survey of the Seven Ranges and returns to the city.
(1803) Merriwether Lewis leaves Neville Island down the Ohio to Logstown, resting for the night near Conway.
(1833) The Pittsburgh Theater opens at 5th & Smithfield.
(1854) Pitt lays the cornerstone for its main 16 room downtown building, for use until 1882.
(1925) The Amateur Championship opens at Oakmont with play though champ Bobby Jones and Henry Fownes. [1,369]
(1952) President Truman continues his visit in Clarksburg, Keyser and Grafton, speaking of the heroics of the pioneers capturing Ft. Duquesne. [1,370]
(1959) Two Soviet envoys coordinate Premier Kruschev's visit.
(1972) The 1st annual Westmoreland County Air Show takes off at Northumberland Park. [1,371][1,372]
(1977) The Birmingham Bridge opens.
(1984) Tony Dungy of the Steelers is the 1st African American coordinator in NFL history.
(2002) President Bush visits Pittsburgh International and motorcades for a Neville Island picnic. [1,373]
(2004) UPMC announce the extension of benefits to domestic partners.

September 3

(1785) Geographer of the U.S. Thomas Hutchins arrives to begin the Public Survey of the Seven Ranges.
(1803) Meriwether Lewis proceeds down the Ohio from Conway to Midland, stopping at Ft. MacIntosh.[1,374]
(1859) Solar storm of 1859
(1902) The Pirates beat the Braves for their 2nd straight NL Pennant with a whole month left, going on to a 103-36 record.
(1939) Thousands "peace protest" at the county fair on news that Britain and Nazi Germany have declared war.
(1960) WSFC opens at the William Penn.
(1963) Pitt Bradford opens for classes.
(1965) Steel workers tune in to a televised President Johnson address resolving the strike.[1,375]
(1971) Pitt grad and CMU professor Paul Lauterbur draws up the MRI on a New Kensington Big Boy napkin.[1,376]
(1973) NBC Nightly News reports from the city's mills on the economy chilling strikes.[1,377]
(1980) Maureen Reagan visits the William Penn to campaign for her dad.
(1986) The Dukes break ground on the Palumbo Center.
(1999) Mario Lemieux bids the Penguins out of bankruptcy.
(2011) Pirates star Derrek Lee hits a grand slam in a Wrigley Field win.

September 4

(1803) Meriwether Lewis buys a canoe at Georgetown after leaving Midland in the morning, he passes the Virginia line on the Ohio 2 miles before putting in for the night. [1,378]
(1811) President Monroe visits W&J.[1,379]
(1877) The 1st phone service arrives at a Tech expo.
(1894) The Pirates lose at the Giants after promoting (all time MLB wins leader) Connie Mack to manager.
(1908) The Hulton Bridge opens.
(1949) The Children's Zoo opens.[1,380]
(1957) Art Rooney announces his 6 month crusade to get Frank Leahy as Steelers coach has failed. [1,381]
(1980) Gov. Lucey visits Pittsburgh International.
(1980) George Bush visits the Hilton for a 2 day campaign.
(1988) In a world 1st the Cowboys wear helmet patches honoring Art Rooney as they lose 24-21 to the Steelers at Three Rivers. [1,382]
(1990) The USS Requin arrives at the science center.
(1998) As Sammy Sosa chases Mark McGwire he breaks Ellwood native Hack Wilson's 68 year old record for NL homers with #57 at Three Rivers.
(2000) VP Gore visits for the Labor Day Parade and a Point State Park rally.[1,383]
(2004) The areas 1st Apple Store opens in Shadyside. [1,384]
(2004) Sen. Kerry visits Fox Chapel for a 2 day campaign.

September 5

(1817) President Monroe visits for a 3 day tour via the Monongahela. [1,385]
(1835) The city's 1st public grade school opens. [1,386]
(1945) The Pirates host Honus Wagner night at Forbes Field losing to the Dodgers in 10.[1,387]
(1945) Leo Funk receives the Medal of Honor.
(1949) President Truman visits. [1,388]
(1956) The Navy awards Westinghouse world's 1st nuclear warship reactor contract at Bettis Labs.
(1960) The William Penn closes the WSFC.
(1966) Pirates star Bill Mazeroski hits a grand slam in a 13-5 win v the Braves at Forbes Field as he turns 30. [1,389]
(1980) George Bush completes his 2 day Hilton visit with a speech to the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.
(1992) Thea Austin's Rhythm Is a Dancer reaches #1.
(2000) UPMC opens the Sports Complex for the Panthers and Steelers.
(2004) John Kerry leaves Fox Chapel to continue his campaign after a 2 day visit.[1,390]
(2006) Drafted 2 years prior, Evgeni Malkin signs with the Penguins.
(2007) Hacker Max Butler is arrested.
(2010) The Pirates unveil the Bill Mazeroski statue outside PNC Park. [1,391]

September 6

(1791) Federal Tax Agent Robert Johnson is tarred and feathered by angry whiskey rebels.
(1792) Pittsburgh township is split from Pitt township, the first step in becoming its own city.[1,392]
(1817) President Monroe visits Allegheny Arsenal on his 2nd day, with Mayor Darragh and Council President Ross stating: "We rejoice at seeing a President of the United States for the 1st time upon the western waters." [1,393]
(1954) President Eisenhower waves an "atomic wand" from Denver remotely starting DQE's $389 million (2013 dollars) construction of the world's 1st Atomic Power Plant.
(1964) The Steelers play their 2nd straight Hall of Fame Game as Art Rooney is presented by Mayor Lawrence for induction into the hall of fame.[1,394]
(1968) Pitt dedicates Hillman Library. [1,395]
(1971) Pirates star Willie Stargell hits a grand slam in a Three Rivers win over the Cubs. [1,396]
(1996) The region braces for evening arrival of Fran, the 1st tropical storm in over 35 years. [1,397].
(2001) John Cigna signs off of KDKA after almost 30 years (almost 20 years hosting the Morning Show). [1,398]
(2004) John Kerry visits Canonsburg. [1,399]
(2008) The 1st annual Children's Literature Conference is held at St. Vincents [1,400]
(2010) The week long USS LST-325 tour closes.[1,401]

September 7

(1765) Gen. Bouquet dies.
(1811) On the 3rd day of his visit, President Monroe attends both Trinity Church and the "Presbyterian meeting".[1,402]
(1896) Davis Theater shows the city's 1st film.
(1935) "Miss Pittsburgh" Henrietta Leaver is crowned Miss America.
(1952) Billy Graham starts his month long Pittsburgh Crusade at the Hunt Armory.[1,403]
(1952) Liliane Kaufmann is found at Fallingwater after an apparent suicide. [1,404]
(1954) Former Panthers coach Pop Warner dies.
(1987) World media break live to the Labor Day parade as Rev. Jackson unexpectedly announces his campaign for president.
(1987) Pirates star Jeff Robinson ties a MLB record by striking out the side on 9 pitches in a win at the Cubs.[1,405]
(1990) A 5 hour police standoff with a camoed sniper on the Moorhead Tower roof in Oakland ends as world media capture him shooting himself and jumping. [1,406]
(1996) Fran finally passes after 1.69". [1,407]
(1998) The Labor Day Derecho hits.
(2000) Gov. Bush visits Mellon Square. [1,408]
(2005) After 4 years the Flight 93 Memorial design is approved in Stonycreek.
(2006) Heinz Field and the city are showcased on global TV for the NFL opener, a Steelers win over Miami.
(2007) CMU created ReCaptcha incorporates.[1,409]
(2009) The Pirates lose to the Cubs 2-4 at PNC Park to break the record for most consecutive losing seasons.
(2009) VP Biden visits the Labor Day parade. [1,410]
(2011) CMU receives one of the 10 largest gifts to any university, $274 million (2013 dollars) from William Dietrich.[1,411]

September 8

(1756) John Armstrong leads a successful Kittanning raid to rescue settlers.
(1811) President Monroe continues his 5 day visit. [1,412]
(1883) $62,357 (2013 dollars) is commissioned to 5 architects for a new courthouse.
(1894) Pirates manager Connie Mack gets the 1st of his record 3,731 wins 13-7 over the Phillies at Expo Park.[1,413]
(1899) Pirates star Jimmy Williams rookie MLB record hit streak of 27 games is halted by Deacon Phillipe.[1,414]
(1909) The Pressed Steel strike is resolved.
(1930) Homestead's George Panka is defeated in 10 in the city by world heavyweight runner up Tom Heeney. [1,415]
(1942) The Grays lose Game 1 of the 1st NL World Series. [1,416]
(1963) The Steelers play Hall of Fame Game II.
(1968) Richard Nixon, Pat and family visit the 10th and last day of Billy Graham's nationally televised 2nd "Pittsburgh Crusade" at Pitt Stadium.[1,417][1,418]
(1975) The school board outlines $194 million (2013 dollars) desegregation plans.
(1994) Flight 427 suddenly crashes in clear weather on approach to Pittsburgh International killing all 132 and resulting in the most extensive aviation investigation in world history and altering industry practices.
(2004) Frances hits with 3.6", tying an 1888 record.
(2009) After nearly 60 years with legendary DJs as Porky Chedwick, a buyer silences WAMO-FM and WAMO-AM.

September 9

(1811) The Gazette reports: "This city, has never perhaps on any previous occasion, exhibited a spectacle so lively and interesting as was present on the arrival of the President." for Monroe's visit. [1,419]
(1842) Crawford County conducts the world's 1st primary elections. [1,420]
(1868) Rockefeller and Flagler found Standard Oil in the city.[1,421]
(1909) Pirates star George Gibson sets the MLB record of 112 straight games at catcher.
(1947) The Island Queen explodes on the Ohio killing 20. [1,422]
(1957) UNITED STATES STEEL SUPPLY & Products founded.[1,423][1,424]
(1958) As the Pirates beat the Reds at Forbes Field, Pitt announces it will end the teams lease.
(1974) President Ford travels for the 1st time after pardoning Richard Nixon, met by angry mobs at Pittsburgh International to visit the 6th International Conference on Urban Transportation. [1,425]
(1999) The $419 million (2013 dollars) Waterfront opens.
(2004) Frances passes in the early morning after causing the largest rainfall in over a century. [1,426]
(2004) President Bush visits Johnstown. [1,427]
(2007) Czech and Slovak leaders visit the History Center to present a calligraphic print of the Pittsburgh Agreement.

September 10

(1811) President Monroe visits Brownsville. [1,428]
(1812) Militias depart down the Ohio for the War of 1812.
(1879) Over 700 enjoy the 1st day of commercial phone service.
(1909) DA William Blakeley is reported near death at Allegheny General from poisoning. [1,429]
(1937) The AFL picks Forbes Field for the site of its 1st game as the Americans lose to LA 0-21. [1,430]
(1938) The Pirates tie their 1898 MLB record for bases loaded triples with 2 (1 from Paul Waner) v St. Louis.
(1958) Pirates ace Bob Friend wins his 20th.
(1968) NUMEC chief Zalman Shapiro is visited by 4 Israelis. [1,431][1,432]
(1971) The Symphony opens Heinz Hall.
(1986) Pitt's Log Cabin reconstruction starts.
(1989) A decade after the 4th Super Bowl Cleveland beats the Steelers 51-0 with 53 yards and 8 turnovers at Three Rivers.[1,433]
(2007) Ted Stepien dies.
(2009) Laurel Valley unveils the Arnold Palmer statue.
(2009) The city is showcased by global television for the NFL season opener as the Steelers beat the Titans at Heinz Field.
(2011) Presidents Bush and Clinton, Laura Bush and VP Biden visit the 9/11 Memorial dedication as Sarah McLachlan performs. [1,434]
(2012) Sec. Panetta visits the Flight 93 memorial.[1,435]

September 11

(1758) Gen. Grant leads 800 to scout Ft. Duquesne ahead of Forbes' army.
(1847) The city hosts the 1st singing of Oh! Susanna.[1,436]
(1894) GAR's national convention opens as 1,000 parade on 5th and Smithfield. [1,437]
(1903) IAFF's Local #1 is founded, the 1st in world history.
(1931) Allegheny Airport opens.[1,438]
(1934) Teddy Yarosz wins the Middleweight Title in the city. [1,439]
(1947) Pirates star Ralph Kiner is the 30th NLer to hit 3 homers. [1,440]
(1978) Defending batting champ and Pirates star Dave Parker receives a death threat on his hotel phone before playing at Philadelphia. Police and security increase patrols for the rest of the series.[1,441]
(1987) The Duchess of Devonshire is the 20th foreign leader to visit.
(1999) The Latrobe Airport hosts a renaming ceremony for Arnold Palmer.
(2001) Pittsburgh Tower IDs Flight 93 and evacuates as downtown follows. Minutes later the 1st victory over terrorism occurs at Stonycreek.
(2002) President Bush visits Stonycreek.
(2003) Tommy Chong gets 9 months in prison at the U.S. Courthouse after weeks of trial by U.S. Attorney Buchanan.
(2006) President Bush visits Stonycreek. [1,442]
(2010) Laura Bush and Michelle Obama visit Stonycreek. [1,443]
(2011) President Obama lands at Pittsburgh International [1,444] before visiting the Flight 93 memorial.
(2012) VP Biden visits the Flight 93 memorial.[1,445]

September 12

(1793) The fire bureau is established with the $16,000 (2013 dollars) purchase of an engine, and opening of a station at First and Market.
(1878) 3.24" of rain falls from the remnants of the 5th hurricane of the season. [1,446]
(1938) Art Rooney wins the Republican primary for Register of Wills.[1,447]
(1943) $1.17 billion (2013 dollars) is raised at Forbes Field for the U.S. war effort in the sale of War Bonds.
(1955) Westinghouse holds an open house for its 72 acre research center, showcasing new tech in aeronautics, computing and the "electroluminiscent" screen. [1,448]
(1975) A Commander 690 crashes 5 miles from Nemacolin Airport killing all 4. [1,449]
(1976) After a bitter Title Game loss the Steelers meet Oakland for the opener, a game so brutal Coach Noll is sued for slander after calling them a "Criminal Element". [1,450]
(1979) President Carter visits Pittsburgh International to motorcade to Steubenville, his motorcade returns to PIT hours later for the return flight.[1,451]
(1995) Keystone Brewing buys Pittsburgh Brewing.
(1995) VP Gore visits the Cathedral of Learning.
(1999) On ESPN's SNF the Steelers open the new Cleveland stadium with Bill Cosby and Drew Carey in attendance. The Browns 1st official game is a Pittsburgh victory 43-0.
(2000) Stanley Turrentine dies at 66.
(2004) During the Steelers opener at Heinz Field, a 24-21 win over Oakland, Jerome Bettis scores 3 TDs with 1 total yard and an average gain of 0.2 on 5 carries.
(2010) Steelers star Hines Ward breaks John Stallworth's record for most 100 yard games, his 26th, getting his 11,000th yard and 900th catch in a win v. Atlanta at Heinz Field. [1,452]

September 13

(1792) Gen. Wayne reports to Knox that 50 deserted Ft. Lafayette after St. Clair's Defeat.[1,453]
(1841) Walter Forward is confirmed as Treasury Sec.
(1842) The world's 1st primary election votes are delivered & tallied in Crawford County.[1,454]
(1866) President Johnson & Gen. Grant visit Steubenville, Penn Station & the St. Charles Hotel.[1,455]
(1931) Mobster "Yeast Baron" Joe Siragusa is found shot to death in his Squirrel Hill mansion by police as the Press reports his parrot, Polly, shrieking "Poor Joe! Poor Joe!" for hours "while 2 canaries in a 2nd basement chorused funeral tones."[1,456]
(1945) Remnants of a hurricane hit with 1.28".[1,457]
(1967) The Penguins open their 1st camp.[1,458]
(1968) VP Humphrey visits Pittsburgh International.[1,459].
(1972) Sen. McGovern & Sen. Kennedy visit Pittsburgh International & downtown.[1,460]
(1976) After having ended their season & being met in the opener Steelers coach Chuck Noll accuses some Raiders of being a "criminal element" during his weekly presser resulting in a federal lawsuit for slander.[1,461]
(1978) Brendan Gill visits Scaife Hall & states Penn Station is "one of the great pieces of Beaux-Arts architecture in America...[one of the] symbols of the nation."[1,462]
(1982) The Steelers end Dallas' 17 year home opener win streak by playing the 3-4 for the 1st time, a tradition for the next 30 years.
(1986) Smithfield Street's Gimbles closes after 61 years.[1,463]
(2006) Free Wi-Fi launches on downtown's 90 blocks from Heinz Field to Mellon Arena & Mt. Washington.[1,464]
(2010) Mayor Ravenstahl declares it Jackie Evancho week.
(2011) Gov. Corbett names a seal in Sophie Masloff's honor at the Zoo.[1,465]

September 14

(1758) The French beat Gen. James Grant at the Battle of Ft. Duquesne.
(1869) President Grant visits cheering crowds, when asked by city leaders what he would like to do most, the President replies to honor Civil War hero Gen. Hays' grave at Allegheny Cemetery, weeping openly.
(1901) U.S._Steel_Recognition_Strike_of_1901
(1914) Hotel Schenley conference to form the VFW begins.
(1945) The remnants of a hurricane pour 1.77" of rain. [1,466]
(1952) Billy Graham opens his Forbes Field crusade.
(1958) WTAE signs on as the city's 7th station.
(1963) Chiller Theatre airs episode 1.
(1964) The Beatles play a packed Civic Arena.
(1966) Carnegie Tech and the Mellon Institute announce the formation of CMU. [1,467]
(1967) The Zoo receives a gift from the Shed Aquarium of Eels, Sting Rays, several Tropical Fish and a shark. [1,468]
(1968) VP Humphrey closes his 2 day visit. [1,469]
(1978) Pirates star ScrapIron hits a grand slam.
(1982) The Pirates delight the Three Rivers crowd tying the MLB record for most grand slams with 2 (from Bill Madlock and Richie Hebner) beating Chicago 15-5.
(1992) The First Lady visits with Sen. Spector touring Allegheny General. [1,470]
(2004) Bill Gates announces the single largest donation--$24.6 million (2013 dollars)--in CMU history.
(2006) Mayor Ravenstahl is the The Late Show headline guest.
(2010) Jackie Evancho qualifies for the finals at America's Got Talent.
(2011) Tagged names the city as the "most flirtest" in the U.S. [1,471]

September 15

(1938) Pirates brothers Lloyd & Paul Waner hit back-to-back homers in the 5th v the Giants, the 1st time in MLB history.
(1948) The Freedom Train arrives at Penn Station for a 3 day stop.
(1953) Alcoa opens it's 30 floor all-aluminum-exterior skyscraper headquarters.
(1956) Greensburg's Margot Birmingham marries Ross Perot.[1,472]
(1978) Pirates star ScrapIron hits a grand slam, his 2nd in as many games.
(1979) The Blue Angels perform at the Westmoreland Air Show for the 2nd time.[1,473]
(1983) James Sinegal opens his 1st Costco.
(1998) Carmeuse buys Dravo for $274 million (2013 dollars).
(2004) Bill Gates awards $24.6 million (2013 $s) to CMU for a new Computer Center.
(2009) President Obama visits the convention center for the AFL-CIO national conference.[1,474]
(2010) Jackie Evancho sings with Sarah Brightman on the America's Got Talent finale.
(2010) Arnold Palmer Airport is designated a Homeland Security base.[1,475]
(2012) The Panthers upset #13 Va Tech at Heinz Field as rookie Rushel Shell gets his 1st 100 yard game & Tino Sunseri throws 3 TDs.[1,476]

September 16

(1962) The Steelers make the only helmet change in 85 years, adding the Steelmark to one side.
(1975) The Pirates set MLB records for most runs in a shutout, 22-0 at the Cubs.
(1979) The Blue Angels close the 2 day Westmoreland Air Show. [1,477]
(1984) The Benedum Foundation gifts $11.2 million (2013 dollars) to refurbish 56 year old Stanley Theater.
(1989) I-279 opens completely from I-79 to I-376, after opening sections for 25 years.[1,478]
(1996) The PennDOT Parkway Service Patrol starts as the 1st east of Chicago and U.S.'s 4th (after Denver and San Francisco).[1,479]
(1996) [1,480]
(1997) KDKA anchor Bill Burns, who was rated #1 locally over 44 years and for 30 years had the #1 U.S. noon newscast, dies at 84. [1,481]
(1997) Adam Sandler releases What's Your Name? featuring Steelers greats.
(2000) In the last of the Pitt-Penn State rivalry the Panthers win 12-0 at Pitt Stadium.
(2007) The Steelers win #500 26-3 v Buffalo at Heinz Field as Willie Parker gets 126, Jeff Reed kicks 4 FGs, the defense records 4 sacks and Hines Ward grabs 5.
(2009) Google buys CMU grown reCAPTCHA for less than $30.1 million (2013 dollars). [1,482].
(2011) Sec. Vilsack visits Point Park University.[1,483]
(2012) Jill Biden visits the Strip District.[1,484]

September 17

(1778) The U.S.'s 1st treaty is signed at Ft. Pitt.
(1862) The city braces for news of the first northern battle (the deadliest in U.S. history), tragedy strikes as the Allegheny Arsenal explodes around 2 pm, shattering windows, killing 78 and wounding close to 200, mostly all young women.
(1876) The remnants of the San Felipe hurricane hits with a record rainfall of 3.38". [1,485]
(1898) The Pirates set a MLB record for most bases loaded triples with 2 v. the Dodgers, a mark the Bucs tie in 1938.
(1914) VFW is formed at a Schenley Hotel convention.
(1915) Pirates ace Carmen Hill throws a shutout in his 1st start.
(1917) Pirates star Honus Wagner plays his last game.
(1948) The Freedom Train departs Penn Station after a 3 day stop.
(1948) President Truman gives a rousing speech on Liberty at Penn Station[1,486]
(1958) The University of Pittsburgh officially opens it's School of Public & International Affairs at the William Pitt Union.
(1959) The region sets the record for the earliest frost.
(1961) The world's 1st retractable dome sports stadium, the Civic Arena, opens.
(1987) Brockway Glass is bought by Owens-Illinois for $1.53 billion (2013 dollars). [1,487]
(2004) For the 2nd time in 9 days record rainfall hits, the most since 1888 as the remnants of Ivan pour 5.95".
(2007) The NHL creates the Winter Classic and picks the Penguins.
(2009) On the 5th and final day of the AFL-CIO National Conference convention center both Caroline Kennedy and President Obama visit.

September 18

(1755) The 1st european baby is born at Ft. Duquesne, Daniel Vorment.[1,488]
(1880) Gen. Butler and Col. J.W. Forney visit. [1,489]
(1937) Pirates star Paul Waner sets an MLB record hitting #200 for the 8th straight season.
(1953) 2,000 attend the dedication of the $46 million Conemaugh Dam on the Conemaugh River, the largest and most important dam in a $125 million flood-control system. [1,490]
(1955) Johnny Unitas dresses for his last Steelers game at Buffalo v Baltimore.[1,491][1,492]
(1972) Sergent Shriver visits.[1,493]
(1976) The #1 song in the nation was inspired by a fan comment at the city's famed "2001 Club", Play That Funky Music.
(2007) RTI moves headquarters to the city. [1,494]
(2007) The 2nd film named Pittsburgh debuts with Jeff Goldblum.
(2007) Pittsburgh compound B is "patented" by Pitt, after it is shown to be successful with amyloidosis and Alzheimer's.
(2011) The Panthers are announced as the ACC's newest member.
(2011) Ron Paul wins the California Straw Poll.
(2011) President Clinton speaks of the city on This Week. [1,495]

September 19

(1748) Conrad Weiser ends his 3 week conference with the Indians at Logstown.[1,496]
(1886) The Pittsburgh Riot begins.
(1895) A Braddock train derailment kills 2 workers. [1,497]
(1908) W&J is the 1st to wear numbered jerseys.
(1935) Native Teddy loses the World Middleweight Championship and title to in a match in the city. [1,498]
(1959) The unfinished E. Hills Center is auctioned for $63.8 million (2013 dollars) in the "largest sheriff's sale ever".
(1966) CACC's main campus opens.
(1970) The Panthers play the 1st Pitt Stadium artificial turf game, a UCLA win. [1,499]
(1970) A U.S. Air 727 is hijacked to Havana at Pittsburgh International.[1,500]
(1977) J&L Steel laysoff over 500.
(1980) A grand jury announces that the April 24th Daily Lotto drawing of "666" was fixed by WTAE's Nick Perry.
(1982) The world's 1st emoticon is invented by CMU's Scott Fahlman.
(1982) Steelers win in OT v Cincinnati at Three Rivers as news hits that games will be strike canceled.
(1984) $515 million (2013 dollars in North Shore development is announced near Three Rivers, including a Science Center.
(1987) Mariss Jansons debuts as Symphony conductor.
(2000) First Side Center officially opens.
(2003) Pittsburgh International is the world's 1st airport with free Wi-Fi terminalwide. The 9th world airport wi-fi (fee or free, hotspot or hotzone).
(2003) Isabel hits the region.
(2006) A Kilbuck landslide caused by Wal-Mart construction on the old Dixmont Hospital site closes 65 and the Pittsburgh Line.

September 20

(1907) 20-year-old rookie Nick Maddox pitches the 1st no-hitter in Pirates history at Expo Park v. the Dodgers, he remains the youngest MLB pitcher to throw a no-hitter.
(1921) KDKA and the Post-Gazette form the world's 1st broadcasting news room and news department.
(1933) The Steelers play their 1st game losing 23-2 to the Giants.
(1945) The Grays lose their 4th straight and the NL World Series to Cleveland.
(1949) Gateway Center is announced.
(1957) Conrad Hilton visits for the Hilton groundbreaking.
(1959) Premier Kruschev arrives on his "peace tour" amid protestors and thousands of onlookers, it is the city's 11th visit by a foreign leader, and by far the most curious. (not the correct date)
(1964) Arguably the most legendary photo in sports history is taken at Pitt Stadium as the Steelers defeat New York.
(1969) Cardinal Wojtyła of Kraków, who in 1978 became Pope John Paul II, unveils a plaque on Allen Hall commemorating Madame Curie's visit in 1921
(1969) Bob Moose hurls the Pirates 3rd no-hitter against the champion Mets.
(1970) Myron Cope debuts as Steelers announcer as they lose to Houston at Three Rivers.
(1971) Press converge at City Hall as Mayor Flaherty accepts the resignation of his Public Safety Director, announcing that he will serve as his own director, and also acknowledges that he received a finding from the Commonwealth urging the city to abandon a site overlooking the Monongahela for it's new Convention Center.
(1987) After an away loss at Cleveland, the Steelers learn the league is on strike, games will be canceled for a week as replacement players take over for the following three.
(1990) The Port Authority presents final plans for the West Busway. [1,501]
(1992) Mickey Morandini makes the 1st unassisted triple play in 25 seasons with the Pirates as his victims.

September 21

(1861) A flood crests at 30'9" downtown.
(1901) The Mellon's sell all their mass transit investments (including "trolley park" Kennywood).
(1919) The AA starts the Steel strike of 1919 to end the 12-hour day. Troopers stop meetings, arrest 19 as hundreds of armed guards, barbed wire, and searchlights protect mills with 2,500 deputized.[1,502][1,503]
(1926) Pitt breaks ground for the Cathedral of Learning.[1,504].
(1931) The Bank of Pittsburgh closes.
(1949) Perle Mesta takes her post as Ambassador to Luxembourg. [1,505]
(1949) Gateway Center is financed to start construction. [1,506]
(1950) George Marshall becomes Sec. of Defense.
(1963) LBJ visits Pittsburgh International at 6:30 PM, for a stop at Beaver before a speech and stay at the Penn Sheraton.
(1972) The Pirates win their MLB record 3rd straight Division crown.
(1975) Laurel Valley crowns the Ryder Cup champion.
(1975) The Blue Angles perform for 50,000 at the 2nd annual Westmoreland Airshow at Arnold Palmer Airport. [1,507]
(1987) West Penn merges with Forbes Medical.
(1990) Barry Bonds becomes the 1st Pirate (and 2nd MLB player) to hit 30+ homers and steal 50+ bases in a Three Rivers win over St. Louis.
(1995) Mellon's Sean Hitchman is arrested for embezzling $1.83 million [2](AfI) from ATMs.
(2008) The 27th annual NRC conference opens at the convention center. [1,508]
(2012) Mike Thaxton takes a hostage for 5 hours at 3 Gateway Center, the world's 1st Facebook hostage standoff. [1,509]

September 22

(1857) The 1st rail bridge on the Allegheny is opened.
(1911) The Pirates become the last win for Cy Young.
(1919) The Great Steel Strike, organized by the Amalgamated Association enters its 1st full day.
(1947) The Mellons grant $142 million 2013 $s to Pitt to start a Graduate School of Public Health.
(1963) LBJ closes his 2 day visit with Gov. Lawrence and Mayor Barr making global headlines as he answers his connection to Fish Engineering's political contributions, departing Pittsburgh International at 11:20 pm.
(1967) Herbert Simon, Alan Perlis, and Allen Newell, all of

the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, wrote an eloquent and influential letter to the editor of Science, in which they defined computer science as ‘‘the study of computers.’’ Implicit in that definition was the notion of a computer not as a static artifact but as a system that carried out dynamic processes according to a set of rules. They defended that definition and the legitimacy of computer science against a number of objections, including the obvious one that computers were a man-made phenomenon and hence their study could not be one of the natural sciences. Simon (who won a Nobel Prize for his work in what might be called management science) argued that many natural sciences studied phenomena that were not totally divorced from human creation, and anyway, there was nothing wrong with making a science of the study of the artificial.[1,510]
(1971) The Flaherty administration serves notice at the courthouse that it will resist the Port Authority's renovations the old Wabash Tunnel, which is a vital link to Skybus.
(1974) The Steelers in Denver play in the 1st NFL OT in history. [1,511]
(1990) The Miller High Life Rodeo opens at the Civic Arena.[1,512]
(1991) The Pirates clinch their 2nd straight division title.
(2003) AG Ashcroft visits the Marriott speaking on the Patriot Act. [1,513]
(2004) President Bush lands at Pittsburgh International before helicoptering over damaged areas of Carnegie and visiting Millvale. He finally copters to Arnold Palmer Airport with Lynn Swann and John Michael Montgomery introducing him. [1,514][1,515][1,516][1,517] John Kerry campaigns in suburban Jeannette.
(2009) CMU dedicates the LEED-Gold Gates Computer Center with Bill Gates visiting.[1,518][1,519]
(2011) Dietrich gift largest to any public university in history. [1,520]

September 23

(1878) Pitt's School of Pharmacy is founded.
(1896) Police organize the bicycle corps.
(1925) The Pirates clinch their 5th pennant.
(1941) Bantam delivers the world's 1st Jeep. [1,521][1,522]
(1953) The Metro Commission forms 10 groups to study consolidation.
(1961) La Roche College is founded.
(1967) The Penguins play Philadelphia at Brantford for their 1st preseason game. [1,523]
(1978) World press visit as President Carter lands at Pittsburgh International and motorcades to Aliquippa and Beaver Valley Mall. Both DAG Flaherty and Mayor Caliguri escort as Carter sits for WTAE and KDKA-TV interviews.[1,524]
(1980) Gravely ill, Bob Marley performs at the Benedum Center arguably his best concert--and his last appearance ever.[1,525]
(1987) La Roche celebrates its 25th anniversary, opening a $4.2 million ($8.6 million today) College Center.
(1989) The record is set for earliest snowfall--a trace--remnants from Hugo. [1,526]
(1990) The Civic Arena closes for Miller High Life Rodeo.
(1991) A citizens' group proposes forming a non-profit to take over the Aviary from City Hall.
(1996) Josh Gibson is honored with a historical marker at Ammon Field.
(2001) The 4th pay-per-view WWE event, the 1st to be held after the 9/11 attacks, Mellon Arena hosts Unforgiven.
(2009) A day before the G-20 leaders land at Pittsburgh International and attend a Phipps dinner.
(2011) The Port Authority announces that it has recently equipped all buses with bike racks at a special "bike bus" event at Market Square.[1,527]

September 24

(1786) The Penns donate 1½ lot each to the Trinity, 1st Presbyterian, the German Evangelical Protestant.
(1788) Allegheny County is founded.
(1878) President Hayes visits.[1,528]
(1888) The Courthouse is dedicated with a 3 day visit by President Hayes.[1,529]
(1927) After a decade of offering Johnstown classes Pitt Johnstown is founded as one of the world's 1st regional campuses.[1,530]
(1929) Carlow University is founded.
(1944) The Grays win back-to-back NL World Series 4-2 over Birmingham in 5.[1,531]
(1946) DQE employees strike after union boss George Mueller is sentenced to a year in jail.
(1956) Pitt opens the William Pitt Union and Clapp Hall.
(1957) The Pirates play Brooklyn's last MLB game.
(1959) Premier Khrushchev and wife tour Pitt with Sec. Lodge and lunch with Chancellor Litchfield in the Union ballroom.
(1960) The Steelers play Dallas' 1st NFL game, beating the 'boys 35-28.
(1961) The Steelerettes take the field for the 1st time.
(1980) The Port Authority announces the purchase of the Panhandle Bridge to complete it's Lightrail.[1,532]
(1997) President Clinton visits the AFL-CIO national conference at the convention center & a speech at the Duquesne Club.[1,533][1,534]
(2003) Premier Müller visits CMU.[1,535]
(2005) The area's 2nd Apple Store opens at South Hills Village.[1,536]
(2007) The Penguins arrive at West Point for the 2nd straight preseason camp.[1,537]
(2008) The 5 day, 27th annual National Recycling Coalition conference closes at the convention center.[1,538]
(2009) The G-20 opens at the convention center hosting 13 Presidents, 8 Secretary Generals/Chairmen, 10 PMs, a King & Chancellor.
(2012) Paul Spadafora's manager sues the boxer at the courthouse.[1,539].

September 25

(1855) Central High opens at 508 Smithfield.
(1888) President Hayes continues his 3 day visit. [1,540]
(1932) Pirates star Paul Waner hits his MLB record 62nd double.
(1934) Zanesville's Russel Swiger, after a robbery/murder and fire in Ohio to finance his trip to the city (where he robs again) all to propose marriage to 21 year old WCAE "20 fingers of sweetness" star Gracie Mitchell is caught by police outside her 5803 Darlington Rd. residence.[1,541]
(1939) Billy Conn defends his title against Melio Bettina as 17,000 fill Forbes Field.
(1942) Camp Pendleton opens in honor of Gen. Pendleton.
(1946) 8,000 steel and electrical workers strike to protest George Mueller's arrest and vote to refuse to company offers until the court lifts its antistrike injunction, cutting Trolley service in half as many stores close.
(1960) The Pirates win the NL pennant.
(1962) As the Pirates/Dodgers game is rained out at Forbes Field wind hurls a private plane under the Dodgers DC-6 at Pittsburgh International. [1,542]
(1972) Seven Springs Airport opens. [1,543]
(1984) The "richest" collection of 50 million year old fossils are discoverd by 2 Carnegie Museum professors. [1,544]
(1987) The Benedum Center opens as the 3rd largest in the U.S. and most modern performance theater.
(1996) President Clinton arrives at Pittsburgh International and visits RMU's Jay Center.[1,545]
(2000) Dr. Freddie Fu proposes the city for the 2020 Olympics.[1,546]
(2001) The 1st Pittsburgh Wikipedia article is created.
(2001) CMU announces $31.5 million (2013 dollars) in NSF grants.
(2005) choses Vivisimo as its platform.[1,547]
(2006) The Penguins start their 1st West Point camp.[1,548]
(2009) The G-20 closes and plane spotting begins at Pittsburgh International.

September 26

(1888) President Hayes concludes his 3 day visit with a "War Talk". [1,549]
(1906) Pirates ace Lefty Leifield hurls a 6 inning no-hitter.
(1910) The Pitt News is founded.
(1925) The Panthers open Pitt Stadium for 20,000, a win over W&L 28-0.
(1956) National TV covers the Bob Baker/Tommy Jackson heavyweight bout at Forbes Field. [1,550]
(1958) On the eve of Mayor Lawrence's bid for governor, the U.S. House dismisses the investigation into his and Sen. Smathers illegal influencing WTAE's license. [1,551]
(1958) President Eisenhower and Gen. Mellon visit Ft. Ligonier for it's 200th anniversary.[1,552]
(1967) The Pitt Johnstown opens its relocated Richland campus with a President Eisenhower visit.
(1968) Chrysler announces it's New Stanton Plant.
(1978) WPMY is the city's 8th station.
(1987) Mercy Hospital sponsors the 1st annual Head of the Ohio.
(1992) The Pirates clinch their 3rd straight division title, 19-2 v the Mets. [1,553]
(2002) Isidore hits with over 2".[1,554]
(2003) The Penguins unveil the "Millenium Mural" of 15 greatest Pens.
(2005) US Airways merges with AmericaWest.
(2007) The Penguins depart West Point for the 2nd straight preseason camp.[1,555]
(2010) The ACI national conference opens at the convention center.[1,556]
(2011) Civic Arena demolition begins.
(2012) Sgt. Capane receives "Reservist of the Year" award by the Marines Corps.[1,557]

September 27

(1901) The Pirates win their 1st ever NL Pennant with a defeat of the Dodgers.
(1909) The Pirates set the NL record with their 16th straight win.
(1919) Striking steel workers meet to finalize a telegram to Congress for aid as U.S. Steel hires scabs and City Hall deputizes 600 to keep mills open. [1,558]
(1926) A year after Pitt Stadium opens, Pitt breaks ground on the world's tallest academic building.
(1929) Butler Airport is dedicated.[1,559]
(1962) Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring.[1,560]
(1987) The Steelers game is canceled as the players strike for a month, replacements will play games for 3 weeks. [1,561]
(1992) The Pirates beat the Mets at Three Rivers to win their 3rd straight division title.
(1999) Wabtec buys Motive Power for $663 millionia, creating North America's largest rail parts and engines manufacturer.[1,562][1,563]
(2002) Isidore finally moves past after 2.29".[1,564]
(2011) For the 2nd time in the year Pittsburgh Tower clears flights on a "closed" runway, 5 flights take off without incident on 28R after being closed for repair after a lightning strike. [1,565]
(2012) Two tornadoes hit the South Hills. [1,566]

September 28

(1869) George Westinghouse founds Wabco.[1,567]
(1870) Chatham University, the city's 3rd, opens.
(1895) Derry police discover 2 unknown men, believed to be escapees from the Indiana Reform School, crushed to death along the PRR. [1,568]
(1938) The 1st place Pirates lose the pennant to the Homer in the Gloamin'.
(1952) The Pirates close the season with a loss to Cincinnati but set an MLB record as Ralph Kiner gets his 7th straight Home Run Crown.
(1953) Mellon Square is dedicated.[1,569]
(1965) Defending champ Bruno Sammartino wins a match but has his championship belt stolen out of his car while celebrating at Times Square.
(1986) 12,000 run the 10th annual Great Race.
(2006) The Penguins close their 1st West Point training camp.[1,570]
(2009) Bill Gates visits Carnegie Mellon.[1,571]
(2009) Steelers star Heinz Ward makes 4 grabs for 82 yards at Cincinnati becoming the teams 1st with 10,000 yards, the NFL's 21st with at 800+ catches & 10,000+ yards.

September 29

(1786) The Market House/Government Hall is completed.
(1919) The Bureau of Mines dedicates it's $13.4 million¤. Forbes Avenue labs, 50 years later CMU will expand into the facility.
(1920) Horne's stocks Westinghouse radios for $116.00¤.
(1930) 19th annual National Safety Congress opens with a President Hoover address.[1,572]
(1939) Pitt dedicates the Hungarian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1942) In the 1st NL World Series the Grays lose the final game to Kansas City. [1,573]
(1957) The Steelers open the season with the NFL's 1st African-American assistant, Lowell Perry as WR coach.
(1959) Pitt receives a $3.3 million¤ March of Dimes grant for Dr. Salk.
(1972) With 2,999 hits Pirates star Roberto Clemente reaches 1st at Three Rivers but it's ruled a Mets 2nd baseman error.[1,574]
(1980) Police recover "Gypsy" the monkey a week after his zoo escape only after a barrage of Crabapples from the freedom loving primate.
(1983) $70 thousand¤ in instruments are reported stolen by the Tamburitzans, after keeping silent for over a week suspecting ransom. [1,575]
(1988) Suzie McConnell wins Gold.
(1996) Jim Leyland and Jay Bell take the field for the last time as Pirates in a win at the Cubs.
(2010) ACI closes it's 4 day annual conference at the convention center. [1,576]
(2011) Men's Health names Primanti's the top 5 "manly restaurants in America". [1,577]
(2013) The Steelers play Minnesota in London.[1,578]

September 30

(1887) President Cleveland visits and sees the Natural Gas well invention.
(1904) A fireworks cart explodes on McKeesport's 5th Ave. as teams of horses and patrons run for their lives. [1,579]
(1937) World radio broadcasts Billy Conn v. Teddy Yarosz from Duquesne Gardens. [1,580]
(1939) The world's 1st TV football game has Waynesburg with the 1st score (a touchdown) before losing at Fordham.
(1950) Pitt's School of Public Health admits its first 30 students.
(1959) Gracie hits with 1.21". [1,581]
(1964) The Pirates and Reds tie the NL record with 36 Ks.
(1970) U.S. Judge Gourley allows 5 states and 9 cities to continue PRR service. [1,582][1,583]
(1972) Pirates star Roberto Clemente takes his last regular season at bat, a double for #3,000 at Three Rivers off Mets ace Jon Matlack.
(1983) PM FitzGerald visits Pitt foreign leader.[1,584]
(1987) Pirates star Darnell Coles hits 3 homers at Three Rivers.[1,585]
(1990) The Pirates capture their 1st division crown in a decade with a defeat of St. Louis.[1,586]
(1992) A ceremony dedicates the new Pittsburgh International.
(2004) Retired Steelers star Justin Strzelczyk dies in a NYST crash.
(2011) Steelers coach Chuck Noll is honored with a street near Heinz Field named in his honor.[1,587]
(2012) At PNC Park the Pirates lose their 82nd game to the Reds after a 2-1 lead in the 9th, securing their 20th straight losing season and the biggest pennant collapse in MLB history after being 16 games above .500 and in 1st place as late as Aug. 6.[1,588]

October 1

(1860) The future King Edward VII visits. [1,589]
(1878) Duquesne University is founded.
(1901) Pitt's School of Information Sciences is founded at Carnegie Library.
(1903) The 1st ever World Series game is played, a Pirates win v Cy Young as Buc Jimmy Sebring hits the 1st postseason inside the park homer.
(1911) After reversing the 21 year exile of Pittsburgh's "H" in the summer, Sen. Oliver announces that the Post Office has completed the change. [1,590]
(1915) The remnants of a hurricane hit with 1.5".[1,591]
(1936) President Roosevelt visits Forbes Field. [1,592]
(1938) The 1st annual Westmoreland Airshow takes off at New Alexandria.[1,593]
(1940) The 1st inter-city expressway in the U.S. opens.
(1956) D.A. Ed Boyle accuses 2 former detectives of selling back gambling [1,594]
(1968) Night of the Living Dead premieres in the city.
(1976) First Lady Ford visits the South Side. [1,595]
(1979) The last National Limited leaves on the Panhandle Bridge.
(1979) Mean Joe Greene's Clio winning Coke commercial 1st airs. [1,596]
(1982) The world's 1st atomic reactor at Shippingport shuts down after 25 years.
(1987) Mayor Caliguiri announces he has amyloidosis. [1,597]
(1991) The Penguins name Scotty Bowman as interim coach. [1,598]
(1992) The $1.26 billion¤ Pittsburgh International, 3rd largest in the U.S., opens as U.S. Air 620 from San Diego arrives at A1 at 5:30 AM.
(1998) Logica buys Carnegie Group for $49.9 million¤. [1,599]
(2000) The city's largest MLB crowd (55,351) see the Pirates lose to the Cubs for Three Rivers last game.
(2002) Benjamin Netanyahu visits Heinz Hall, RMU and the Duquesne Club weeks after canceling a Montreal speech because of violent protests. [1,600][1,601]
(2009) The Penguins become the 1st pro team to broadcast on a dedicated HD Radio channel, the sole franchise channel (Rams) having gone defunct months earlier. [1,602]

October 2

(1860) The future King Edward VII closes his 2 day visit leaving from Penn Station. [1,603]
(1877) The Pirates lose the 1st International League Pennant on the last day to Ontario.
(1889) Alcoa issues its 1st shares of stock.
(1903) The 1st ever World Series game 2, the Pirates become the 1st NL team to give up an inside the park homer, a day after Buc Jimmy Sebring hits the postseasons 1st ever.
(1908) Both Soldiers and Sailors and Pitt's 1st building in Oakland, State Hall lay cornerstones.
(1912) Pirates stars Chief Wilson and Frank Schulte have homers wiped out as the Bucs loss in Chicago in the 10th is thrown out after Fred Clarke protests that the Cubs came back from a 4-5 deficit in the 9th after illegally changing their batting order. [1,604]
(1915) Pop Warner coaches his 1st Panthers game, an Expo Park win over Westminster.
(1920) Forbes Field hosts the last MLB triple-header as the Pirates battle the Reds.
(1923) The Blvd. of the Allies opens, at $21.8 million¤/mile its the most expensive road construction project in the world.[1,605]
(1929) The remnants of a hurricane hit with 3.22".[1,606]
(1938) The 1st annual Westmoreland Airshow closes at New Alexandria.
(1966) The Pirates finish in 2nd with 3 straight losses to the Giants to finish the season at Forbes Field as Roberto Clemente turns in a MVP season.
(1984) Three CMU professors receive a $110 million¤ Supercomputing grant.
(1985) After 40 years and 3 World Series, Pirates owner John Galbreath sells for $108 million¤ to the Mayor Caliguri lead Pittsburgh Associates.[1,607]
(1987) After a 6-4 Three Rivers win v. St. Louis giving the Pirates their 1st winning season in 5, a tearful Jim Leyland says: "We got kicked around a little. I don't think the city deserved it and I don't think the club deserved it, nice to not have someone saying all winter that this is a last-place club."
(2005) August Wilson dies at 60.
(2006) Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd. announces the move of its North American HQ to the city.[1,608]
(2008) The Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media is dedicated at St. Vincent. [1,609]

October 3

(1764) The Delaware and Shawnee deliver captured colonists to Ft. Pitt as Col. Bouquet's militia march down the north bank of the Ohio to advance on war parties.
(1888) A Machinery Hall fire destroys Stephen Foster's piano, the 1st U.S. Steam Locomotive and other priceless items.
(1908) The Panthers stun the Pitt Stadium crowd as the 1st team to wear numbered jerseys.[1,610]
(1911) Pitt dedicates Trees Gym.
(1915) The Rebels lose their finale and the pennant by just ½ game.
(1956) Adlai Stevenson visits rallies and later addresses the nation from KDKA-TV studios.
(1966) The Giants learn they lost pennant as they wait for their flight in a Pittsburgh International lounge.[1,611]
(1970) Three Rivers hosts the 1st playoff baseball game on artificial turf a 3-0 Pirates loss in the 10th to Cincinnati.
(1971) Pirates star Bob Robertson hits his 1st 3 homer game, the 102nd in the NL and a NLCS 1st. [1,612]
(1982) Gulf Oil closes its HQ tower and Harmarville research labs after extortionists demanding $36.1 million¤ are caught in Arizona after having planted several bombs at Gulf Houston. [1,613]
(1990) The Pirates finish with their 1st divisional crown in 11 seasons as Barry Bonds wins his 1st MVP, the teams 4th. Doug Drabek wins the teams 2nd Cy Young.
(2007) Beth Ostrosky marries Howard Stern.
(2012) Grant Street is named one of "America's 10 Greatest".[1,614]

October 4

(1865) Gen. Grant visits.
(1889) A massive ET Works C Furnance explosion rocks Braddock. [1,615]
(1902) The Pirates finish with the highest winning percentage in MLB history, eclipsed by the Cubs 4 seasons later.
(1908) Pirates star Honus Wagner finishes the season 2 homers shy of the Triple Crown, leading the league in hitting‚ hits‚ total bases‚ doubles‚ triples‚ RBI‚ and steals.
(1930) Hart Acres opens a Rodeo Show.[1,616]
(1936) Months after the Shamrocks demise, the Hornets move into the Duquesne Gardens.
(1940) Pitt dedicates the Lithuanian Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1940) Fritzie Zivic captures the World welterweight title.
(1952) The Steelers allow Otto Graham to throw a 400+ game at Forbes Field.
(1961) The Civic Arena opens the 1st Pittsburgh Home Show. [1,617]
(1976) During MNF intros Howard Cosell notices Steeler star Jack Lambert stating his hometown as "Buzzard's Breath, Wyoming".
(1980) Carly Simon stuns world press collapsing in concert, prompting her to give up touring for years.
(1983) Pitt announces receipt of a $9.33 million¤ AIDS research grant.
(1987) The Steelers return with replacement players in a win at Atlanta, after canceling the prior weeks game.
(1988) The Pirates fire GM Syd Thrift.[1,618]
(1995) Opal hits.
(1999) Heinz announces headquarters for Starkist and 9 Lives will move to the city.[1,619]
(2005) CMU alumnus John L. Hall shares the Nobel Prize.
(2008) The Penguins open the season with an OT win in Stockholm.
(2012) The commander & 7 crew of the USS Pittsburgh visit for a week.[1,620]

October 5

(1918) The Flu Pandemic is reported to have 23,268 suffering with 2,052 dead.
(1924) John Philip Sousa visits the Syria Mosque, conducting the Allegheny HS band.
(1927) The modern Coraopolis Bridge opens.
(1930) W. Homestead council meets to fight annexation by the city.[1,621]
(1943) The Grays win their 1st World Series with an 8-4 win.[1,622]
(1948) The Grays win their 3rd World Series in 10. [1,623]
(1960) The Pirates beat the Yankees 6-4 in their 1st Series game win in 35 years their 1st against the Yankees in 5 tries, after Gov. Lawrence throws out the 1st pitch and Billy Eckstine sings the anthem at Forbes Field.[1,624]
(1964) A tiger cub bites a zoo guide instructing school children on what not to do, rushed to Columbia Hospital. [1,625]
(1976) VW commits to being the 1st foreign owned plant in the U.S..[1,626]
(1979) The Pirates earn their 7th World Series trip beating the Reds at Three Rivers as Willie Stargell is named NLCS MVP.
(1989) The Science Center breaks ground.
(1993) The Flyers end the Penguins regular season NHL record of 18 unbeaten games carried over from the previous season.
(2005) Magee Women's Hospital announces a 70,000 sq. feet $36.9 million¤ expansion. [1,627]
(2005) Heinz Hall ejects Christopher Hitchens as he crashes a Henry Kissinger visit. [1,628]
(2005) Penguins star Sidney Crosby plays his 1st game.
(2006) The Penguins retire Mario Lemieux's number at a Igloo ceremony.

October 6

(1874) Samuel Keir dies in Lawrenceville.[1,629]
(1895) Andrew Carnegie announces CMU.
(1902) The Mt. Washington Tunnel starts construction.
(1903) The Pirates beat Boston at Expo Park in the 1st World Series game played in an NL park.
(1907) A Butler steel mill explosion kills 4 and injures 20. [1,630]
(1912) Pirates star Chief Wilson sets the MLB record for triples in a season.[1,631]
(1936) Mayor McNair resigns after 3 years of conflict with Council, as Con Scully becomes mayor.[1,632]
(1939) Pitt dedicates the Chinese Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1948) Westinghouse opens the Bettis Labs. [1,633]
(1958) The Steelers trade Earl Morrall for Bobby Layne, the start of the "Bobby Layne curse" and transfer of the "City of Champions".[1,634]
(1964) President Macapagal is the 14th foreign leader to visit.
(1966) CCAC opens Boyce campus.
(1970) VP Agnew visits the Hilton as 200 protesters clash with police. [1,635]
(1971) The Pirates clinch the pennant beating the Giants.
(1976) Penguins star Rick Kehoe scores a hat trick v Vancouver at the Igloo.
(1979) The Pirates clinch the pennant beating the Reds.
(1987) Pavarotti and the Opera open the Benedum Center.
(1987) Judge Bork's bid to become the city's 1st Supreme Court justice since Shiras, is denied in committee.
(1991) The Penguins name Mr. Rogers honorary captain as they open the season with the Stanley Cup at the Igloo.[1,636]
(1992) Scotty Bowman is named Penguins coach in a tie v Philadelphia at the Igloo.[1,637]
(1997) FedEx Ground is born as FedEx buys RPS for $3.47 billion¤. [1,638]
(2005) Pitt opens the $4.15 billion¤ BST 3.
(2006) Sienna Miller filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh apologizes for insulting the city.[1,639]
(2007) Pitt grad and CMU professor Paul Lauterbur wins the Nobel Prize for inventing the MRI.[1,640]
(2012) The Pro Football hall of fame opens its 1st traveling exhibit choosing the city's Heinz History center for the honor.[1,641]

October 7

(1763) Colonists are incensed at the signing of the Royal Proclamation preventing settlement west of the Alleghenies.
(1775) The first Treaty of Pittsburgh is signed by chiefs of the area declaring Revolutionary War neutrality.
(1927) In a nationally covered promotion, Chick Murray drives a four-cylinder Whippet Roadster up and down the 850-foot 17th St. Incline. [1,642]
(1964) President Macapagal visits Pitt and a steel mill. [1,643]
(1970) Vice President Agnew concludes his two-day visit at the Hilton. [1,644]
(1990) The Art Rooney statue is unveiled on the North Shore, before a Steelers 36–14 win over San Diego.[1,645]
(1990) For the first time in MLB history, there are two off-days during a championship series, as the Pirates and Reds return to the city to pick up a 1–1 series at Three Rivers the next day.
(1992) The Concorde lands at Pittsburgh International.[1,646]
(1992) Pirates ace Bob Walk gives up only the third NLCS grand slam, Ron Gant's first ever.
(1999) Penguins star Aleksey Morozov scores a hat trick at the Devils.
(2000) The Penguins open the regular season with two games in Tokyo.
(2001) Heinz Field hosts its first regular-season NFL game as the Steelers beat Cincinnati 16–7.
(2006) I-576 opens from Pittsburgh International to the US 22 expressway.[1,647]
(2007) The winningest coach in Super Bowl history, Chuck Noll, is honored at Heinz Field before the Steelers defeat Seattle.
(2010) The first (LEED) gold-certified arena in the NHL or AFL opens with a Penguins win over Philadelphia.
(2012) Sandycreek 13-year-old Zach Proper is at his grandparents' as both are shot.[1,648]

October 8

(1785) After attacks on the Ohio Geographer of the U.S., Thomas Hutchins and his men arrive in the city halting Public Survey in the Seven Ranges.
(1855) Pitt resumes classes after the fires of 1845 and 1849 destroyed facilities.
(1909) At Forbes Field the Pirates and NL batting champ Honus Wagner meet Detroit and AL batting champ Ty Cobb in the 1st World Series to feature 4 umpires, play inaugural members of the Hall of Fame and have a rookie ace start with Babe Adams eventually winning 3 games.
(1921) KDKA airs the world's 1st live broadcast of a college football game when Harold Arlin calls the Panthers 21-13 win over WVU at Forbes Field.
(1927) The Pirates lose the World Series to the Yankees in just their 4th game against Murderers' Row.
(1952) Richard Nixon visits the Syria Mosque.
(1956) President Truman visits Carnegie Hall.[1,649]
(1960) Yankee Bobby Richardson hits the 1st grand slam in the 1st in 40 years as the Pirates lose 10-0.
(1960) Branch Rickey mistakenly states he "discovered" Roberto Clemente.
(1986) Brendan Gill Fallingwater. [1,650]
(2000) The Penguins play their 2nd game in Tokyo their 1st win of the season.
(2011) Bruno Sammartino briefly returns to Pro Wrestling as a special guest of "Through The Eyes Of The Legend" at Pizzoferrato.
(2011) Ron Paul wins the Values Voter straw poll.

October 9

(1865) The 1st rail line west to Columbus thru Steubenville Tunnel opens.[1,651]
(1910) Soldiers & Sailors Hall opens as the largest in the U.S.
(1911) Pirates star Honus Wagner earns his record 8th batting title as Chicago wins 6-5.
(1956) President Truman visits McKeesport, Monessen and Westinghouse in E. Pittsburgh.[1,652]
(1956) President Eisenhower visits for a William Penn speech [1,653] and a nationally televised Hunt Armory address.[1,654]
(1957) Pitt moves all student clubs into the acquired William Pitt Union.
(1967) The Atlanta Braves buy a minority stake in the Penguins. [1,655]
(1969) Danny Murtaugh is convinced to come out of retirement to manage his 10th Pirates season.
(1986) Penguins star Randy Cunneyworth scores a hat trick against Washington at the Igloo.
(1992) The Peekskill meteor lights the sky above downtown.
(2003) MARC USA creates its national Broadcast Group at Station Square.[1,656]
(2007) Google Street View uploads the city as one of its 1st 14 metros.
(2012) The commander & 7 crew of the USS Pittsburgh conclude their week long visit.[1,657]

October 10

(1867) Ft. Pitt Lumber Co. is founded. [1,658]
(1915) Pop Warner debuts as Panthers coach with a 32-0 win v Westminster.
(1940) Point State Park plans are 1st advanced, though war will postpone them.
(1944) The 3rd USS Pittsburgh is commissioned.
(1951) National media broadcast Ezzard Charles v Rex Layne from Forbes Field. [1,659]
(1960) JFK visits the National Urban Affairs Conference downtown [1,660] and a Syria Mosque rally. [1,661].
(1960) 10,000 fans greet the Pirates before Game 6 at Pittsburgh International. [1,662]
(1964) The Steelers upset the Browns 23-7 in their last title season as 35 year old RB John Henry Johnson gains 200 with 3 TDs, as Jim Brown gains only 59.
(1971) The Civic Arena is packed as the Condors take on the defending NBA champ Bucks and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.[1,663]
(1972) Pirates star Bill Mazeroski plays his last game as Roberto Clemente hits his final MLB homer ruining the Reds no-hitter in the 4th and shutout in the 7th.
(1974) Ed Gierek is the 17th foreign leader to visit.
(1981) Plans for redevelopment of Firstside on the Monongahela are announced.
(1984) The last closing of all Pittsburgh International flight ops (due to 0 visiblity) occurs from 4:30 AM until 9:30 AM. [1,664]
(1990) In a dramatic finish the Pirates down 1 game to 3 in the NLCS, and with bases loaded Bobby Bonilla fields a 5-4-3 double play to win and survive.
(2011) Chevrolet features Bridgeville for a national ad campaign. [1,665]

October 11

(1890) The year old Panthers play their 1st post-secondary opponent, the A's at Rec Park.
(1900) Pirates ace Rube Waddell throws 12 Ks.
(1913) In the Welterweight Championship held at the Old City Hall native George Chip defeats reigning champ and native Frank Klaus.
(1940) President Roosevelt visits, touring steel mills and dedicating the 2nd largest U.S. public housing. [1,666]
(1959) NFL commissioner and former Steelers co-owner Bert Bell dies suddenly at a Steelers loss to Philadelphia.
(1967) The Penguins take the ice for the 1st time, a 2-1 Igloo loss to Montreal, 44 years later the Habs will win at the last Igloo game.
(1972) Clemente plays his last game--an NLCS loss in Cincinnati after a Bob Moose wild pitch and a Dave Giusti gopher ball to Johnny Bench.
(1972) Penguins star Al McDonough scores a hat trick in St. Louis.
(1992) Deion Sanders is stranded at Allegheny Airport by his Pittsburgh International landing Nike plane as he races back to a Falcons game in Miami after playing for the Braves in the NLCS at Three Rivers. [1,667][1,668]
(1996) Johnny Costa dies at 74.[1,669]
(1999) The Pitt's MTV series Road Rules: Semester at Sea concludes.
(2000) President Clinton visits the convention center. [1,670]
(2001) National press flood the courthouse as both Pittsburgh and New York are ruled to hold Frick's papers.
(2002) UPMC opens the $167,977,798.3¤ 350,000 sq. foot Hillman Center in Shadyside.
(2010) VP Biden visits. [1,671]
(2011) The Amazing Race holds auditions at Rivers Casino. [1,672]
(2011) President Obama visits the South Side. [1,673]
(2012) Ben Roethlisberger passes for 363 yards overtaking Terry Bradshaw as the Steelers lose with :01 left in Tennessee.

October 12

(1758) The Battle of Ft. Ligonier is won by the colonists.
(1772) Ft. Pitt is ordered decommissioned to local militia.
(1870) The Original Oyster House opens on 5th and Market. [1,674]
(1891) President Hayes visits. [1,675]
(1901) Penn Station opens.
(1962) President Kennedy visits Fitzgerald Field House. [1,676]
(1968) The Columbus Day parade is without its leader as it is reported that Michael Musmanno is found at the St. Charles unconscious. [1,677]
(1972) John Galbraith visits Washington.[1,678]
(1973) Mayor Flaherty announces $429 million¤ in Transit line upgrades. [1,679]
(1974) The Lady Panthers volleyball win their 1st.
(1982) Penguins star Pat Boutette scores a hat trick v Vancouver at the Igloo.
(1990) Jim Leyland makes world headlines by starting a setup man to pitch in Game 6 against the Reds.
(1990) The US 40 to I-70 section of Turnpike 43 opens.
(1995) Johnny Gammage, cousin of Steelers star Ray Seals, dies during a late-night traffic stop by suburban officers igniting a firestorm of brutality charges.
(2004) CMU professors Finn Kydland and Ed Prescott share the Nobel for economics.
(2009) The city is named #1 by The Sporting News.
(2011) After a 4 year KDKA absence the Pirates agree to return.[1,680]
(2012) The 3.5 million final leg of the Great Allegheny Passage breaks ground.[1,681]

October 13

(1764) Col. Bouquet's 1,500 from Ft. Pitt reach the Tuscarawas.
(1903) The 1st World Series ends at Expo Park as Boston beats the Pirates.
(1912) Chief Wilson and Frank Schulte lose homers as the NL cancels a Pirates bottom of the 9th loss to the changing their batting order Cubs, after Fred Clarke complains.[1,682]
(1927) President Coolidge visits Ft. Pitt and speaks at CMU.[1,683]
(1934) The U.S. Courthouse is dedicated.
(1960) The Pirates win their 3rd World Series as Bill Mazeroski hits the 1st (and only) Game 7 homer to decide a title, the last game before expansion.
(1962) President Kennedy visits McKeesport and Monessen. [1,684][1,685]
(1967) The Penguins win their 1st, 3-1 v. St. Louis.
(1969) Congress creates the NMMR. [1,686]
(1971) The Pirates are the 1st team to host and win a World Series night game, 4-3 v Baltimore, with Stan Musial throwing out the 1st ball. [1,687][1,688]
(1972) John Galbraith continues his 2 day visit speaking at the William Penn. [1,689]
(1975) The Carnegie Library's downtown branch moves into the Frick Building.[1,690]
(1978) The UAW wildcat strikes VW New Stanton chanting "No Money, No Bunny".
(1988) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick v Washington at the Igloo.
(1990) Jim Paek is the 1st Asian to play for a U.S. NHL team, the 1st Korean in the NHL as the Penguins win at the Isles.
(2004) VP Cheney visits Saxonburg and Coraopolis. [1,691]
(2011) Gov. Perry arrives for a 2 day visit. [1,692]

October 14

(1793) Henry Brackenridge publishes the 1st book west of the Atlantic Seaboard.
(1909) The Pirates lose to the Tigers forcing the 1st World Series game 7.
(1921) After a decade in Portugal, Amb. Woods takes his post in Spain. [1,693]
(1935) Sec. Mellon gifts over $848 million¤ to construct and supply a "National Gallery".
(1938) A 68 ton Highland Park Bridge crane topples over, killing 2.
(1961) In the Igloo's 1st hockey game, Buffalo beats the Hornets 2-1.
(1975) KQV fires all Top 40 DJs switching to all news.
(1977) Pirates part owner for 32 years, Bing Crosby dies.
(1984) The eventual champ 49'ers lose their only game after a 4th quarter John Stallworth TD and a Gary Anderson FG Steelers rally 20-17.
(1989) The Panthers win #500, 31-14 over Navy at Pitt Stadium.
(1992) Doug Drabek carries a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 9th of NLCS Game 7 only to lose to ex-Pirate Sid Bream in Drabek's, Barry Bonds' and Jose Lind's last Pirates game.[1,694]
(1998) CMU professor John Pople wins the Nobel Prize.
(2000) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr scores his 7th hat trick (4 goals) v the Rangers at the Igloo.
(2010) The Chief premiers at Byham Theater.
(2011) Gov. Perry visits the Irvine Works to announce a "major pillar" of his campaign. [1,695]
(2011) William Dietrich gifts 1 of the 10 largest donations to any school $274 million¤ to CMU, the largest to any state school, $129 million¤ to Pitt and the largest gift in it's history $12.9 million¤ to Duquense as well as $10.3 million¤ to the Cultural Trust.[1,696]

October 15

(1811) Cpt. Roosevelt runs the 1st steamboat on western waters.[1,697]
(1913) A Wharton memorial honors Gen. Braddock with British diplomats & 1,000 attending.[1,698]
(1915) Magee Hospital—already 4 years old—moves to its an expanded facility.[1,699]
(1925) The Pirates win their 2nd World Series, the world's 1st to overcome a 3-game deficit.
(1932) President Hoover visits Braddock, McKeesport, Connellsville, Zelienople & New Castle.[1,700]
(1935) Ed Kaufmann commissions Frank Lloyd Wright for Fallingwater.
(1947) Sec. Gallatin is honored in stone outside Treasury.
(1953) I-376 opens from 51 to Pittsburgh International.[1,701]
(1954) Hazel hits with 3.56".[1,702]
(1960) JFK visits Beaver Falls.[1,703]
(1978) The Steelers win their 2nd straight at Cleveland, with a 98-yard return by rookie Larry Anderson as Jack Lambert is ejected for spearing the QB out of bounds, arguing with an ref, punching a Brown and arguing with the head official.
(1987) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores the 1st of his 8 pt. games in a win v the Rangers at the Igloo as Dan Quinn gets a hat trick.
(1988) Penguins star Rob Brown scores a hat trick v the Rangers at the Igloo.
(1989) Brendan Gill visits the IS national convention at the Hilton.[1,704]
(1991) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick at the Isles.
(2007) UPMC surgeon Thomas Starzl is honored as Lothrop Street is renamed for him.
(2011) Occupy Pittsburgh marches from the Hill to Market Square.[1,705]

October 16

(1905) CMU opens its 1st buildings.
(1909) The Pirates win their 1st World Series, the only to duel members of the inaugural Hall of Fame class, the 1st Game 7 in history & the 1st series to field 4 umpires. The Bucs set a record for stolen bases and Babe Adams is the 1st to record 3 Series wins.
(1937) In a never duplicated rivalry the 3-0 Panthers fight 2-0 Fordham to the 3rd straight 0-0 tie in as many seasons, after a Marshall Goldberg TD is called back on a phantom holding call at Coffey Field. [1,706]
(1962) Pitt Bradford is announced.
(1969) The Ft. Duquesne Bridge opens.[1,707]
(1978) Press corner CMU professor Herb Simon on news that he won the Nobel Prize, always the scholar he replies: "I have a class to teach."[1,708]
(2001) Penguins star Toby Petersen scores a hat trick v Ottawa at the Igloo.
(2005) After 116 straight starts Steelers star Hines Ward's streak ends with a hamstring injury. [1,709]
(2008) Joe the Plumber craze hits as locals print shirts.[1,710]
(2011) Steelers star Troy Polamalu uses his cell on the Heinz Field sideline after to tell his wife he's OK after a brutal hit by Jacksonville as media prompt a $10,331.36¤ fine.[1,711]
(2012) Petersen Events Center hosts charity tennis matches with Elton John, Billie Jean King, Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova and Stephanie Graf among others, raising over $1 million.[1,712][1,713]

October 17

(1909) The DoC International Centennial Convention closes at Forbes Field.
(1919) Dr. Conrad broadcasts from 8XK at 7750 Penn, a year before KDKA.
(1930) All 3 tri-state governors visit the opening gala of the Lincoln Highway at the William Penn.[1,714]
(1940) Mayor LaGuardia visits.
(1954) In their 9th try the Steelers finally defeat the eventual NFL champ Browns (fielding a young Chuck Noll) 55-27 as the defense forces 8 turnovers including Jack Butler 41 yard pick & Russ Krauss 81 yard pick both for TDs with Ray Matthews 4 TDs, one a 78 yarder from Jim Finks at Forbes Field.
(1968) Spiro Agnew visits, calling out "dissenters". [1,715]
(1969) The Ft. Duquesne Bridge on I-279 opens.
(1970) The Panthers upset Bobby Bowden's WVU at Pitt Stadium 36-35 with :55 left, after being down 8-35 at halftime and without punting in the 2nd half.[1,716]
(1971) The Pirates win their 4th World Series as Roberto Clemente is MVP.
(1979) The Pirates become the 1st to have all 4 annual MVP's (ASG, Season, NLCS, WS) and overcome a 3 game deficit in 2 World Series, winning their 5th title.
(1986) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick in Buffalo.
(1989) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick v Toronto at the Igloo.
(1991) Penguins star Bob Errey scores a hat trick v the Isles at the Igloo.
(1992) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick in Hartford.
(1997) The commonwealth approves $23.2 million¤ to complete the bike path to D.C.
(2002) Whole Foods opens their 1st area store. [1,717]
(2009) The last Texas-deck sternwheeler, the Showboat Becky Thatcher docks at Neville Island as her new home port.
(2010) Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger returns from a 4 game suspension to beat Cleveland at Heinz Field. [1,718]
(2011) Brittany Acosta appears in court.[1,719]
(2012) Dr. Rydze is indicted at the U.S. Courthouse by the USA of Cleveland.[1,720]

October 18

(1912) Gov. Wilson visits 12,000 at Duquesne Gardens as police receive an assassination threat.
(1929) The Mon Wharf hosts celebrations for the completed Ohio dregging to 9' "navigable".[1,721]
(1948) VP Wallace visits Duquesne Gardens, making global news calling out Labor leaders for "red baiting".[1,722]
(1953) WPCW signs on as the city's 4th.
(1954) Pitt gets 9 million orders for Dr. Salk's vaccine.
(1955) Mellon Square is dedicated.[1,723]
(1957) The Interstate System adds Erie-Pittsburgh to its plans.
(1957) Federated Investors incorporates.[1,724]
(1967) Andy Bathgate scores the 1st hat trick in both Penguins and Igloo NHL history in a win v Minnesota.
(1967) Allegheny Air agrees to purchase Lake Central.[1,725]
(1976) KDKA makes world history as Bill Burns & daughter Patti Burns co-anchor for the highest rated U.S. noon news.[1,726]
(1978) Pitt dedicates the Victoria Building.
(1979) The Pirates arrive at Pittsburgh International after their comeback World title.
(1986) Penguins star Terry Ruskowski scores a hat trick v Jersey at the Igloo.
(1988) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick v Philadelphia at the Igloo.
(2000) Dick Cheney visits St. Vincent.[1,727]
(2004) VP Cheney visits Johnstown en route to WV.[1,728]
(2006) Penguins lose to Jersey at the Igloo as Evgeni Malkin plays his 1st game and scores his 1st goal.[1,729]
(2009) Ben Roethlisberger sets an NFL record for consecutive wins v an opponent to start a career, 10-0 v Cleveland at Heinz Field, his 2nd 400+ yard game (the teams 4th).
(2012) The 1st One Young World Conference in the U.S. opens at the convention center and the conservatory as President Clinton, Jack Dorsey, Jamie Oliver and Joss Stone among others visit.

October 19

(1786) The regions 1st sports event--horse races--sponsored by the Jockey Club with over $2,738.82¤ of winnings.[1,730]
(1903) A crane collapses on construction of the Wabash Bridge as 10 workers die.[1,731]
(1928) The Roberto Clemente Bridge opens.
(1932) FDR visits 30,000 at Forbes Field and makes world news, commenting for the 1st time in his campaign on the devisive Bonus Army issue.
(1950) Gen. Eisenhower visits CMU. [1,732]
(1968) WTAE becomes the 1st to broadcast a Penguins game, a loss to Boston at the Igloo.[1,733]
(1976) Local clinics make world news about side effects to Swine Flu shots for the elderly. [1,734]
(1978) Pitt dedicates Posvar Hall.
(1979) 25,000 pack Market Square as the Pirates arrive home with their 5th World Series trophy.
(1981) The $1.23 billion¤ subway breaks ground with Steelers LB "Dirt" Winston at the U.S. Steel Tower and a party at the William Penn.[1,735]
(1997) Penguins goalie Tom Barrasso is the 1st American with 300 wins, 4-1 at Florida.
(2006) The Point of View statue is dedicated.[1,736]

October 20

(1811) Cpt. Roosevelt runs the 1st steamboat on western waters en route to New Orleans after trials 5 days ago.[1,737][1,738][1,739]
(1944) Gov. Dewey visits Hunt Armory.
(1954) VP Nixon visits.[1,740]
(1956) The Panthers play their 1st Oyster Bowl defeating Duke.
(1959) President Eisenhower invokes the Taft-Hartley Act meeting the 3½ month long (the longest post-war) steel workers strike with an 80-day injunction, after industries switch to foreign steel.
(1964) The Chatham Center complex breaks ground.
(1973) Robert Bork is promoted from Solicitor General to acting USAG after the "Saturday Night Massacre".
(1980) President Carter visits Pittsburgh International and Beaver Falls.[1,741]
(1982) CMU becomes an IBM computer center with the donation of more than 20,000 PCs.
(1983) Steelers rookie phenom (drafted over native Dan Marino) Gabe Rivera is paralyzed in a Ross car crash.
(1983) Pitt dedicates Mervis Hall.
(1987) After 3 games with replacements and 1 canceled the Steelers announce the strike is over.
(1990) The U.S.S. Requin is dedicated as a memorial museum.
(2004) John Kerry visits.[1,742]
(2008) The Donora Smog Museum opens.
(2012) Paul Ryan visits Pittsburgh International.[1,743]

October 21

(1912) William Jennings Bryan visits to campaign for Wilson giving 3 speeches, his largest to 4,000 at the O'Reilly Theater site.
(1930) Council passes emergency bills granting $1.39 million¤ to Great Depression families.
(1967) The Penguins beat Chicago, the 1st expansion team in NHL history to beat an "Original six" team as Ken Schinkel gets the 2nd hat trick in Pens and Igloo NHL history.
(1981) After years of safety closures the newly constructed Sewickley Bridge opens.
(1982) U.S. Steel drops its anti-dumping suit against the EU.[1,744]
(1998) Sheriff Coon dies at 68.
(2003) UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan visits Pitt, the 27th by a foreign leader.
(2004) Skate America opens at the Igloo.
(2006) Penguins star Jordan Staal becomes the youngest in NHL history to score a pair of shorthanded goals in a game at the Igloo v Columbus.[1,745]
(2011) Steelers star Troy Polamalu is fined $10,331.36¤ for last weeks cell phone use after a hard hit to let his wife know he was ok at a Heinz Field win v Jacksonville 17-13.[1,746]
(2011) After 63 years Porky Chedwick signs off for the last time. [1,747].

October 22

(1948) GM rehabs Ambridge from warship to auto stamping.
(1952) President Truman visits Syria Mosque.[1,748] and the 2nd precinct[1,749]
(1956) Bill Haley gets banned from Syria Mosque after 4 "rowdy performances". [1,750]
(1966) After 67 years the national voice for African Americans ceases publication. [1,751]
(1971) Dr. Davis opens the world's 1st academic jazz event, the 1st annual Pitt Jazz Seminar.
(1972) The Steelers beat the Pats 33-3, as Three Rivers' 46,081 make it the last non-sellout.
(1979) Coroner Wecht files a $22.4 million¤ libel suit against the city controller for radio remarks.
(1992) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick against Detroit at the Igloo.
(2001) Plans for 10 miles of Three Rivers Park over industrial rivershore are announced.
(2007) RK Mellon foundation gifts $28 million¤ to CMU for bio-life sciences.
(2010) VisitPittsburgh moves it's 25 year old 250 sq. ft. Welcome Center to a 1,000 sq. ft. 5th Ave. Place site.[1,752]
(2012) Children's Hospital has superheros wash the windows.[1,753]

October 23

(1769) William Powell is granted a homestead for 168 acres east of the settlement.[1,754]
(1919) King Albert is the 3rd foreign leader to visit.
(1948) President Truman visits Hunt Armory.[1,755]
(1952) President Truman visits McKeesport, Braddock and Connellsville. [1,756] [1,757]
(1967) The Pipers play and win their 1st game (against the Nets) as Dan Anderson sets the record for points in a game (41).
(1976) Panthers star Tony Dorsett breaks the all-time NCAA rushing record (standing until 1998) in a win at Navy.
(1978) Jack Lambert is asked to defend his late hit on the Browns QB a week ago (and his ejection for it) by Howard Cosell during Steelers halftime at MNF. "Quarterbacks should wear dresses" becomes a sports legend and makes world news.
(1984) A $224,000¤ Westinghouse Statue restoration is unveiled. [1,758]
(1987) The $266 million¤ Washington's Landing breaks ground.
(1987) The Senate defeats Judge Bork's contentious Supreme Court nomination 43-58.
(2008) Hannity & Colmes broadcasts live from Beaver with Gov. Palin.[1,759]
(2008) Global media report that Ashley Todd is attacked and mugged for her support of Sen. McCain, later found to be a hoax.
(2012) The 1st One Young World Conference in the U.S. closes at the convention center as President Clinton, Jack Dorsey and Joss Stone visit.

October 24

(1768) The Treaty of Ft. Stanwix opens the Allegheny-Ohio valleys. (L)
(1914) President Wilson visits the YMCA.[1,760]
(1920) Carnegie Hall offers a "remarkable contriveance" to the hard of hearing.
(1923) PM George visits Syria Mosque as the 5th foreign leader in the city.
(1939) The Science Center is founded on the North Side.
(1944) Mayor LaGuardia visits Carnegie Hall. NYT
(1945) ABC's Chester LaRoche makes national headlines that media leaders dislike "singing" commercials & that they "are hurting the industry".
(1960) Council votes unanimously to buy the old $5.11 million¤ Post-Gazette HQ for a new Police HQ.[1,761][1,762]
(1960) The zoo receives national press as the 1st Rhino is born in post-war U.S.
(1960) VP Nixon visits Syria Mosque.[1,763]
(1965) The Carnegie Library announces it will build an E. Liberty branch.
(1967) The Civic Arena hosts its 1st ABA game as the Pipers lose to Minnesota.
(1987) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick v Buffalo at the Igloo.
(2003) Prince Andrew visits Alumni Hall and GSK HQ to dedicate "DNAsauras". [1,764]
(2003) Bryant Gumble hosts a Kecksburg UFO hour special. [1,765]
(2004) Skate America closes after 4 days at the Igloo.
(2008) PNC buys National City for $5.61 billion¤.
(2008) The area's 1st Nordstrom's opens at Ross Park.

October 25

(1792) Gen. Wayne scouts a basecamp on the Ohio for city defense. [1,766]
(1907) After Allegheny annexation, the Supreme Court begins Hunter v. Pittsburgh arguments.[1,767]
(1912) Council clears PSD John Morin. and Joe Armstrong of months long malfeasance charges.[1,768]
(1948) GM announces it will open a 2nd area plant at W. Mifflin, it will last until 2008.
(1955) Joe Brown replaces Branch Rickey as Pirates GM.
(1960) PM Rahman visits, the 13th foreign leader.
(1967) President Ahidjo visits, the 16th foreign leader.
(1982) City schools agree to a desegregation plan.
(1987) The Steelers return after a month long strike and 3 weeks of replacements, a Three Rivers win v Cincinnati.
(1990) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick against Quebec at the Igloo.
(2003) Prince Andrew visits BABC at Sheraton Station Sq. on his 2nd day.[1,769]
(2009) WWE chooses Mellon Arena for the inaugural Bragging Rights.
(2010) Pat Donahoe is appointed Postmaster General.

October 26

(1889) Southside Hospital opens.
(1916) Syria Mosque opens.[1,770].
(1976) President Ford visits the Hilton to address the Economic Club Conference and has a photo op at Pittsburgh International with Tony Dorsett and Johnny Majors with Air Force One as the backdrop.[1,771]
(1982) After a year-long $140 million¤ rehab I-376 reopens all lanes.
(1984) The Maulers fold without a press conference as the USFL announces a switch to fall.
(1994) Skate America opens at the Igloo.
(1995) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores his 500th goal in a 7-5 win at the Isles at 17:12 of the 3rd for a hat trick.
(2000) The science center announces a 160,000 sq. ft. expansion.
(2003) Prince Andrew closes his 3 day visit with a Uniontown dedication for Gen. Marshall.[1,772]
(2007) LSG SkyChefs choses Pittsburgh International for its western hemisphere food processing and distribution center.[1,773]

October 27

(1907) Hunter v. Pittsburgh concludes arguments.[1,774]
(1920) KDKA receives the 1st U.S. broadcast license.
(1936) Gov. Landon visits Duquesne Gardens.
(1943) Navy Day is celebrated at Neville Island and Ambridge shipyards for American Bridge and Dravo with $13.4 billion¤ in contracts.[1,775]
(1948) The Donora Smog begins.
(1948) Westinghouse grants $1.93 million¤ to Pitt for a science building.
(1948) Pirates skip Billy Meyer wins MOY.[1,776]
(1952) Gen. Eisenhower visits Hunt Armory.
(1958) President Eisenhower visits Syria Mosque for a national TV speech.[1,777] respectively.[1,778]
(1962) The Panthers play their last Oyster Bowl losing to Navy.
(1964) President Johnson visits the Civic Arena.
(1967) The Pipers beat Denver in their 1st Civic Arena win.
(1976) $143 million¤ to CMU, 2nd largest donation ever made to a U.S. University by an individual.[1,779]
(1982) Penguins star Pat Boutette scores a hat trick v Washington at the Igloo.
(1988) Month long convention center debate preparations are canceled by Bush/Dukakis. [1,780]
(1994) The West Busway breaks ground.
(1999) CBS Evening News and Dan Rather broadcast from the North Shore to celebrate the 50th anniversary of KDKA launching network TV. [1,781]
(2004) VP Cheney visits Washington.[1,782]
(2006) Trader Joe's opens their 1st area store.[1,783]

October 28

(1883) During B&O maintenance work of Brook Tunnel, 1,200 lbs of stored TNT explodes killing 5 instantly as reports of: "Houses for 15 mi. . . were shaken to their foundations, & windows for . . . 7 mi. were shattered . . . Trees were uprooted, huge rocks torn asunder, & telegraph poles for a ½ mi. prostrated . . . Portions of human bodies -- legs, arms, hands & heads -- were picked up ½ mi. distant."[1,784]
(1928) The Allegheny Airport site is chosen.
(1932) The Panthers tie Ohio State 0-0 as a streetcar crash outside Pitt Stadium injures 18 fans, gridlocking traffic for hours.
(1934) Steelers at Brooklyn is the 1st NFL penalty free game.
(1936) Gov. Landon visits Duquesne Gardens.[1,785]
(1958) CMU announces a gift of $22.6 million¤ to construct the Hunt Library.
(1968) VP Humphrey visits, greeted by 3,000 at the Allegheny Airport, while VP Nixon addresses 15,000 at the Civic Arena.
(1976) Judge Papadakos dismisses an ADA during a courthouse trial for wearing a pant suit instead of a dress.
(1977) City Hall announces a "Great Garage Sale" featuring a 1918 Fire Truck, Police Call boxes and a chandelier.[1,786]
(1987) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick at the Devils.
(1989) 11 abortion protesters arrested.[1,787]
(1993) Congress dedicates the National Aviary.
(1994) Penguins star Ron Francis records his 1,000th point in an Igloo win.
(2001) Student Salaam Al Zatari is arrested at Pittsburgh International as X-Rays reveal an art knife in his backpack. He spends 6 weeks detained before being deported.[1,788]
(2006) Penguins star Sidney Crosby scores his 1st hat trick in Philadelphia.
(2009) Penguins star Sidney Crosby scores his 3rd hat trick in an Igloo win v Montreal.

October 29

(1759) Lt. Col. Stephen of the Virginia regiment complains that trading at Ft. Pitt has been hijacked by "Pennsylvanians".
(1950) Brown Marion Motley sets the NFL record for Avg Yds/game (17.1) in a Steelers loss in Cleveland.[1,789]
(1964) Sen. Goldwater visits the Civic Arena and William Penn[1,790].
(1973) Boss Grosso testifies that County Vice had received "protection" payments from his syndicate.
(1974) The Flinn family gifts Hartwood Acres as a park.
(1976) Pitt dedicates the Nesbitt depository for World Children's Literature.
(1980) President Carter visits Pittsburgh International and motorcades to Trinity Cathedral, later siting for KDKA-AM and WTAE-TV interviews.[1,791]
(1983) UPMC surgeons perform the 1st known cystic fibrosis heart-lung transplant.
(1986) Penguins star Kevin LaVallee scores a hat trick v the Devils at the Igloo.
(1986) The Smithsonian gifts its radiocarbon dating labs to Pitt.
(1987) A subway derails exiting the Mt. Washington Tunnel injuring 37.
(2008) President Clinton visits W&J. [1,792]

October 30

(1889) Mary Schenley--heiress of city father James O'Hara and 40 years after eloping with British Admiralty and leaving the U.S.--gifts 300ac for Schenley Park.
(1911) President Taft visits 15,000 at Forbes Field for a MSHA show.
(1938) War of the Worlds broadcast.[1,793][1,794]
(1943) A navy plane explodes over Greensburg killing all 4 airmen.[1,795]
(1952) Gov. Stevenson visits 25,000 at Hunt Armory and makes world news calling Gen. Eisenhower the "depression party" leader.
(1975) KDKA shocks fans by firing Bob Prince and Nellie King, Prince announces the Penguins until returning to the 1985 Pirates.
(1977) Terry Bradshaw throws 5 picks in a shocking Steelers loss at Baltimore.[1,796]
(1990) After 13 years in health coverage, Highmark registers as a life insurer. [1,797]
(2003) Get Fuzzy sparks regional outrage and City Hall denouncements after running a travel agent handing Bucky a Pittsburgh brochure for requesting destinations "based primarily on smell".
(2009) Senators Casey and Spector announce $4.33 million¤ for Northside development.[1,798]
(2012) Sandy arrives in the area in the early morning.[1,799]

October 31

(1865) George Westinghouse receives his 1st patent at 19.
(1899) A tropical storm hits with 1.22" and gales.[1,800]
(1904) The Byham Theater opens.
(1931) Mayor Cermak visits CMU for a Irish game. [1,801]
(1931) The last passenger train leaves Wabash Terminal.[1,802]
(1948) U.S. Steel shuts down Donora plants after smog deaths.
(1956) Gov. Stevenson visits 12,000 at Hunt Armory.
(1980) Gov. Reagan visits the William Penn and Station Square.[1,803].
(1984) In a Iran-Contra prelude President Reagan submits to Congress that years prior Mellon received $32 million¤ in Iran settlements while paying $7.16 million¤ to Tehran.[1,804]
(1989) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick v the Kings at the Igloo.
(1990) Pirates skip Jim Leyland is named manager of the year.[1,805]
(1994) President Clinton visits the convention center.[1,806]
(1994) Skate America closes a week of competition at the Igloo.
(2001) Patti Burns succumbs to cancer at 49.
(2004) The Steelers tie a 71 year old NFL record allowing the Pats only 6 rushes at Heinz Field.
(2005) Heinz Field honors Myron Cope prior to a Steelers 20-19 win over the Ravens.[1,807]
(2007) Schenley High is voted closed by the school board.
(2012) Trick or Treat is canceled as the brunt of Sandy hits the area.[1,808]

November 1

(1837) The school board opens its 1st school for African Americans.
(1893) Plans for the world's 1st indoor (artificial) ice rink are unveiled for Schenley Casino.
(1919) The Guard goes on alert as 42,000 Miners strike.
(1956) URA director Ted Hazlett warns that a new housing shortage for relocated families threatens to slow blight removal.
(1959) Oakdale AFS opens after upgrading the 4 year old Missile site.
(1964) Doc Carlson dies.
(1987) Pitt dedicates the Israel Heritage Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(2000) L&T opens in the former Mellon HQ.
(2003) The Beaver Valley Chi-Chi's is found to be the origin of the Hepatitis A outbreak affecting 650 in the tri-state.
(2004) President Bush visits 1st Niagara. [1,809][1,810]
(2006) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin is the 1st in 90 years to score goals in each of his first 6 games.
(2007) Allegheny Airport's Voyager Jet breaks ground on its $22.4 million¤ 50,000 sq. ft. "Fixed Base Operation Center". [1,811]
(2010) Rich Skrenta founds Blekko.

November 2

(1769) John Powell homesteads 154 acres east of the settlement.[1,812]
(1920) KDKA, the world's 1st licensed commercial station, makes its 1st broadcast: the Presidential Election results.
(1946) The Ironmen play and lose their 1st game, at St. Louis. [1,813]
(1960) Eleanor Roosevelt visits.[1,814]
(1965) Pete Flaherty is elected to Council.
(1966) Martin Luther King, Jr. visits Pitt, speaking at the Student Union ballroom.[1,815]
(1966) Stephen Foster as the "Father of American Music" has the Stephen Foster Memorial Day enacted into U.S. law.[1,816]
(1971) Skybus opponents are elected by large margins county-wide, killing the program.
(1976) Market Square's Nicholas Coffee and The Peanut Shoppe sell out of peanuts on news that Gov. Carter has won. Most sales are "settling bets". [1,817]
(1982) The Panthers are ranked #1 by the AP Poll for the last time.
(1990) Mary Lou Retton tour of champions Civic Arena. [1,818]
(1996) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr gets his 3rd hat trick against Ottawa at the Igloo.
(1998) Carmeuse completes its $274 million¤ Dravo merger.
(2010) Shaler native Tom Corbett defeats Northside native Dan Onorato for the governor's mansion.
(2012) T. Boone Pickens chooses the Post-Gazette for his editorial endorsement.[1,819][1,820]

November 3

(1758) Ft. Ligonier reports 4,000 troops encamped, making it the 2nd largest community in the commonwealth.
(1897) President McKinley visits CMU.
(1917) Thomas Enright becomes the 1st to give his life in World War I. [1,821]
(1930) President Hoover releases a statement at the William Penn 10th anniversary celebration of radio and KDKA-AM.[1,822]
(1932) President Hoover visits Connellsville giving a platform speech on the B&O.[1,823]
(1939) Locally filmed Allegheny Uprising premiers in the city with "Hollywood-style".
(1953) Mayor Lawrence wins with a margin of over 54,000 votes to become the 1st mayor to win 3 straight terms.
(1960) Both Presidents Eisenhower and Truman visit.
(1960) Pirates ace Vern Law wins the Cy Young Award.[1,824]
(1985) The Concorde makes its 2nd landing at Pittsburgh International.[1,825]
(2012) Hooversville donates a $25,000 pumper/fire truck to W. Hamilton Beach in New York City.[1,826]
(2012) Trick or Treating--canceled because of Sandy--is finally held.[1,827]

November 4

(1791) Lt. Denny becomes the 3rd of 4 Pittsburghers named Adj. Gen. of the Army.
(1884) Sen. Blaine loses the Presidential Election 48.5% to 48.2% after a vicious campaign.
(1898) Andrew Carnegie ships his 1st ET Works steel to Japan and South Africa.
(1903) Mary Schenley dies at 77.
(1921) Sec. Weeks gives the county final warning to raise all Allegheny bridges for navigation.
(1946) The Ironmen play and lose their 1st home game, to Washington.[1,828]
(1958) Mayor Lawrence is the 1st elected Governor from City Hall.
(1960) President Eisenhower visits Pittsburgh International and the Hilton.[1,829][1,830]
(1966) Gov. Lawrence collapses at Syria Mosque--his last public appearance.
(1974) Pitt joins the AAU.[1,831]
(1999) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr sets an NHL record, gaining a point on 15 straight team goals despite losing at Ottawa.[1,832]
(2000) Gov. Bush visits Pittsburgh International.[1,833]
(2007) The Steelers celebrate their 75th season with a convention center gala as Steve Sabol hosts.[1,834]
(2011) Trader Joe's opens its 2nd area store.[1,835]
(2011) VP Biden visits Pitt.[1,836]
(2012) A 2 year old boy falls off a zoo railing and is mauled to death by 11 painted wolves before employees scare off 10 and 2 officers fatally shoot the last.[1,837]

November 5

(1895) Andrew Carnegie personally opens the main branch of the Carnegie Library.
(1896) The Carnegie Museum opens the 1st Carnegie International Art Exhibit.
(1904) The Pros are formed along with the founding meeting of the world's 1st pro hockey league.[1,838]
(1911) Cal Rodgers wins the Hearst Prize completing the 1st transcon flight.
(1935) Voters pass blue law amendments allowing Sunday movies for the 1st time.
(1946) St. Paul's Cathedral hosts Rev. Ivancho consecration as the 2nd American Roman Catholic bishop.
(1951) National TV airs Bob Baker v Jimmy Bivens from Duquesne Gardens. [1,839].
(1956) The Human Relations Commission forms the Citizens Committee for Integrated Housing with 150 members to work on plans for a pilot project with integrated housing.
(1957) Mayor Lawrence wins a record 4th term in City Hall.
(1960) Both Presidents Eisenhower and Truman visit, almost crossing paths at Pittsburgh International. [1,840]
(1972) Penguins star Lowell MacDonald scores a hat trick v Minnesota at the Igloo.
(1972) The Steelers beat Cincinnati 40-17 en route to their 1st playoffs in a generation as 50,350 at Three Rivers start the still current sell-out streak.
(1976) The Pirates trade for Chuck Tanner, the 2nd in MLB history for a manager.[1,841]
(1982) Commonwealth unemployment hits a record 11.5%.
(1991) Sunbeam announces it will move HQ out of the city. [1,842]
(2006) At Heinz Field v Denver Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger throws his 1st 400 yard game, the teams 3rd (433) in a loss.
(2009) The North Shore unveils the Mr. Rogers statue. [1,843]
(2012) President Clinton visits Market Square.[1,844]

November 6

(1920) Efforts to keep the PRR line and Strip District open are lost after heavy rains cause repeated Bigelow Blvd. landslides.
(1924) Pitt announces plans for the world's tallest academic building.
(1925) U.S. Steel stock hits an all time high of $1,828.83¤.
(1926) The Armstrong Tunnel opens.
(1937) Highland Park Bridge begins construction.
(1945) Boss Lawrence is elected mayor for the 1st of 4 terms.
(1950) The Pirates make world press naming Branch Rickey GM.
(1952) Crews begin moving H. J. Heinz's "Little House Where We Began" to Michigan to allow Northside expansion.
(1962) Andy Warhol opens his 3 week New York premier.
(1970) Condors star Charlie Hentz breaks both backboards at Carolina.[1,845]
(1973) It's revealed that DA Duggan and Mellon heiress Cordelia Scaife had eloped 2 months earlier.
(1977) The 1st independent wins City Hall as Mayor Caliguiri choses to run despite his party nominating Tom Foerster.
(1981) World TV airs Snipes v Holmes for the Heavyweight Title as Bey v Douglas underbill at the Civic Arena.
(1985) The Monongahela is closed from the Point to WV after floodwaters free 62 barges.
(1994) Sheriff Coon is arrested after firing warning shots at his Donegal country home neighbors.[1,846]
(1998) Lazarus opens at 5th & Wood.
(1999) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr sets an NHL record by recording a point on 15 straight goals from 10/16-11/4, but disappoints the Igloo crowd, ending the streak.
(2008) After 4 years without a Transatlantic, Pittsburgh International announces Delta non-stops to Paris starting in 6 months.[1,847]
(2011) AG and native Linda Kelly arrests native Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges.
(2012) Gov. Romney visits Pittsburgh International.

November 7

(1863) Dr. Clark reports to the city on the conditions of 112 Confederates imprisoned at West Pen. [1,848]
(1914) The 6-0 Panthers lose to the Presidents at Expo Park, their last loss for 4 seasons, going a record 32 straight wins.
(1925) Back-to-back amateur champ Yellowjackets are the 3rd U.S. team to join the NHL, changing their name to the Pirates.
(1933) In the 1st reversal of state blue laws voters approve sports on NFL Sundays, and approve a separate "Metropolitan Pittsburgh Plan".
(1934) U.S. Court gavels in session at the new Federal Building.[1,849]
(1941) Pitt dedicates the Greek Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1981) Penguins star Paul Gardner scores a hat trick against Philadelphia at the Igloo.
(1984) Pitt dedicates the International Jazz Hall of Fame at William Pitt Union.
(1985) The Pirates introduce Syd Thrift as GM after the worst season in 30 years, the firing of World Series skip Chuck Tanner and world press attention on the expanding Pittsburgh drug trials. Thrift replies to reporters with: "It ain't easy resurrecting the dead".[1,850]
(1987) The George Westinghouse museum opens in Wilmerding.
(2006) Steelers star Lynn Swann loses his bid for Governor with only 40%.
(2009) A year after PNC buys National City the 1st 100 branches are converted.
(2009) Sec. Salazar and Gov. Rendell visit the groundbreaking of the Flight 93 Memorial at Stonycreek.

November 8

(1849) Treasury Secretary Forward is appointed Ambassador to Denmark.
(1921) The last GOP mayor to serve a full term, William Magee defeats future mayor William McNair.
(1936) The Hornets play their 1st Duquesne Gardens game, beating Cleveland.[1,851]
(1938) Art Rooney loses his election for County Recorder of Wills.[1,852]
(1939) The William Pitt Debating Union debates the Oxford Union.[1,853]
(1952) Celebrating 75 years, Duquesne announces 8 new $114 million¤ buildings.
(1959) The 116 day steel strike ends as the longest in post-war America only after many industries switch to foreign steel.[1,854]
(1978) Voters elect USDA Thornburgh as Governor over Mayor Flaherty, and reject county home rule.
(1985) City Council unanimously approves Mayor Caliguiri's proposal to sell Three Rivers, helping finance Pittsburgh Associates to keep the Pirates in the city.[1,855]
(1993) Police start mounted patrols for the 1st time in generations.
(1993) President Clinton signs into law the designation of the National Aviary. [1,856]
(2000) Penguins star Alexei Kovalev scores a hat trick v Philadelphia at the Igloo.
(2006) Penguins star Nils Ekman scores a hat trick v Tampa at the Igloo.
(2009) 2 year old ToonSeum relocates from the Children's Museum to the Cultural District.
(2011) Mark Zuckerberg visits CMU.[1,857]

November 9

(1810) A flood crests at 35.2".
(1922) Emmett Dalton visits speaking to students.
(1931) Lillian McCracken makes world headlines as the Mukden Incident trap 4 missionaries. [1,858]
(1947) Jean Brown visits Murphy's downtown, teaching the Rumba.
(1956) The KEC invites the Steelers to relocate to Louisville.
(1956) Police radios go wild receiving police transmissions from Sheffield and Cuba. [1,859]
(1958) The Federal Tower is announced to be built downtown.
(1962) Phyllis Diller visits Holiday House and the West Penn School for the Blind. [1,860]
(1971) Gladys McNairy is the 1st African American and the 2nd woman elected School Board president.[1,861]
(1976) The Panthers beat Army 37-7, going 9-0 and #1 for the 1st time since 1937 as temperatures hit 15°.[1,862]
(1993) The Aviary opens Falcon nests on the Cathedral of Learning's 38th floor.
(1997) The Steelers at Three Rivers give Baltimore their 1st ever shutout 37-0 as Jerome Bettis 114 yards with a TD.
(1998) Steelers star Hines Ward begins the 3rd longest catch/game streak in NFL history at a Three Rivers win v Green Bay.[1,863]
(1998) Chatham Arboretum is officially accredited.
(2001) Salam El Zaatari is denied bail at the U.S. Courthouse after being arrested with an "art knife" at Pittsburgh International.[1,864]
(2010) Chevron buys Atlas for $4.58 million¤, 25 years after buying Gulf Oil.[1,865]
(2011) The world watches as Penn State riots after the Board, lead by U.S. Steel CEO John Surma fires the Chancellor, A.D. and Coach Paterno after the investigation of native Jerry Sandusky by native AG Kelly.

November 10

(1829) The Pennsylvania Canal aqueduct over the Allegheny opens.
(1841) Allegheny County, having sold the original courthouse and jail at auction months earlier, transfers the remaining "Diamond Market House" to the city.[1,866]
(1921) Cmdr. Foch is the 4th foreign leader to visit.
(1933) Mayor McNair and boss and future mayor David Lawrence are White House guests.
(1940) The Steelers at Forbes Field become the franchise with the most penalty free games, their 2nd against Philadelphia.
(1947) VP Wallace visits, launching his Progressive Party campaign from Syria Mosque.
(1951) Callers use 412 for the 1st time, the 4 year old code previously known to operators.
(1957) The Steelers lose at Cleveland 0-24 giving up an 89 yd fumble return for TD.[1,867]
(1975) U.S. Steel's SS Arthur M. Anderson is the last to contact the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.
(1979) In the Backyard Brawl at Morgantown, the Panthers win 24-17 as Coach Sherrill tells players to keep helmets on since WVU fans are "throwing everything at us".[1,868]
(1993) The Commonwealth awards $161 thousand¤ to open 16,000 year old Meadowcroft as America's oldest human habitation.
(1995) Penguins star Ron Francis scores a hat trick in San Jose.
(1999) LTV purchases Copperweld for $907 million¤.[1,869]
(2002) At Heinz Field v Atlanta Steelers star Tommy Maddox throws for 473 yards, but the game ends as a tie.
(2003) CMU opens the world's 1st green dorm.[1,870]
(2004) Jeopardy! starts 3 weeks at Petersen Events Center.
(2005) Sidney Crosby scores the 1st SOG game winner in Penguins history in a win over Montreal at the Igloo.[1,871]
(2011) Native Gov. Corbett addresses the riots at Penn State after native AG Kelly arrests native Jerry Sandusky while U.S. Steel CEO and native John Surma fires Joe Paterno.

November 11

(1864) The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange opens on Fourth Avenue, to last until the 1974 Philadelphia merger.
(1918) Reports for World War I show over $3.32 billion¤ in county production.
(1946) The Ironmen win their first game, at Duquesne Gardens v. Providence. [1,872]
(1949) The 42 day steel strike ends with U.S. Steel adopting a pension.
(1974) Pitt dedicates the Chevron Center and Ashe auditorium.
(1975) Sec. Kissinger visits.[1,873]
(1987) VP Bush visits the Veterans Day parade.
(1988) The Veterans Bridge opens, completing I-579.
(1988) The Dukes open the Palumbo Center
(1994) A killing frost sets the record for latest.
(2008) Penguins star Jordan Staal scores his 2nd hat trick in Detroit.

November 12

(1758) Col. Forbes attacks a squad of De Vitri’s men near Ft. Ligonier killing 1 and taking 3 prisoner including a colonial captive from Lancaster who tells of the weak condition of Ft. Duquesne. Nearby, Col. Washington and LtC. Mercer's men accidentally engage because of heavy night fog, with 40 killed & wounded.
(1794) Mayor Robinson and 17 others are arrested during the Whiskey Rebellion's "dreadful night".
(1892) The world's 1st pro football game kicks off at Rec Park as "Pudge" Heffelfinger is paid $12.9 thousand¤ by the Allegheny AA v Pittsburgh A's.
(1889) St. Margaret's is founded in Lawrenceville with a $259 million¤ gift.
(1937) The Grays Bridge is dedicated.
(1938) The CIO National Convention opens with greetings by President Roosevelt.[1,874]
(1946) City Council creates the URA with Mayor Lawrence its first chair.
(1955) As Sugar Bowl scouts are at Pitt Stadium for #6, 7-0 WVU, the Panthers stun them 26-0 before the Mountaineers score on the last play, impressing enough for their 1st bowl bid in 20 years. Fans rush the field, tear down goal posts and force refs to award WVU the PAT as Pitt Assistant Steve Petro explodes in fury.[1,875]
(1975) Penguins star Jean Pronovost scores a hat trick in Washington.
(1982) Creepshow opens as the #1 movie in America, holding the spot for 7 days.
(1998) The Dalai Lama visits, the 26th by a foreign leader.
(2008) LG Knoll passes away in office.

November 13

(1844) The Monongahela opens navigation to Brownsville with 7 dams & 11 locks.
(1923) The Union Trust Bldg. hosts 20,000 at its Grand Opening.
(1923) The city's 1st traffic-light system is installed at downtown Blvd. of the Allies intersections.
(1926) An air show dedicates Bettis Field's opening.
(1949) The Steelers call 100% running plays v the Rams at Forbes Field, the teams 2nd such game, an NFL record.
(1959) An Allegheny River site is proposed for Three Rivers Stadium.
(1973) Penguins star Lowell MacDonald scores a hat trick in Minnesota.
(1979) For the 1st time a MLB MVP is shared, as Pirates star Willie Stargell is awarded.
(1980) J&L Steel announces the closure of the SouthSide Works.
(1981) 2 1/2 old Lauren Toohey arrives at Pittsburgh International with Dr. Starzl for a Children's Hospital liver transplant after a Wisconsin donor is found.[1,876]
(1981) The last Parkway Limited commuter train pulls out of Penn Station.
(1991) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick v Edmonton at the Igloo.
(1991) The NBM announces its 6th annual "honor award" to the city.[1,877]
(1999) Pitt Stadium's last game hosts 60,190 as the Panthers beat Notre Dame 37–27.
(2001) Penguins star Alexei Kovalev scores a hat trick at the Devils.
(2004) The history center opens the W. Pa. Sports Museum.
(2005) Steelers star Hines Ward becomes the teams leading receiver in a win v Cleveland.[1,878]
(2007) Councilwoman Carlisle pleads no contest for taking $48,200ia in kickbacks and resigns.
(2010) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores his 6th hat trick in Atlanta.
(2011) The courthouse is put on alert hours after realizing a convict had bypassed security.[1,879]
(2012) McKayla Maroney visits Children's Hospital.[1,880]

November 14

(1900) Andrew Carnegie gifts $27.9 millionia to found CMU in a Schenley Hotel speech.
(1914) The 6-1 Panthers beat the Tartans at Expo Park to begin a college football record 32 straight wins over 4 seasons.
(1927) The world's largest gas storage tank--EQT's on the Ohio--explodes killing 28 & leveling everything within 5 mi.[1,881][1,882]
(1932) All 500 county schools distribute free milk to 50,000 undernourished Great Depression children while both Duquesne National and Diamond banks close after "runs".
(1938) The North Side's Grotto hosts the world's 1st CIO national convention as members vote to become a permanent organization and for "no compromise" in its 3-year war with the AFL.[1,883]
(1940) Harris-Alvin Theater's 50 year old roof collapses as 200 escape serious injury.
(1944) A Homestead-E. Pittsburgh streetcar crash in Munhall kills 6 and injures 34.
(1945) Gen. Mellon speaks to the Duquesne Club in support of the 36a $77.5 millionia Point Park.
(1952) City Hall bans curbside parking downtown.
(1956) The Pirates suggest relocation unless Forbes Field is replaced.
(1966) Gen. Mellon retires as Mellon chairman.
(1977) Mayor Caliguiri announces Renaissance II.
(1984) CMU is awarded a 5-year, 250 jobs, $230 millionia Pentagon contract for SEI.
(1985) [1,884]
(2001) Penguins star Alexei Kovalev records hat tricks in back-to-back Igloo games after a month long knee injury absence.
(2001) U.S. Steel gifts $656,300ia to restore and build a visitors center at Braddock's Field.
(2010) As the Steelers lose to the Pats, Hines Ward leaves in the 1st half with a concussion, ending the NFL's 3rd longest streak of 186 games with a catch.[1,885]
(2011) The Press republishes for the 1st time in 20 years, exclusively online.

November 15

(1764) Indians return 60 captives to Ft. Pitt as the Blockhouse is completed.
(1786) Ms. Pride opens a boarding and day school for young ladies.[1,886]
(1881) The world's 1st labor union, FOTL, later the AFL and merge to AFL-CIO opens its founding conference at Turner Hall.[1,887][1,888]
(1941) The Dukes finish 8-0 to claim the National Title [1,889]
(1942) The Steelers play their 1st Pitt Stadium game, a USO benefit v Ft. Knox.[1,890]
(1955) National Steel announces $1.74 billionia in area expansion over 3 years.
(1962) Pittsburgh International completes its $92.2 millionia ($46.1 millionia in federal funds), 2-mile runway.[1,891]
(1978) Pirates star Dave Parker wins the NL MVP.
(1981) The Steel Curtain allows Steve Bartkowski 400+ yards at Atlanta.
(1985) VW Westmoreland produces it's 1 millionth car.
(1990) Pirates ace Doug Drabek wins the Cy Young.
(2002) Pitt dedicates the 2,500 sq.ft. (230 m2) McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success at the Cathedral of Learning.
(2004) Sarah Heinz House breaks ground on $10.7 millionia expansions to increase the amount of programming offered and provide a new gymnasium and indoor pool.
(2007) Pittsburgh International and Xi'an Xianyang sign the agreement for air trade. [1,892]

November 16

(1827) The PTS opens for classs.
(1859) The areas 2nd blast furnace, and the 1st to use coke, "Clinton" runs on the South Side.
(1885) The Pittsburgh Platform opens.
(1909) Pitt names the Panther as mascot, the world's 1st teams to be so named.
(1939) Robert Moses unveils his $635 millionia downtown "arterial plan" for a cross-town highway, Pitt Parkway, Duquesne Way & PA 51 improvements, removal of the Wabash & B&O stations while declining Ft. Pitt restoration as "impractical and undesirable."
(1941) The Steelers 3rd all-running-plays game--an NFL record--is a 14-7 Forbes Field win v Brooklyn.
(1954) ACRA begins a $30.3 millionia renewal of McKees Rocks.
(1966) Pirates star Roberto Clemente wins the NL MVP.
(1968) The Igloo hosts Penguin Pete for the last time.
(1977) Penguins star Blair Chapman scores a hat trick in Minnesota.
(1997) Patriarch Bartholomew conducts a divine liturgy at the convention center.[1,893]
(2001) The Port Authority opens the 1st Ave. station.[1,894]
(2008) The Steelers make NFL history with a 11-10 win over San Diego at Heinz Field [1,895]
(2008) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores his 3rd hat trick at the Isles.
(2010) The Steelers replace Jeff Reed with Shaun Suisham in a mid-season shakeup.
(2011) Mac Miller's locally recorded Blue Slide Park is declared #1 rap album by Billboard.[1,896]
(2011) White House shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez is arrested in White Twp. after a national manhunt.[1,897]

November 17

(1852) The O&P RR posts the 1st regular schedules between the city and Alliance, Canton, Massillon, & Wooster.
(1896) The 1st ever WPHL game (the 1st hockey league to pay and trade players) drops puck at the Schenley Casino.
(1963) Washington's Norm Snead is the 2nd 400+ yards QB for the season v the Steelers.
(1966) PennDOT announces plans for a parallel to the West End Bridge.
(1974) NBC Nightly News broadcasts from Three Rivers with Steelers star Rocky Blier.[1,898][1,899]
(1976) State Court upholds Blue laws prohibiting most retailers from doing business on Sunday.
(1982) Steelers fans rejoice for the teams 50th season as the 57-day NFL strike ends.
(1989) Council President Woods resigns as he is found guilty of racketeering at the U.S. Courthouse. [1,900]
(1997) Penguins fans are in Toronto for the HoF inductions of Brian Trottier and Mario Lemieux.
(2002) A team of Pittsburghers begin their walk across Antarctica to the South Pole for awareness and fund-raising of "The Ultimate Walk to Cure Diabetes."[1,901][1,902]
(2003) The PIA announces it will move HQ to the area.[1,903]
(2007) Reeves Field hosts the 11th annual Victory Bowl.
(2010) The Port Authority finalizes $250,000 in grants to complete bike racks on all of its bus fleet, with 600 buses already being bike friendly.[1,904]
(2011) Sen. Casey announces a $3.2 millionia grant to the Port Authority for natural gas busses. [1,905]
(2011) Arrested in White Twp. the previous day White House shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez is arraigned at the U.S. Courthouse.[1,906]

November 18

(1881) The world's 1st labor union, the FOTLU (to become the AFL and merge into AFL-CIO) closes its founding conference.[1,907]
(1883) At noon the observatory transmits the world's 1st telegraph signal to synchronize railroad schedules across the continent to standard time.
(1886) The 10 year old Pirates join the NL.
(1897) The city's 5 largest gas companies join into a $140 millionia trust & plan a $22.3 millionia 2nd Avenue plant.
(1907) Voted on the year before, Allegheny's annexation is upheld as the Supreme Court rules in Hunter v. Pittsburgh.[1,908]
(1946) A majority of county officials vote that proposed smoke-controls include railroads.
(1950) Matt Cvetic appears before UAAC to reveal he was a FBI undercover agent.
(1950) The 47-day-old newspaper strike ends as 3,000 return to work.
(1958) Motto restored to seal.[1,909][1,910]
(1962) The Delta Queen returns to dry dock at Neville Island for months long repair.[1,911]
(1981) Pitt announces its membership in the Big East.
(1983) Skyscraper "Twin Towers" are announced for the cultural district.[1,912]
(1991) Penguins stars Mark Recchi and Kevin Stevens both get hat tricks in Quebec.
(1994) The Mon Incline reopens after a $4.7 millionia renovation as the Smithfield St. Bridge reopens after a $25.1 millionia renovation.
(2002) Zoo handler Michael Gatti is crushed to death by an elephant.
(2008) PittGirl signs off her blog.[1,913]
(2010) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores a hat trick in Atlanta.
(2011) Mila Kunis attends the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore after accepting his invitation on national TV months before.[1,914]

November 19

(1788) Reserved tract lots are sold at Philadelphia auction.
(1885) The Pittsburgh Platform closes.
(1928) 2,000 scientists from 20 nations, assemble at CMU for the opening of the 2nd International Conference on Bituminous Coal, initiated in 1926 by President Baker.
(1948) For the 2nd time in a year, PRC seeks a fare increase -- to $NaNia--as Bell requests a 25.5% increase for private phones.
(1953) CIA Agent Olson is drugged at Deep Creek Lake.
(1954) B&O announces it will construct a station along I-376 instead of offices.
(1969) Greensburg-Jeannette airport opens.[1,915]
(1972) Penguins star Al McDonough scores a hat trick v Calgary at the Igloo.
(1982) Resident Don Clay makes world headlines challenging President Reagan on new federalism, Reagan replies: "The Federal Government over the years, in the past, has tried to reduce the States to mere administrative districts of the Federal Government. But we're a federation of sovereign States."[1,916]
(1985) Suffering from the Drug Trials and a 100 loss season, Pirates new GM Syd Thrift fires Chuck Tanner and calls up an unaware Jim Leyland who sarcastically replies to "Hi Jim this is Syd Thrift" with "Yeah, yeah, and I'm John McGraw".
(1990) Pirates star Barry Bonds wins the MVP.[1,917]
(1991) Ed DeBartolo sells the Penguins for more than $961 millionia to Howard Baldwin.
(1998) The Nabisco plant closes after almost 80 years.
(2002) The Buhl Foundation grants $3.88 millionia to the Science Center to endow a directors position.
(2004) The Xplosion debut at PSU Allegheny but tragedy strikes when the head coach dies of a heart attack during the game.
(2004) UPMC surgeon Thomas Starzl receives the John Scott Award.[1,918]
(2005) The last original city map is sold at Philadelphia auction for $65,400ia.
(2008) FBI Agent Hicks is fatally shot during a Indiana Twp. drug raid.

November 20

(1818) The $1.55 millionia 1st bridge west of the Atlantic Plain opens over the Monongahela.[1,919]
(1841) The Intelligencer begins publication.[1,920]
(1912) Butler Henry Colpus and self-proclaimed Royal Prince, moves to 11 Jarvella St.[1,921]
(1937) The $44.5 millionia world's 1st quadrilateral truss bridge is dedicated.
(1938) Pitt dedicates the French gothic, 235' tall Heinz Chapel.
(1958) PennDOT awards $28.2 millionia in contracts for I-579.
(1980) National news reports Pittsburgh International has spent $507,700ia for 27,000' of fence and even lion droppings to scare deer off the runways.[1,922]
(1981) Prince launches his Controversy Tour at the Stanley.
(1984) After almost 40 years and 3 World Series, John Galbreath announces he will sell the Pirates.
(1985) Children's Hospital makes headlines as it performs the youngest heart-lung transplant (9 years old).
(1985) Jim Leyland is introduced as Pirates manager.[1,923]
(1989) First Lady Bush visits the Carnegie Library in Homewood.
(2002) The Clemente Bridge's decorative LED lighting is 1st turned on.
(2004) Glenshaw Glass Co.'s court-appointed trustee orders the 109-year-old company to close.
(2012) CCAC cuts hours of 400 faculty and staff to avoid obamacare.[1,924]

November 21

(1922) Fire destroys 3 of Duquesne Steel's buildings causing over $13.9 millionia in damage.
(1938) Boss Lawrence & others are called to Harrisburg to answer coercion, extortion & bribery allegations.
(1951) Councilman Pat Fagan banishes all pin-up girl calendars from police stations & City Hall after seeing them in open view & abundance.[1,925]
(1952) Pitt dedicates the Cathedral of Learning's English Nationality Room.
(1960) Light Up Night has its 1st official debut at 6 PM as stores unveil holiday displays a year after a smaller unofficial event was launched.
(1966) Gov. Lawrence dies at 77.
(1978) Meadowcroft is added to the NRHP.
(1981) River City Brass Band performs for the 1st time.
(1982) After 2 months of strike the NFL resumes play with the Steelers 50th season notching a win at Houston.
(1987) VW's Westmoreland Works announces it will close, laying off 2,500.[1,926]
(2003) The 7th annual Victory Bowl is hosted at Reeves Field.
(2007) Mayor Ravenstahl hosts the ceremony reopening the 31st St. Bridge after a year-long $30.3 millionia renovation.
(2008) After 3½ years the Port Authority orders their 2nd 20 hybrid buses.[1,927]

November 22

(1753) Washington[1,928]
(1775) Dr. Connolly is arrested in Fredrick en route from Ft. Pitt after the discovery that he is eliciting the help of the British to take the city for both the loyalists and Virginia.
(1822) West Pen, the 1st prison beyond the Atlantic seaboard, opens.
(1890) The Panthers win the program's 1st game, beating Geneva 10–4.
(1927) Show Boat opens at the Nixon Theater, 5 weeks before a Broadway premiere.[1,929]
(1954) Roberto Clemente is drafted #1 by the Pirates.
(1963) With news breaking that President Kennedy has been shot, KDKA anchor Bill Burns stays on the air for almost 3 hours.
(1972) The Penguins wow the Igloo crowd by setting the NHL record for the fastest 5 goals (2:07) and the fastest 6 goals (5:02) in history, 10–4 v St. Louis with a Al McDonough hat trick.[1,930]
(1972) Julia Warhola dies at 80.
(1986) A site along the Ohio near Three Rivers is announced for the $76.3 millionia science center.
(1988) MSA Foundation is created.
(2002) The Pete's 1st official game is played when the Lady Panthers beat the Lady Colonials 90–51.

November 23

(1753) Maj. Washington en route to talks with the French at Ft. LeBoeuf sights the Forks recording it is: "extremely well situated for a Fort; as it has the absolute Command of both Rivers." [1,931]
(1938) The 1st services are held at Heinz Chapel—a Thanksgiving prayer held a day early as the Pitt Choir performs to a SRO crowd.
(1939) An all Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Classic is 1st played as the Steelers lose to Philadelphia.
(1952) KDKA moves from channel 3 to channel 2.
(1953) On the 200th anniversary of Washington's discovery of the city a Gateway Center noon ceremony lays a marker proclaiming "the only city in the U.S. to have had its location chosen by the first president."
(1963) Dave McDonald receives President Johnson's 7th public call after the Kennedy assassination and discusses the Civil Rights Act as a memorial to JFK.[1,932]
(1968) Penguins fan favorite Penguin Pete passes away.
(1985) The 4th USS Pittsburgh is commissioned by the Navy, it remains on active patrol.
(1986) The Steelers allow Bernie Kosar 414 yards at Cleveland.
(1987) Council passes a non-smoking ordinance for public & private buildings, one of the 1st major cities to do so.
(1995) Sherriff Coon is sentenced after firing at a neighbors party at his Donegal country home.[1,933]
(2002) The #5 Panthers open the Pete with a win v the Dukes.
(2004) Jeopardy! crowns its champ after 3 weeks of broadcasting from the Pete.
(2012) The 31 year old FiServe Tower announces $3.5 million in upgrades.[1,934]

November 24

(1753) Col. Washington visits Logstown for a conference.
(1758) Cmdr. de Lignery burns Ft. Duquesne & about 40 surrounding buildings while 400 retreat to both Ft. Machault & Illinois Country as Gen. Forbes' men approach the Forks.
(1801) The Navigator is published.
(1831) Alexis de Tocqueville visits.[1,935][1,936]
(1894) The 1st Thanksgiving Classics are played as both Pittsburgh teams win.
(1904) The Panthers win 22-5 v Penn State, their 1st undefeated season at 10–0.
(1910) The Panthers clinch an undefeated & unscored on National Championship season beating Penn State 11–0.
(1935) Sunday movies are 1st shown with the repeal of Blue laws.
(1950) A record snowfall of 2' 6½" hits.
(1952) The 1st International Contemporary Music Festival is opened for a week-long run at The Carnegie.
(1964) Months after performing at West View, the Rolling Stones arrive for their 2nd concert.[1,937]
(1969) The $134 millionia Westinghouse Tower is dedicated.[1,938]
(1986) The Pirates acquire Doug Drabek.
(2000) The last Panthers game at Three Rivers is a Backyard Brawl win as Kevan Barlow gets 277 yds & 4 TDs.[1,939]
(2003) Sarah Kozer is finale runner-up in Joe Millionaire.

November 25

(1754) [1,940]
(1758) For the 1st time in the area's history, no French force was present, as Gen. Armstrong raises the Union Jack over the day-old ruins of Ft. Duquesne, with Col. Washington present.
(1831) Alexis de Tocqueville leaves the area traveling down the Ohio en route to Wheeling, Virginia.[1,941]
(1903) Fire crews respond to Harry Davis' 5th Ave. theater filled with about 300 patrons after "A celluloid film in a cinematograph machine ignited, and the blaze swept through the upper balcony in the rear of the auditorium," crews diligently preventing "the whole block from burning down".[1,942]
(1915) The undefeated Panthers beat Penn St. at Expo Park and give rookie coach Pop Warner the 1st of his 4 national titles.
(1920) The Panthers get their 3rd undefeated season for Pop Warner with a 0-0 tie v Penn St. at Expo Park.
(1926) Panthers RB Gibby Welch breaks Red Grange's all time college football yardage record with a win v Penn St. at Pitt Stadium.
(1930) Thousands attend a benefit show at the Stanley for Great Depression unemployed.
(1979) The Steelers gain 606 in total yards at Three Rivers but need OT to beat Cleveland.
(1988) Penguins star Rob Brown gets a hat trick in Washington.
(1998) In Washington Penguins star Stu Barnes gets a hat trick.
(2002) Defibrillators go online throughout downtown.[1,943]
(2011) National media report a Black Friday fight at Monroeville Mall.[1,944][1,945]

November 26

(1914) The Panthers finish their 1 loss season with a win over Penn State at Expo Park.
(1921) The Mellons gift Pitt a $32.6 millionia 14a parcel for the Cathedral of Learning.[1,946]
(1925) The Pirates play & win their 1st NHL game at Boston, with Lionel Conacher scoring the 1st goal & Roy Worters stopping 26.
(1925) The 8-1 Panthers claim a partial national title with a win v Penn St. at Pitt Stadium.
(1926) The Rachel Carson Bridge opens as part of the 1st & only "triplet" bridges in the world, all being the world's 1st self anchored suspension bridges.
(1931) The Panthers beat Nebraska 40-0, the team's 6th shutout of a 8-1 season for a 5th National Title.
(1938) The Panthers claim a partial national title despite losing at Duke 0-7.
(1980) At the Igloo v Vancouver Penguins star Rick Kehoe gets a hat trick.
(1991) Penguins coach Bob Johnson dies at 60.
(1995) The Steelers win the 2nd to last NFL game in Cleveland before their move, 20-17.
(1998) Steelers star Jerome Bettis creates a new NFL rule when he is misheard by the referee during the Thanksgiving Classic OT coin toss in Detroit. The Steelers go on to lose the game & rest of the season to miss the playoffs after 6 straight berths.
(1999) At the Igloo v Ottawa Penguins star Jaromir Jagr scores his 5th hat trick.
(2007) After 2+" of rain turn the resoded Heinz Field to mud the Steelers wins the longest scoreless NFL game in 60+ years 3-0--a MNF game v Miami. Jeff Reed kicks the last minute FG.

November 27

(1758) Gen. Forbes gives the name Pittsburgh to the area.[1,947]
(1779) The 4¢ per annum tax is abolished for settlers as the Penn's allow the Disabling Act to expire.
(1902) In the 1st "NFL" Thanksgiving Classic the Stars tie Philadelphia.
(1910) The Alexander Cassatt statue is unveiled at his 8a $67.3 billionia 66 million passenger strong Penn Station New York.
(1926) In what has been called the greatest upset in sports history, Knute Rockne's 8-0 Notre Dame (and allowing only a single TD all season) is shut out by the 6-2 Tartans 27-0 at Forbes Field, the only team to beat the Irish all season.
(1934) In continued conflict Gov. Earle cuts off aid to the city in protest of Mayor McNair.[1,948]
(1937) The Panthers claim a partial national title, finishing undefeated with a win at Duke.
(1958) Mayor Lawrence and Gen. Ridgway speak to thousands at Point State Park to celebrate the bicentennial of the last French forces leaving Ft. Duquesne.
(1979) U.S. Steel announces the 1st of several layoffs, 2,000 regionally & 13,000 total.
(2010) Penguins star Sidney Crosby becomes the 1st since 1988 to score 4 different ways in a single game. His 6th hat trick, giving him his 200th goal, wows CONSOL with short handed, even strength, power play and empty net goals.

November 28

(1792) Gen. Wayne leads forces out of Ft. Fayette to Legionville to answer Fallen Timbers.[1,949]
(1827) The Pennsylvania Canal aqueduct over the Allegheny is put to bid.
(1860) All area banks except PNC halt specie payments on the war's eve.
(1918) The Panthers win their record 32 straight over 4 seasons, all under Pop Warner, beating Penn State at Expo Park.
(1925) Georges Vezina plays his last game, a 1-0 Pirates win.[1,950]
(1929) The Panthers beat Penn State, 20-7, going 9-0 for a 4th national title.
(1930) The Carnegie Library announces that its expanded downtown branch has moved from City Hall to the Union Trust Building.[1,951]
(1940) In the 2nd and last Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Classic the Steelers beat Philadelphia.
(1958) Pitt buys Forbes Field and rents it back to the Pirates.
(1965) Dick Butkus is drafted 3rd overall with the pick the Steelers traded away.
(1969) The world's 1st inland International Call Center opens.[1,952]
(1979) Penguins star Gary McAdam scores a hat trick v Quebec at the Igloo.
(1981) Tied at the half, the 10-0 & #1 Panthers lose to Penn State at Pitt Stadium 48-14 despite Marino's 2 TDs.
(1993) Jud Sewick dies in a Butler plane crash.[1,953]
(1995) Penguins star Markus Näslund gets a hat trick v Ottawa at the Igloo.
(1998) In Montreal Penguins star Martin Straka gets his 3rd hat trick.
(2008) The unranked Panthers stun undefeated #2 WVU at Morgantown 19-15.
(2009) Penguins star Sidney Crosby scores his 4th hat trick at the Rangers.
(2011) The Turnpike from Ohio to Oakmont is dumped by "goo".[1,954]

November 29

(1758) Days after chasing the remaining French force from Ft. Duquesne some soldiers refer to the camp that will become Pittsburgh as Ft. Argyle.
(1852) The PRR completes the Allegheny crossing and links Philadelphia to the city.
(1852) The PSEA is founded with a conference in the city.
(1865) After a 4 year Civil War tour the 1st USS Pittsburgh is decommissioned by the Navy.
(1902) The Stars blank Philadelphia at Rec Park by scoring 2 late TDs to take the 1st NFL championship.
(1934) The 8-1 Panthers claim a partial national title with a win over the Tartans.
(1940) Bantum completes the world's first jeep order.[1,955]
(1942) The 4th and last time that only 1 pass is completed in an NFL game sees the Steelers complete it v Brooklyn.
(1943) Contracts for the 10 mile, $269 millionia I-376 are signed in Harrisburg but construction is postponed until wars end.
(1950) Trolleys & buses resume service downtown after a days long blizzard.
(1951) ACCD's 1st transit study urges reconsideration of a $582 millionia subway for downtown.
(1972) Penguins star Eddie Shack scores a hat trick v Toronto at the Igloo.
(1976) 85 year old St. Margaret's breaks ground on it's new campus on the Allegheny.
(1980) The 1st annual Kaufmann's Parade kicks off downtown.
(1983) GCC v. Bell is argued.
(1991) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick in Philadelphia.
(2000) FBI Agent Greenback appears at U.S. Court to state on the record the informant that brought down the Pittsburgh mob.[1,956]
(2008) Penguins star Sidney Crosby scores his 2nd hat trick at the Devils.

November 30

(1753) Washington returns to the Forks after a conference at Logstown on the Ohio.
(1916) The Panthers finish undefeated for the 2nd straight season, Pop Warner's 2nd straight undefeated national title, with a win over Penn St. at Expo Park.
(1918) The start of one the world's great rivalries, the Panthers have their record 32 game win streak (all under legendary coach Pop Warner) snapped at Expo Park to Cleveland--Naval Reserve.
(1933) The 8-1 Panthers claim a partial national title with a win v the Tartans.
(1952) The Steelers score 9 TDs, 63-7 v the Giants, the teams biggest win while holding New York to 15 yds rushing & having QB Tom Landry intercepted & a blocked punt of his ran back for a TD. Steelers D forces 9 turnovers after the initial kickoff is run back for TD with even Jack Butler catches a TD as a WR. The crowd of 15,140 rush the field to tear down the goal posts.
(1955) Chatham announces a $104 millionia expansion.
(1956) The 17 floor HK Porter skyscraper is announced.
(1976) Panthers star Tony Dorsett receives the Heisman Trophy as the 1st college RB with 6,000+ yds.
(1976) The Colonials play their 1st Division I basketball, a 54-47 win v Del State at Jay Center.
(1977) Penguins star Peter Mahovlich scores a hat trick v Detroit at the Igloo.
(1979) The U.S. Steel Tower lobby is "flooded" with 7 bus loads of 400 steel workers protesting the closure of 2 Ohio mills shouting "Ayatollah Roderick".[1,957]
(1980) Panthers star Hugh Green is the 1st defenseman in history to win the Camp Award.[1,958]
(1986) The 4-8 Steelers take on the defending champ Bears at Chicago, fighting to prevent the franchises 1st losing season in 14 years they take the Bears to OT before losing when Otis Wilson punches out Louis Lipps.[1,959]
(1995) In Boston Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores his 34th hat trick with 4.
(1996) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr scores his 4th hat trick at the Igloo v Boston.
(2009) At the Rangers Penguins star Mike Rupp scores a hat trick.
(2011) Gates Hillman Center is granted LEED status.[1,960]
(2012) Brookings names the city as one of only 3 in the U.S.--and the only in the Northeast or Mid-West, to recover from the recession.[1,961]

December 1

(1758) Gen. Forbes formally names the encampment for William Pitt.
(1884) The city annexes Homewood.[1,962]
(1904) The Mt. Washington Tunnel opens.
(1913) Gulf Oil opens the world's 1st gas station at Baum & St. Clair in E. Liberty.[1,963]
(1915) It's revealed that the Federal Reserve actually chose Pittsburgh for District 4 HQ but Cleveland "stole" it in a backroom last minute deal.[1,964]
(1917) The Panthers finish their 3rd straight undefeated season under Pop Warner with an Expo Park win v Ft. Lee.
(1948) Ed Kaufmann and the CLO announce what will become the Civic Arena.
(1956) The Dukes play their 1st home game at Fitzgerald Field House, a 70-55 win v FSU.
(1963) After 31 seasons at Forbes Field the Steelers play the last NFL game there.
(1970) The NHL takes over the ailing Penguins.[1,965]
(1971) Penguins star Bob Leiter scores a hat trick v Detroit at the Igloo.
(1979) The state announces it will borrow $1.12 billionia from Washington for benefits in response to the thousands of layoffs announced by U.S. Steel days earlier.
(1985) The Carnegie Library's downtown branch moves from the Frick Building into Steel Plaza.[1,966]
(1998) Pitt breaks ground for Bouquet Gardens.
(1999) Pitt Stadium begins demolition.
(2007) In the 100th Backyard Brawl, voted as the "Game of the Year" by ESPNU, the 28 point underdog Panthers upset #1 WVU 13–9 in Morgantown, knocking the Mountaineers out of the National Championship Game.
(2007) U.S. Steel begins a $1.12 billionia modernization plan for area mills.

December 2

(1919) Henry Clay Frick dies at 69, leaving over $2.68 billionia, including $26.8 millionia to the city to develop Frick Park on his 561a estate. Since May, both H.J. Heinz & Andrew Carnegie have died.[1,967]
(1925) Pittsburgh hosts its 1st NHL game as the Pirates lose in OT v New York.
(1932) The W. End Bridge opens.
(1937) ACHA is founded.
(1964) The William Penn is sold to John Galbreath as rumors start that he plans to demolish & replace it with the new U.S. Steel Tower.[1,968]
(1976) A snowstorm forces closings and snarls traffic downtown.
(1976) Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh dies.
(1977) World press report President Carter's conference call with Shippingport Atomic Power Station managers & Westinghouse CEO to maximize output at 100%.[1,969][1,970]
(1989) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick in Quebec.
(1997) Former Steelers star Bubby Brister makes his infamous "swirling winds off the lake" by Three Rivers comment.[1,971]
(2003) President Bush visits the Convention Center Hotel.[1,972]
(2004) Duquesne announces a $86.1 millionia Forbes Ave. expansion.
(2007) Hines Ward becomes the Steelers all time TD receiver with 2 v Cincinnati in a Heinz Field 24-10 win.[1,973]
(2009) The Mellon Arena hosts its last basketball game, a Panthers City Game win.
(2010) Sidney Crosby scores his 7th hat trick (a natural hat trick) at CONSOL v Atlanta as the Penguins win their 8th straight.[1,974]

December 3

(1898) The A's beat the All-Stars at Expo Park, the world's 1st football All-Star game.
(1937) Pilots report the area appears "like a ball of black ink" as the heaviest smoke screens cuts downtown visibility to 300', slows traffic & has streetlights on at noon.
(1952) The Orchestra plays the world's 1st "major symphony" to an industrial community as 1,600 attend North Braddock's Scott High School.
(1954) KDKA is renamed as Westinghouse closes on the largest purchase in TV history--$84.4 millionia--as WDTV signs off.
(1959) The Hilton opens as the 39th in the world, with a Conrad Hilton hosted gala.[1,975]
(1972) In the largest win & 1st shutout v the 22 year Browns rivalry the Steelers all but clinch their 1st division title as Franco Harris rushes for 102 & the defense allows Cleveland to midfield only once.
(1973) The Steelers send out Joe Gilliam as the 1st African-American NFL starting QB in a MNF loss at Miami.[1,976]
(1979) Ohio v Kentucky is argued to determine ownership of the Ohio.[1,977]
(1980) Penguins star Rick Kehoe scores a hat trick in Toronto.
(1984) MARC is founded.[1,978]
(1987) Steelers fan Tony Morelli of Wintersville, Ohio rams his car through Three Rivers' gates at 50 mph, crashes along the concourse before 80 gallons of Nacho Cheese stops him. Police respond finding Morelli on the field punting footballs, complaining about Mark Malone's performance.[1,979]
(1988) The Dukes open the Palumbo Center with a 2 basket win v St. Joe's.[1,980]
(1989) UPMC performs the world's 1st heart-liver-kidney transplant.[1,981]
(1990) Penguins star Phil Bourque scores a hat trick at the Rangers.
(1997) Walt Harris wins COTY for leading the Panthers to their 1st bowl in 8 years.

December 4

(1753) Col. Washington arrives at Ft. Venango from Logstown, in a futile effort to prevent the French & Indian War.
(1758) At a Ft. Pitt conference area chiefs promise peace to Col. Bouquet and the return of captives.
(1882) Allegheny General incorporates.
(1922) The world's 1st musical ensemble is on air via KDKA-AM, the KDKA Symphony.
(1927) Pirates star Paul Waner is awarded the MVP.
(1931) Hunger Marchers--en route to Washington, D.C.--stop over to request food & shelter from city charities.
(1941) W. P. Witherow is elected president of the NAM.
(1953) Mayor Lawrence presents Council with the "most difficult" budget of his administration also indicating reluctant approval of a wage tax.
(1973) At Rutgers the Panthers halt play up 36-21 in the 1st as student storm the court for a sit-in protest.[1,982]
(1990) Liberty Tunnels ceiling wire pipes collapse during rush hour, trapping roughly 150 cars and 3 buses.
(1995) Brendan Eich invents JavaScript.
(1996) The PennDOT traffic management center breaks ground.[1,983]
(2004) The city's bond rating is lowered by S&P from A- to BB, one of the lowest ratings of any major U.S. city.
(2006) Mellon merges into BNY.
(2006) Westinghouse announces it has chosen Pittsburgh over Charlotte for its new engineering HQ with up to 2,000 jobs.[1,984]
(2007) The ABT is signed.
(2009) County officials agree to a court-ordered assessment on a ½ million properties by 2012 after Judge Wettick orders a plan to update property values by 2014.

December 5

(1874) Chamber of Commerce organizes at Germania Bank at Diamond & Wood, downtown, with Thomas Howe as 1st president.
(1933) At 5:31 PM, flash news hits that Utah & Ohio join Pennsylvania as the necessary ⅔rds to end Prohibition.[1,985]
(1945) Council raises property tax 12%--the highest in city history--28m on land and 14m on buildings.
(1946) Some 120,000 area steel workers, railroaders and miners strike.
(1952) Mayor Lawrence signs the city's 1st anti-discrimination employment code, the 23rd in the U.S. with such laws.
(1956) Legislation for the creation of a countywide transit authority is announced and set for referendum.
(1960) The 6 years of eminent domain for I-279 along the North Shore is completed.
(1979) Moments after the newly-elected School Board takes office, its members agree to begin desegregation.
(1980) Reported that Toyota interested and visiting VW Westmoreland.[1,986]
(1982) Steelers star Jack Lambert records 3 sacks in a win v Kansas City.[1,987]
(1983) Copperweld v Independence Tube is argued.
(1984) Penguins captain Mike Bullard scores a hat trick v St. Louis at the Igloo.
(1989) Craig Patrick is named Penguins GM and head coach.
(1991) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick in San Jose.
(1992) Cappelli & Company airs its finale after 4 seasons.
(2004) Steelers star Jerome Bettis retakes the active career rushing record in a late day win at Jacksonville, hours after Curtis Martin temporarily surpasses him for the 1st time.
(2006) Burt Bacharach gives a global TV performance from Heinz Hall on the Today Show.
(2007) The county enacts a 10% drink tax on poured alcohol and a $2/day rental car tax to finance the Port Authority.

December 6

(1792) The 1st U.S. military basic training facility is completed for Gen. Wayne's men from Ft. Fayette.[1,988]
(1876) The world's 1st crematory opens in Washington.[1,989]
(1954) The William Penn hosts 118 businesses, schools & hospitals, all 80 years or older, for honors at the Chamber of Commerce's 80th anniversary gala, hosted by William Block of the Post-Gazette's William Block & Scaife Co.'s Alan Scaife, the 2 oldest firms.
(1955) Pirates hall of famer Honus Wagner passes away in Carnegie.
(1961) The Dukes move into the Civic Arena for their 2nd home game of the year, defeating CMU 78–40.[1,990]
(1984) The 615-room $302 millionia Westin convention center hotel breaks ground.
(1985) City Hall picks Mark di Suvero's 90' steel sculpture for the Gateway Center traffic island.
(1986) Penguins star John Chabot scores a hat trick v Minnesota at the Igloo.
(1990) NewsCorp founder Rupert Murdoch places a desperate call to PNC Headquarters for an extension on $17.8 millionia payment his fledgling media empire owes. PNC grants the request & proves vital in saving Murdoch from liquidation bankruptcy due to the recession & Gulf War credit crunch.[1,991]
(1991) Nelson Mandela is the 23rd foreign leader to visit.
(2006) The Senate passes the MHSA, centralizing U.S. collections into the city's NMMR.[1,992]
(2009) Penn Hills officer Michael Crawshaw is killed as his cruiser is riddled with bullets while waiting for back-up to a "shots fired" call outside a home.
(2012) Pittsburgh International closes down the D terminal for an hour after a suspicious package bellows smoke.[1,993]
(2012) Cohon CMU threat.[1,994]

December 7

(1817) Patrick Campbell the contractor for the Greensburg Pike is killed by an ax wielding worker at Turtle Creek.[1,995]
(1818) The U.S. Court, established earlier in the year, holds its 1st session at the Old County Courthouse.[1,996]
(1893) The Phipps Conservatory is completed.
(1903) The Nixon Theater opens.
(1907) Allegheny is annexed as the city becomes the 6th largest in the U.S.
(1948) Heinz announces $145 millionia in North Side expansion, including 4 new buildings.
(1963) Postponed for weeks following President Kennedy's death the 8-1 Panthers upset Penn St. 22-21 with a TD run by QB Fred Mazurek at :01 at Pitt Stadium, later the Panthers beat the Willie Somerset led Dukes 69-67 in OT of the City Game finals after a Duke basket is shot as time expires but the game already ruled over.[1,997]
(1987) Jake Milliones is re-elected president of the school board for a record 5th year.
(1988) CERT publishes its first advisory.[1,998]
(2000) PHMC completes the purchase of boundary land around Bushy Run.
(2001) The $788 millionia PLSG is founded by CMU & Pitt.
(2005) Faced with a $2.97 millionia delinquent sewage bill, PBC files bankruptcy to keep its water supply.
(2006) Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie land at Arnold Palmer Airport to visit Fallingwater.[1,999][2,000]
(2010) Pittsburgh is the first in Pennsylvania to ban fracking.[2,001]
(2011) The #1 rated WDVE morning show is absent Jimmy Krenn for the 1st time in 25 years.[2,002]

December 8

(1926) Westwood votes 3-1 to be annexed.[2,003]
(1937) U.S. Steel relocates its management HQ to the city.
(1939) "Boss" Lawrence is acquitted of conspiracy, blackmail & election law violations by a Harrisburg jury.
(1941) More than 1,200 sign up for military service in the city the day after Pearl Harbor.
(1951) Troopers respond to the Turnpike's Irwin Plaza and pull wrestler "2 Ton" Tony Galento off his promoter while arguing salary after a McKeesport show.[2,004]
(1971) The Port Authority begins Wabash Tunnel renovation for Skybus.[2,005]
(1977) The Pirates are ¼ of the 1st 4-team trade in MLB history (Mets/Braves/Rangers/Pirates), receiving Bert Blyleven & John Milner.
(1984) The 4th USS Pittsburgh is launched, it remains on active patrol.
(1987) Bishop Bevilacqua is named Archbishop of Philadelphia.
(2000) World news reports that Penguins owner Mario Lemieux will end his 3 year retirement.[2,006]
(2002) A German is arrested for bypassing security at Pittsburgh International.[2,007]
(2003) VP Cheney arrives at Arnold Palmer Airport for a quail hunt visit to Ligoner.[2,008]
(2010) Beano Cook wins the McGrane Award.

December 9

(1930) New Homestead reports delivery of its petition for annexation to City Hall.[2,009]
(1939) "Boss" Lawrence arrives at Penn Station to a cheering crowd of 5,000 a day after being acquitted of conspiracy, blackmail, and violation of election laws by a Harrisburg jury.
(1942) The JC's name H.J. Heinz II as "Man of the Year" for his United War Fund leadership.
(1946) At the RPA's annual Duquesne Club dinner the PPA is announced with $429 millionia plans for 20 parking garages for 26,000 cars.
(1955) Pie Traynor, Mayor Lawrence, Branch Rickey & thousands more attend Honus Wagner's funeral.[2,010]
(1965) Hundreds see strange lights, with Kecksburg residents reporting a crash followed by a military and state police take over.
(1966) Several power companies merge to form Allegheny Energy.[2,011]
(1973) The Steelers set the NFL record for fumble recoveries at 10 in a 33-7 win v Houston at Three Rivers.
(1980) The Pirates break up their last World Series team trading Bert Blyleven & Manny Sanguillén to Cleveland.[2,012]
(1992) Former Pirates president Carl Barger dies suddenly at MLB's winter meetings.
(1999) Miracle on Ice head coach Herb Brooks is promoted from Penguins head scout to head coach, beating Washington at the Igloo.[2,013]
(2004) The WestPenn AAA approves the takeover of the Cleveland-Youngstown regional AAA.[2,014]
(2012) The three year old Penguin Pond moves to Highmark Stadium.[2,015]

December 10

(1851) The PRR advertises its 1st "Pittsburgh Service" with lines as close as Turtle Creek.
(1911) Cal Rodgers lands the world's 1st transcon flight at Long Beach, taxiing to Pacific surf in front of 20,000.
(1953) Gen. Marshall receives the Nobel Peace Prize.[2,016]
(1954) Pitt announces a $26 millionia expansion with several dorms, a student union & UPMC offices.
(1966) Waynesburg College wins the NAIA Title at Tulsa.[2,017]
(1972) The Steelers capture their 1st division title with a win in Houston, their 2nd playoffs & 1st in a generation.
(1973) Bruno Sammartino regains his WWE title.
(1974) City Hall & the county settle on the convention center to go jointly to the commonwealth for approval.
(1979) WHX threatens to close Allenport if salary reductions are rejected, following similar news by U.S. Steel days earlier.
(1979) After the Steelers lose to his Oilers 17-20 Bum Phillips laments that "The road to the Super Bowl goes through Pittsburgh".[2,018]
(1980) The Port Authority begins subway construction.
(1983) New York City's last NFL game has the Steelers posting Shea Stadium's last NFL win as Terry Bradshaw throws it's last TD in his last career game v native Joe Walton's Jets.
(2001) The 9,600' ² PPG Ice Rink, over 2,000' ² larger than Rockefeller Center's, opens for its 1st season.
(2002) Three Rivers Connect launches the area's 1st public Wi-Fi in Oakland.
(2007) Pitt announces its (then) largest gift, $46.3 millionia from Ansys founder John Swanson.[2,019]
(2007) CIA Agent Kiriakou blows the whistle on torture techniques.
(2012) Miss Pennsylvania loses her arbitration case against Donald Trump after accusing Miss USA of being "rigged" & "removed" from its foundations for allowing its 1st transgender contestant.[2,020]

December 11

(1753) Col. Washington arrives at Ft. LeBeouf from Logstown.
(1869) Chatham is founded as the city's 3rd degree granting college.
(1942) Pittsburgh the movie (the 1st one) debuts with John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich.
(1954) Pitt opens as host for the international debate championship.[2,021]
(1976) In Houston, the Steelers record the most NFL shutouts in 50 years with their 5th & set a new NFL record forcing 71 punts.
(1987) Shimon Peres is the 21st foreign leader to visit.
(1999) The 650 seat $34.9 millionia O'Reilly Theater opens in the Cultural District.
(2000) Mario Lemieux announces his Penguins return to world press at the Marriot.[2,022]
(2001) Penguins star Alexei Kovalev records his 500th point on a goal and assist.
(2003) Panthers star Larry Fitzgerald becomes the 1st sophomore in history to win a Camp Award, he also wins the Beiltinkoff Award.[2,023]
(2003) As filming wraps Amber Brkich wins Survivor: All-Stars.
(2005) Jerome Bettis famously runs over Brian Urlacher at Heinz Field.
(2006) Pittsburgh International begins operating automated FlightDesk Kiosks.[2,024]
(2008) Penguins stars Petr Sykora & Pascal Dupuis both score their 1st career hat tricks at the Isles.
(2009) The USS Somerset honoring the heroes of Flight 93 is laid.
(2011) An attorney jumps to his death at the Encore on 7th downtown. [2,025]

December 12

(1916) Expo Hall hosts its 1st hockey game.
(1954) Pitt awards the championship for debate.[2,026]
(1957) The world's 1st atomic power plant at Shippingport has its reactor go critical in preparation for production.
(1964) A 21 year old Pitt chemistry major drives a '59 Chrysler station wagon off the end of unfinished Ft. Duquesne Bridge & lands unhurt, making world news, comedy shows & D.J. Rege Cordic. Years later WQED wins an Emmy documenting it.
(1986) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick v Toronto at the Igloo.
(1989) At the Igloo v Boston Penguins star Rob Brown scores a hat trick.
(1992) Penguins star Kevin Stevens scores a hat trick v the Devils at the Igloo.
(1997) goes live 2 years after going online at[2,027]
(1998) Unbeaten #1 UConn survives a Panthers scare with a 70-69 come from behind buzzer beater at Fitzgerald Field House on global TV.[2,028]
(2003) A Carnegie Museum team publishes findings of the world's oldest marsupial.[2,029]
(2004) Police respond to the Ft. Pitt Bridge after a driver fires shots in a road rage incident.[2,030]
(2004) For the 1st time in NFL history opposing RBs go for the active career record in yards at Heinz Field with both Steelers star Jerome Bettis and native Curtis Martin eclipsing 13,000 in the game.
(2008) After 58 years GM closes its 350 employee strong West Mifflin plant.[2,031]
(2011) BNY Mellon files at court to remove 2 month old Occupy Pittsburgh from Mellon Green.

December 13

(1906) Pros star Hod Stuart makes world news by blasting the officiating of the city headquartered IPHL.
(1948) CMU launches a $38.7 millionia expansion.
(1957) Pitt hosts the 10th annual Cross Examination International Debate championship.[2,032]
(1958) At Forbes Field v the Cardinals Steelers star Bobby Layne throws the teams 1st 400 yard game.
(1972) Penguins star Syl Apps scores a hat trick v the Isles at the Igloo.
(1972) As the Steelers practice at Palm Springs for the finale at San Diego Myron Cope sights Frank Sinatra with Ken Venturi & Leo Durocher & requests he join Franco's Italian Army.[2,033][2,034]
(1975) The Panthers beat Ohio at the buzzer on Tom Richards 45' shot extending their Fitzgerald Field House win streak to 27.[2,035]
(1978) Pitt Ohio Express is founded.[2,036]
(1980) Penguins star Paul Gardner scores a hat trick v Philadelphia at the Igloo.
(1983) President d'Estaing visits Pitt.[2,037]
(2004) Bill Walsh remarks "that part of town is so forlorn" about Pitt.[2,038]
(2006) City Hall announces formation of the $8.07 millionia Pittsburgh Promise.
(2006) Penguins star Sidney Crosby scores 6 points (1g, 5a) v Philadelphia & takes over the points race from Jaromir Jagr--only the 2nd teen to lead NHL scoring after Wayne Gretzky.[2,039]

December 14

(1910) In Greensburg a 17 car coal freight train derails and severely injures 5 crew members.[2,040]
(1952) The Police Detective's "flower fund" is reportedly ordered disbanded by Chief Scott but the detectives vote to disobey.[2,041]
(1957) Pitt crowns the winners for the 10th annual Cross Examination International Debate championship.[2,042]
(1971) Shareholders approve Allegheny Airlines purchase of Mohawk Airlines.[2,043]
(1972) At the Steelers practice at Palm Springs in preparation for the finale at San Diego, Myron Cope and Franco Harris induct Frank Sinatra into Franco's Italian Army.[2,044][2,045]
(1995) UPMC transplant surgeons deliver to UCSF and supervise the world's 3rd (both earlier ones done at UPMC)--and 1st public--cross species marrow transplant.[2,046]
(2001) Art Institute student Salam El Zaatari is deported after 6 weeks in the Allegheny County Jail for being caught with an art knife at the Pittsburgh International Airport.[2,047]

December 15

(1892) At least 6 of the dozens of mysterious poisoning deaths of non-union scabs at the Homestead Steel Works are found to be intentional resulting in 9 union organizers being arrested. [2,048]
(1951) The Panthers open the $8.95 millionia Fitzgerald Field House complete with a $144,408ia New England maple floor with a victory over defending regional champ Columbia.[2,049]
(1988) Mayor Masloff dedicates Station Square ingot.[2,050]
(2002) Jenna Morasca wins Survivor: The Amazon on the final day of filming.
(2005) Google announces it has chosen CMU as the site of its major east-cost research center.
(2006) Penguins star Ryan Malone scores a hat trick v the Isles at the Igloo.
(2008) CONSOL Energy buys the rights to the new Penguins arena to replace the 50 year old Mellon Arena in late 2010.
(2012) Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike & David Oyelowo arrive to premier Jack Reacher, however the event is delayed out of respect for the Sandy Hook shooting.[2,051]

December 16

(1753) Col. Washington leaves Ft. LeBoeuf en route to Virginia.
(1788) County divided into seven townships.[2,052]
(1819) James O'Hara dies at his mansion on the Monongahela in downtown.[2,053]
(1944) George Marshall becomes the 1st General of the Army--the 1st to gain a 5th star.
(1961) The Civic Arena hosts its 1st annual Steel Bowl a 1 basket Duquesne Dukes win.
(1972) Johnny Majors agrees to become Panthers head coach.[2,054]
(1984) Steelers star Louis Lipps sets the rookie record for punt return yards in a win at LA.
(1984) A firefighter is killed riding to a call on the floor board of a truck.[2,055]
(2000) Penguins star Jaromir Jagr scores his 8th hat trick in Montreal.
(2000) The Steelers close out 30 years at Three Rivers as the last event is their win v the Redskins.
(2005) At the Igloo, Penguins star Mario Lemieux plays his last game, assisting on a goal, as rookie Sidney Crosby is named an Alternate Captain for the 1st time.[2,056]
(2007) The city hosts the globally televised WWE World Heavyweight bout at the Mellon Arena.
(2011) Clairton sets a WPIAL record with its 47th straight win.[2,057]

December 17

(1890) The area is hit by 1'10" of snow--the record for 103 years.
(1896) The city's 1st hockey arena--the site of the world's 1st artificial-ice surface--the Schenley Casino is destroyed by a chemical fire during the night from a leaky pipe.
(1912) Renamed Pennsylvania Station.
(1936) A Duquesne beat cop fires on a crowd of 2 men & 3 women.[2,058]
(1936) Judge Musmanno makes national headlines at the courthouse by freeing women 10 days early in honor of the holidays.[2,059]
(1972) The Steelers claim their 1st division title with a 28-2 win at San Diego.
(1975) Penguins stars Syl Apps and "Battleship" Kelly both score hat tricks in Oakland.
(1985) Central Downtown becomes a NHLD.
(1989) Pitt dedicates its African Heritage Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
(1996) Highmark merges with Penn Blue Shield.[2,060]
(2011) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores his 7th hat trick as Pascal Dupuis gets his 300th point in his 700th game & Marc-André Fleury becomes the 4th fastest to achieve his 200th win, during a CONSOL win v Buffalo.
(2012) [2,061]
(2012) Tom Cruise & David Letterman discuss the "beautiful city" "Pittsburgh looks fantastic" & "I'm noticing more and more movies are being shot in Pittsburgh".[2,062]

December 18

(1776) The House of Burgesses declares 40° the northern border of Virginia from the head of the Potomac, claiming much of the area.
(1860) The Gazette's Russell Errett laments the "great sin against Heaven in electing James Buchanan...a crime from the beginning to the end...weakness, vacillation & temporizing policy" had enabled traitors "in 5 or 6 Southern states. [I]nstead of invoking the arm of the law to punish their treason, he invokes us to come up before God...confess our sins in voting for Lincoln, & pray for divine help to enable us to conquer the stubborn convictions of our heart."[2,063]
(1952) A police officer accuses former DA Rahauser of bribery.[2,064]
(1957) The world's 1st atomic power plant starts generation.
(1972) Johnny Majors is introduced for his 1st Panthers head coach tenure.
(1973) Undefeated #6 Marquette is beat by the Panthers at Fitzgerald.[2,065]
(1977) The Steelers become the 4th of 5 NFL teams to never fair catch a punt all season, completing the year in San Diego.
(1977) The 1st bus-rapid-transit road in the U.S. opens.[2,066]
(1988) After the 3rd Circuit bans the Menorah at City Hall & the Crèche at the Courthouse protesters rally including 2 dressed as St. Joseph & The Virgin Mary complete with a Jesus doll.[2,067]
(2000) Rock Airport hosts Gov. Schweiker & Mayor Roddey for the unveiling of both the 2001 Commonwealth & county budgets.
(2004) The Steelers get their 500th win 33-30 at the Giants, as Jeff Reed kicks 3 FGs, Ben Roethlisberger throws for 316 yds & a TD, Jerome Bettis runs 140 yds & a TD & Hines Ward grabs 9 for 134 yds.

December 19

(1843) The Western Pen inspired A Christmas Carol is published.
(1891) Phone service--already serving the area for 15 years--connects to New York City for the 1st time.
(1947) The Delta Queen completes months long modernization and refurbishment on Neville Island, entering the Ohio for the 1st time as a passenger ship.[2,068]
(1970) Penguins star Glen Sather scores a hat trick v Detroit at the Igloo.
(1976) The defending champ Steelers advance in the playoffs v Baltimore as an upset Colts fan crashes his plane into Memorial Stadium as the game ends.[2,069]
(1994) Ed DeBartolo dies at 85.
(1996) At St. Louis Penguins star Mario Lemieux gets his 38th hat trick.
(2004) Amber Brkich & her fiance lose the season finale of The Amazing Race.
(2005) PNC Financial announces 3 PNC Plaza, to include a Fairmont Hotel.
(2011) Heath Miller becomes the Steelers all-time TE leader in catches in a MNF win at San Francisco, as the power fails twice dousing stadium lighting.[2,070]
(2011) The Federal Reserve Branch announces it will sell its 80 year old, 10 floor Grant Street tower after downsizing.
(2012) Robert Bork dies at 85.
(2012) Tom Cruise premiers Jack Reacher at the Southside Works commenting that "I think it's stunning. I think it's a beautiful city, the people are amazing."[2,071]

December 20

(1849) Abolitionist leader Sen. Chase visits to great fanfare & speaks at the Northside's Market House.
(1860) Ed Stanton becomes USAG.
(1896) The Press publishes the world's 1st pro-hockey rules for the 1st league to trade & pay players, the locally headquartered WPHL.
(1919) Gov. Sproul breaks ground for the Liberty Tunnels.
(1985) Calvin & Hobbs ponder if good or bad people go to Pittsburgh when they die.[2,072]
(1987) Steelers coach Chuck Noll scolds Oilers' Jerry Glanville for illegal game hits.[2,073]
(2001) The Panthers beat NC State 34-19 in the Tangerine Bowl, their 21st & the 25th for area colleges.
(2002) In a complex merger Heinz buys out DelMonte, reorganizes brands by synergies & spins off a new "Del Monte" with eastern HQ on the Northshore & assumption of the legendary Heinz Plant, while Heinz retains brands such as Del Monte's Starkist.
(2002) The Dukes play their 1st game outside the U.S., a 74-63 win v Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico.[2,074]
(2007) Sidney Crosby scores a Gordie Howe hat trick v Boston.
(2007) Hines Ward becomes the all time leading Steelers receiver in yards with 59 at St. Louis.[2,075]
(2009) At Heinz Field v Green Bay Ben Roethlisberger throws the 1st 500 yard game in Steelers history.
(2010) Penguins star Sidney Crosby guest hosts The Price is Right as a Winter Classic promotion.[2,076]

December 21

(1925) The Gazette reports that Pirates coach Odie Cleghorn is the 1st in the NHL to change his players on the fly.[2,077]
(1929) Saw Mill Run Blvd. opens.
(1947) Forbes Field hosts the city's 1st NFL Playoff game as the Steelers lose to Philadelphia.
(1957) Don Hennon sets a Fitzgerald record with 45 pts. in a 2OT win over Duke.[2,078]
(1981) PATrain opens the McKeesport terminal.
(1985) Thomas Starzl arranges the liver transplant of 5 year old Amie Garrison with a UPMC surgery team flown into Baylor University, starting that hospitals transplant program.[2,079]
(1988) Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores a hat trick in Toronto.
(1995) Sudden Death starring Jean-Claude Van Damme has a "Hollywood premier" in the North Hills.
(2000) The Dukes upset the Panthers by 1 in the City Game at Mellon Arena, their last series win.
(2003) Hines Ward becomes the 5th Steeler to receive 5,000 yds, with 94 v San Diego at Heinz Field.[2,080]
(2007) Philips buys Respironics for $5.72 billionia.
(2007) The USS Somerset honoring the heros of United Flight 93 is awarded.
(2009) The Penguins are held scoreless as Martin Brodeur eclipses Terry Sawchuk's all-time SO record as Doc Emrick announces.
(2012) Jury deliberates $1.12 billion CMU lawsuit.[2,081]

December 22

(1846) Regiments set off down the Ohio to join forces at Veracruz for the Mexican War.
(1953) Duquesne announces the 3rd phase of its $113 millionia expansion will include a Law Building.
(1954) A military DC-3 flying 23 vets & 5 crew from Newark to the west coast crashes into the icy Monongahela near Duquesne shortly after midnight with both Allegheny Airport & Pittsburgh International hearing m'aiders. Motorists turn on their lights to spotlight the way as "human chains" of rescuers transport 18 to McKeesport Hospital for exposure as 10 go missing.[2,082]
(1972) With Billy Knight's 37 pts. the Panthers 73 pts. breaks the record for opponent scoring at the Pauley Pavillion even as they lose to UCLA.[2,083]
(1986) Penguins star Craig Simpson scores a hat trick in Montreal.
(1993) The Commonwealth Assembly creates RAD.[2,084]
(1997) Fred Rodgers is declared "Pittsburgher of the Year" by Pittsburgh Magazine.
(2002) Panthers are ranked #2 by both polls for the 1st time in 24 seasons.[2,085]
(2003) German Mike Kobold is sentenced to 5 years at the Courthouse after claiming to be a constable to gain access to secure areas of Pittsburgh International.[2,086]
(2009) Penguins broadcaster Paul Steigerwald causes outrage when he compares a player going down in a game at New Jersey to how Hobey Baker went down in a plane crash.
(2011) Penguins Pond at the Southside Works opens.[2,087]
(2012) [2,088]

December 23

(1754) Queen Alliquippa dies.
(1859) Cpt. Rodman tests his cannon.
(1891) Pittsburgh officially losses its "H" as federal rules on place names take effect.
(1908) The Lyceum fold.
(1910) Over 100 leaders pass resolutions for "Greater Pittsburgh" consolidation at the Chamber of Commerce.[2,089]
(1935) The Doc Carlson created Figure 8 Offense is finally cracked as the Panthers lose 17-35 at Kentucky.[2,090]
(1952) WQEX & WPCW receive licenses.
(1957) The world's 1st atomic power plant achieves full power.
(1972) In the 1st Steelers playoff in 25 years (and their 1st postseason win), Franco Harris salvages a Terry Bradshaw pass in the greatest NFL play in history--to beat the Raiders 13-7 at Three Rivers as Art Rooney, Myron Cope & Bob Prince miss the play while in the elevator to the locker room. Frank Sinatra, just weeks before inducted into Franco's Italian Army sends a congratulatory telegram.[2,091]
(1982) Penguins star Rick Kehoe scores a hat trick in Detroit.
(1990) The Steelers tie a 15 year old NFL record forcing 8 fumbles from the Browns at Three Rivers.
(1991) Penguins star Joe Mullen scores a 4 goal hat trick at the Isles.
(2004) The Panthers name Dave Wannstedt coach.
(2009) At the Igloo v Ottawa Penguins star Evgeni Malkin gets his 4th hat trick.
(2011) President Obama signs the Fallen Heros of 9/11 Act awarding medals to the Flight 93 families.[2,092]

December 24

(1784) William Powell Jr. homesteads 318 acres east of the settlement.[2,093]
(1913) In the Welterweight Championship rematch held at the Duquesne Gardens native George Chip defends his title against native Frank Klaus.
(1915) Henry Clay Frick upon learning that a bank failure resulted in school children losing $3.91 millionia, personally refunds each one.
(1917) Near the Mt. Washington Transit Tunnel a PRW car derails killing 21 and injuring 80.
(1925) seal approved. [2,094][2,095]
(1955) Native Col. Harry W. Shoup of NORAD begins tracking Santa for the 1st time as children call after the Sears Catalog accidentally prints the military's number.[2,096]
(1969) PHX buys the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange.[2,097]
(1989) Needing 4 teams to lose to make the playoffs for 1st time since the '85 AFC Title Game everything aligns for the Steelers as they win in a Tampa "miracle" snowfall--the 1st that far south during any NFL season.[2,098]
(1995) After 102 years Horne's on Penn Ave. closes.
(2005) Prior to a 41-0 Steelers win at Cleveland James Harrison becomes a YouTube sensation by bodyslaming a drunk Browns fan who runs on the field.

December 25

(1860) Mayor Wilson and Council send a telegram to President Buchanan imploring him to reverse the ordered shipment of 124 Allegheny Arsenal cannon to forts in the south.[2,099][2,100]
(1910) Stored mine powder ignites under a miners Greensburg porch during a Christmas dance for fellow workers, killing 3 and injuring 9, although ruled an accident some suspect striking miners of foulplay.[2,101]
(1928) The Carnegie Refinery in Heidelberg suffers 2 massive explosions hours after the initial fire was thought under control, killing 2 firefighters & injuring 9.[2,102]
(1942) Pittsburgh earns its moniker "Arsenal of Democracy" as all area steel mills operate on Christmas Day for the 1st time at full staff.
(1979) The Panthers beat Arizona, 16-10, in the Fiesta Bowl to finish 11-1, the school's 12th bowl and 16th for area colleges.
(2003) George Zambelli dies at West Penn Hospital.

December 26

(1767) Mason and Dixon return to Philadelphia after surveying 224 miles of Western Pennsylvania. P 71
(1910) A Coraopolis gas explosion kills 2 and severely injures another.[2,103]
(1926) Roy Worters makes 70 saves as the Pirates & New York combine for a NHL record 141 shots/game in a 3–1 New York win.
(1975) The Panthers 8th bowl--the area's 12th--is a win v Kansas 33-19 in the Sun Bowl.
(1983) Penguins star Andy Brickley scores a hat trick v the Rangers at the Igloo.
(1984) At the Igloo v the Isles Penguins star Mike Bullard scores a hat trick.
(1991) Steelers coach Chuck Noll retires after 23 seasons, 209 wins, 7 title games & the most Super Bowl wins by any NFL coach (4).
(1991) Joe Mullen is the 1st Penguin to score 4 goals in back-to-back games with a hat trick v Toronto at the Igloo.[2,104]
(2002) The Panthers beat Oregon State, 38-13, in the Insight Bowl, their 22nd--the area's 26th.
(2004) After surrendering the all time active yardage record by 9 to Curtis Martin 2 weeks prior, Steelers star Jerome Bettis regains the lead by 81 & passes Eric Dickerson for 4th in a 20-17 win v Baltimore at Heinz Field.
(2006) The Dozen Bake Shop is opened.
(2009) The Globetrotters are the last basketball played at the Mellon Arena.
(2009) The Panthers beat UNC 19-17 in the Belk Bowl, their 26th--the area's 30th.
(2012) CMU wins a $1.17 billion patent lawsuit v Marvell Technology at the US Courthouse downtown.[2,105]
(2012) After a multiple hour delay before leaving Dallas an American Airlines flight lands safely at Pittsburgh Internatonal before turning into a snow drift by its gate, stranding passengers for two hours as towing the plane fails and busses are called in.[2,106]

December 27

(1767) Gen. Gage writes Gov. Penn: "how little attention has been paid to the proclamation that has been published & that even the removing of these people from the lands by the garrison at Ft. Pitt has been only a temporary expedient; as they met with no punishment we learn they are again returned to Ft. Redstone."
(1860) The Gazette reports: "[T]he sidewalks on 5th St., leading to the Court House were thronged with masses of people going to the meeting," for Civil War defenses. So many attend that the session is moved outside.[2,107]
(1910) A 2nd Chamber of Commerce meeting formalizes "Greater Pittsburgh" consolidation. [2,108]
(1927) U.S. Steel elects J.P. Morgan Chairman of the Board.
(1975) The Steelers wave Terrible Towels for the 1st time as they take the Three Rivers field for a divisional playoff v Baltimore. Andy Russell wins the game on a NFL playoffs record for a TD return 93 yard run, some claim the play to be the longest time duration in football history.[2,109]
(1982) The Panthers play their 1st Big East game, a road loss.[2,110]
(2000) Penguins star Mario Lemieux returns to the ice after years of "retirement" scoring a goal & 3 points at the Igloo v Toronto.[2,111]
(2004) The Wabash Tunnel is reopened after more than 50 years of being mothballed.[2,112][2,113]

December 28

(1928) The Ambridge–Aliquippa Bridge opens.
(1934) Dr. Albert Einstein visits CMU to deliver his 1st major U.S. speech, his 1st major speech in several years.[2,114]
(1948) Westinghouse hires 600 as news breaks it has been chosen to build the reactors for the 1st nuclear powered sub at Bettis Labs.
(1979) U.S. Steel has the Ambridge union accept paycuts to prevent a plant closure.
(1983) U.S. Steel layoffs an additional 5,574.
(1988) After 93 years Westinghouse sells its shuttered 175 acre, 11 floor, 4.2 million²' E. Pittsburgh complex for a speculated $39.3 millionia.[2,115]
(2003) The Steelers stop Jamal Lewis of the division champ Ravens from breaking the NFL rushing record in a 13-10 OT loss in Baltimore.[2,116]

December 29

(1753) Washington returns to the Forks from his conference with the French at Ft. Venango.[2,117]
(1846) The city's 1st telegraph message is sent as Adj. Gen. Bowman transmits to President Polk.[2,118]
(1951) Continental 44-2 crashes killing 26 and stranding 14 between the city and Buffalo. [2,119]
(1952) The Panthers win their 500th game, a win over Dartmouth at the Pitt Pavilion.
(1956) The Panthers play their 6th bowl, the region's 10th, a loss to Georgia Tech.
(1963) Aliquippa has 2 of the 21 Gator Bowl Hotel Fire dead. [2,120]
(1974) The Steelers earn their 1st Super Bowl berth as Jack Ham has 2 picks, the Steel Curtain allowing only 29 rushing yards and Franco Harris and Rocky Blier combine for over 200 yards at Three Rivers.
(1980) The Panthers play their 13th bowl the region's 17th, defeating South Carolina 37-9 in the Gator to finish with an 11-1 record.
(1997) Penguins star Ron Francis scores a hat trick against the Islanders at the Igloo.
(2009) Google signs the lease for Bakery Square, moving from it's 4 year old CMU lab. [2,121]

December 30

(1753) Washington and his guide are stranded on an Allegheny island near Washington's Landing after nearly drowning from ice sheets.
(1895) The world's 1st artificial ice hockey game & the city's 1st hockey game, an exhibition between a combined Dukes & Panthers squad v Queens drops puck at the Schenley Park Casino.[2,122]
(1942) The rivers crest at 36'7" downtown.
(1968) The Dukes, leading the nation in scoring defense & fresh off defeating the #13 Bonnies, allow Pete Maravich's LSU to rally with 32 2nd half points with only :08 left.[2,123]
(1970) The then largest crowd in Panthers history--13,535--watch UCLA win by 5 baskets at the Civic Arena.[2,124]
(1975) Tim Grgurich suspends 7 Panthers for HED & lose by 2 baskets at Cleveland State.[2,125]
(1976) Billboard names Three Rivers #3, Syria Mosque #7 & the Civic Arena #9 for U.S. concert revenue.[2,126]
(1977) The Panthers play their 10th bowl & the area's 14th defeating Clemson, 34-3, the Gator.
(1986) UPMC Presby announces a $488 millionia renovation.
(1993) Just a year old, Pittsburgh International wins "best Airport" from a travlers study conducted by Pogh research.[2,127][2,128]
(1995) At the Igloo v Florida Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores his 35th hat trick.
(1998) A national travel guide notes that the city boasts "72 outdoor cafes".
(1999) Penguins star Jaromír Jágr scores 7 (3 g & 4 a) in a win v the Islanders at the Igloo.[2,129]
(2000) Mario Lemieux gets his 1,500th point & Jaromir Jagr his 1,000th in a win v Ottawa at the Igloo.

December 31

(1911) West Penn opens in Little Italy.
(1923) The 1st transcon radio voice broadcast is on the air via KDKA to Manchester, U.K.[2,130]
(1934) Helen Richey is the 1st female commercial pilot.[2,131]
(1942) A flood crests at 36'7" downtown.[2,132]
(1969) Jock Yablonski & family are assassinated by rival union leaders in Clarksville.
(1972) Pirates star Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash en route to Managua earthquake victims hours after the Steelers lose a nailbiter AFC Title Game to "perfect season" Miami 17-21 at Three Rivers.
(1975) Westinghouse uranium.[2,133]
(1976) The Civic Arena hosts the last of Elvis' New Year's Eve concerts.[2,134]
(1977) Penguins star Wayne Bianchin scores a hat trick v Cleveland at the Igloo.
(1979) Station Square is added to the NRHP.
(1980) Dr. Starzl moves his labs to UPMC.[2,135]
(1983) Chiller Theatre signs off after 21 years.
(1985) Penguins stars Mario Lemieux & Mike Bullard both score hat tricks in St. Louis.
(1988) Mario Lemieux is the 1st to score all 5 ways in a game--even strength, power play, short-handed, empty net & the 1st home ice penalty shot in Penguins history--for a 8–6 win at the Igloo.[2,136]
(1989) In the last U.S. sports event of the 80's the Steelers (after making the playoffs winning in a Tampa snowstorm as 4 teams lose) beats Houston in the wild-card with Rod Woodson's OT tackle & fumble recovery. The 2nd week in a row for Steeler miracles for the franchise that had not had a playoff berth or win in 5 seasons.[2,137]
(2010) The Penguins & Capitals alumni play the 1st Winter Classic Legends Game, a 5–5 tie at Heinz Field.